Episode 54 Tom Fox, nutrition and athletics

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Episode 54 – Tom Fox, nutrition and athletics.

“Real Runners of Genius” spoof commercial.

RunRunLive presents…Real Running Geniuses…

Today we salute you Mr. Compulsive Exact mileage guy.  (Mr. Compulsive Exact mileage guy) The rest of the running world settles for the mediocrity of rounding up, but no, not you, you insist on perfection. (Insisting on the perfection)  When mere mortals might leave it at 19.75 miles you make that extra lap around your driveway to get your perfect 20 miler. (Gotta have 20, yeah)

Thank you Mr. Compulsive Exact mileage guy.  for setting an example the rest of us can only dream of.  Your striving for the perfect exactitude of performance keeps the rest of us honest.  (Honesty is the best policy)


Hello my friends and welcome to Episode 54 of the RunRunLive podcast.  Today I’ve got a jam packed show for you and I’m not going to waste a lot of time babbling on.  I’ve got a great interview with Sports Nutritionist Tom Fox.  I’ve got lots of great random audio. I’ve got Linc from Runwarm.  I’ve got dancing ponies, high wire acts and a trained bear – so stay with me and try to keep up!

My training for the week has been pretty good.  I ran 15 with my buddies on Sunday, but then I got caught in airport hell on Monday and Tuesday and couldn’t do my workouts.  I briefly considered having someone watch my bag so I could run laps in the Cincinnati airport – but no one wants to watch a stranger’s bags these days.  Instead I bought and read the Dean Koontz book – good book – typical Koontz thriller.

Since I missed my workouts on those two days I decided to double up on Wednesday and Thursday.  Did a nice hard set of ¼ miles on the treadmill for lunch on Wed. and then went to the indoor track with my club on Wed night.  Did a set of tempo miles on the treadmill Thursday at lunch and then did an easy run in the evening with my buddies.  All in all it added up to around 24 miles in two days.  Feel like I should be running more quality – but I’m ok.

Thursday night we ran in zero degrees – I got Buddy the Wonder Dog out with me because he’s starting to get depressed from not getting out enough.  He just sits in the house all day watching soap operas and eating.  He’s getting fat.

We’ve got a bucnh of ground to cover today – and I think you’re going to like it – hope you’re wearing your good shoes, cause we gotta go! On with the Show.


Great stuff – It’s good to have friends… Thank you folks for running with me.  I know I’ve gone long thae last couple episodes so I’ll try to keep this one inside my proclaimed 40 minute cap.

So Next weekend I’m running the Martha’s Vineyard 20 miler, then two weeks after that I’m down to Atlanta for the ING marathon.  And I watned to thank Jason and Shawn from Trilogy running for inviting everyone from the ING Marthon back to Shawn’s house for a southern Luaua/barbeque afterwards.  But make sure you send an RSVP to them at Trilogy running .com so Shawn makes enough vegetarian chili for all of us.  IT’s really great of you guys to take in the community like this and make everyone feel welcome with that down home Southern hospitality – thanks guys.  Or call their listenner comment line and let them know your coming and what kind of beer you’d like to drink.

And don’t’ forget to sign up for my home town race – the Groton Road Race in Groton Massatucshets – GrotonRoad Race.com.

Also Gordon Scott our friend from the Island of Tyree in Scotland is making an expedition to Everest and is raising money for a great charity on his blog – so go to www.tiree.blogspot.com and help him out – he’s a big supporter of the community.

Hey – I’ve got one of those dial in numbers too and I’d like you to call in with an inspirational comment, a question, a race you want us to know about or a charity you’re collecting for please leave me a short message and we’ll squeeze it in.

I’ve already got another great nutritional interview in the can and I’ll be putting an extra show in sometime early next week.  I’m thinking it’s going to be the Clint Eastwood show – stay tuned.  After that I have Daryl from I run in your shirt lined up – I’m not sure what that’s all about, but sounds interesting.

Buddy and I look forward to meeting you all soon – and we will see you out there.

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