Episode 50 Martha from Action Wipes

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Episode 50 – Martha from Action Wipes.


Hello my friends, my mavens, mukluks and masters of the midpack…How’s the New Year treating you?  So far so Good.  This is Chris, your personal Julie McCoy for this fantastic podcast journey known as RunRunLive.

And I’ve got so much to share with you this week so let’s get right too it.  This, my friends is, and shall remain, episode 50 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  I guess we should all take a moment to celebrate. Sound – Ok that’s enough, back to work.

Today we have the great fortune to speak with the wonderful Martha from Action Wipes.  Another one of our friendly entrepreneurs.  I tried them out and they do what they say they do. Enjoy the interview and support our friendly entrepreneurs – we can all help change the world and help Martha live her dream!

I’ve got some other great tips for you that I ‘m sure you’ll find timely and inspirational.  Thank you all for tuning in and thanks to the folks who keep finding me on FaceBook and Twitter.  Love to meet you.  Makes my life that much richer – especially when I come to your house and steal your silverware now that I know where you live.

Buddy and I had a good week.  Got a pile of miles in – lots of aches and pains but nothing unmanageable.

Buddy and I both joined Buckeye Outdoors and I put my spring marathon plan up for all to see, I think it’s called Spring ’09 and my log is out there too.  Buddy is taking part in the doggie challenges.  “the bad dogs of running”

Thanks to my facebook buddy Ari who pointed me to the Smart Coach page in RW. I ran my 10k pace into it and asked for a medium marathon plan and it actually produced a recommended plan, in terms of workouts and miles that I would build for myself.  Pretty good.  The pace was off a bit but the structure was good.

I also read that article about running to work in RW and I’m thinking about attempting my 20 mile commute as an adventure sometime this spring.

I also took a minute to record into audio 4 of the stories from my two books.  They are out on my site www.runrunlive as mp3s if you click through to the e-book pages from the home page you can down load them.  Nothing special – I did the one-take Russell approach so there are some stumbles and such – but give them a listen and tell me if you think it’s a worthwhile exercise.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear my articles read in my own voice it doesn’t sound anything like the inner voice I hear while I’m writing and reading them.  It’s strange.

Got some other great inspirational stuff in this episode.  Have you noticed the days are stareting to get longer?  Won’t be long now!

On with the Show!

Equipment Check.

I wanted to follow up on my stationary bike advice.  Anyone who has done any serious bike riding has a good set of petals.  Many times these pedals will fit on a Life Cycle or similar gym bike – so you can clip in and get a better work out.  I used to travel with my shoes, pedals and a crescent wrench.  I have Shimano speed play pedals for my Fuji.

Riding the stationary bike stinks, but if you have your own pedals it stinks a little bit less.

Quick tip:

Today’s quick tip is about doubles.  I know I sound like a compulsive psycho but if you do it right doubles can be a great boost to your routine without killing you.  They way I do it is like this…I know my running group goes out for social runs on certain nights of the week and these are typically low intensity runs.  So what I’ll do is do a high intensity work out at lunch and then run a social slower pace at night.

But in the process I’m getting the best of both worlds.  I’m getting the intensity and the miles.  It let’s you focus on the intensity early and then not worry about pacing and have fun later everybody wins.

And the training effect for this double is immediately noticeable.  And if you’re trying to lose weight it’s a great boost too.

So – try a daily double – it’s not as hard core as you think.

Listener comments –


I don’t know what these guys are talking about, but they sound so pleased with themselves I’ll let it slide.  I think they have gotten into the jack – or as the Creole might say le Jacques.

Sean and Jason


For today’s inspiration I’m going to turn to two blogs my friends posted on runrunlive this week. I thank them for helping push the positivity puschart up the negative hill we’re all living through in early ’09.

This is a excerpt from my friend Gary who basically eliminated the tendon along the bottom side of his big toe in a fall marathon – see the gruesome surgery pictures he posted in the blog.  But yet he’s still happy and celebrating.

Celebrate everything you can.  Celebrate the fact that medical science can do this kind of stuff.  Celebrate the fact that we have medical care at all, even if the insurance and payment system is screwed up.  Celebrate the fact that we live in a society where we have the time to pursue a passion like running.  Celebrate the fact that we have people in our lives like my wife, who I can never repay for the loving care she’s provided through this adventure, nor would she ever feel that I need to do so.

This Kerouac – esque piece from Anthony.  As I read it I knew Anthony gets it.  He knows what this thing we do is all about.  You can feel the joy squirting out of his train of thought prose… He Gets it.

Arrive at the intersection of a main road. The noise!!!! Cars whizzing by. Trucks downshifting. Noise, too loud. Get away, cross the road. Race towards the Rail Trail. Quiet again. Enter neighborhood, enter a field and climb short hill. Big decent to the Rail Trail. Weight back, looking forward. Am I on the trail? Off the trail? Who cares. Warp speed downhill. Floating. Rooster tails from both tires. Giggling again. In control, totally out of control. Wide open, blazing a trail in an open field. Alive.

Stop at bottom, look back up. A single 5 inch trench cut into the virgin powder. Sun glistening. No camera. Wouldn’t do it justice anyway. Laugh at the thought that most will have no idea what made that track. People don’t ride bikes in the snow. hahaha My secret. Rail Trail, 1 ½ miles to my house. Unplowed. Deep. Soft. Cross country ski tracks. Someone beat me to it. Deer tracks. Turkey tracks. Deer walk in straight lines, turkeys zig zag.

Flat, pumping, quiet, speed, smiles, and sweat. Arrive home. Getting the look from the neighbors. I’m used to ‘The Look’. They don’t understand. Elated but sad. Epic day that will never be forgotten, but also never duplicated. That’s OK, the next one may be better. It may be horrible. No worries. Never know if you don’t get out there. Drive. Passion. Surprises. Life.


Good luck to everyone who happens to catch this cast on their way to Disney.  Remember to run within yourself and run lightly.

Next up on the RunRunLive Podcast is either going to be the guys from YakTrax or my new friend Kevin from Just Finish dot com.  I have a busy week next week and my schedule is weird.

Registration is open for the Groton Road Race in Groton Massachusetts.  Register now and the race director will say a prayer for your spring training.

I’m not running it this year but the Cape Elizabeth 10 miler up in Maine is a great race next week – and you might see Joan Benoit Samulsen out there.

Next race for me is the hilariously hilly Derry 16 Miler.  So come over and say hi if you’re up there.

Love you muchly.  Run lightly.  “ The warrior is within you”  and I will see you out there.

Got a little surf music for you – it seemed to fit – Surf Blaster by the varatones.  Oh yeah, I also reached out to the guy who does the Ned is a terminally happy guy song in my intro. He was psyched that someone had taken the time to let him know they were using his music so remember to patronize our starving artists at the podsafe music network at music.podshow.com.

Chris Russell lives and trains in suburban Massachusetts with his family and Border collie Buddy.  Chris is the author of “The Mid-Packer’s Lament”, short stories on running, racing, and the human comedy of the mid-pack.  Chris writes the Runnerati Blog at www.runnerati.com.  Chris’ Podcast, RunRunLive is available on iTunes and at www.runrunlive.com. Chris also writes for CoolRunning.com (Active.com) and is a member of the Squannacook River RunnersChrisRunner@runrunlive.com

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