Episode 49 Running Legends Trevor and Glen

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RRL 49 – Running Legends Trevor and Glen

Every day Running Legends…

Chris interviews two of his face book runner friends about their training and schedules.

Outro – OK my friends…as the car guys say “you’ve wasted another perfectly good 40 odd minutes listening to the RunRunLive Podcast.

I’ve got some good stuff coming up.  This week I’m interviewing Martha the inventor of Action wipes.  I’ve been testing them out – so it should be a good show.  (Assuming, of course, that I get out of Jury duty by Tuesday)  Yup – doing the old civic duty this week.   The week after I’ve got the guys from YakTrax Lined up and after that I have the folks from Zappos lined up – so lots of great content coming for you.

As always I love to hear from my running friends so shoot me an email, become my friend on facebook, hook up with me on Twitter – (Oh by the way we talked the infamous Kelownagurl into doing a podcast so search that out.  http://drop.io/kelownagirl) .

Anyone have a training stand they want to get rid of that I could mount my road bike on?

Alright – that’s enough for now – stay cool and I’ll see you out there.

Music is by Johnny Winter song is Boot Hill.

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