Episode 46 the High Mileage Home Treadmill

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Episodes number: 46


RRL46 – The High Mileage Home Treadmill


Frank with the home treadmill scoop


Today we talk to get the real scoop on buying, and training on a high-end treadmill in your home.  This stud has trained for sub-three marathons a lot of it inside on a personal treadmill and will share the tips and tricks.


Equipment Check:

Ok My friends – I am so Happy that it is now officially Winter and I can roll out my cold weather running tips!

Although I’m horribly behind in my podcast listening I did catch a few over the last couple weeks.  And I noticed a fair amount of whining about the running in the cold weather.

Finally something I can be an authority on!  Being from New England we get some severe weather in the winter.  As my friends in Quebec say “Summer is two weeks of bad skating”.

I listened to new podcaster Jen from the Running From podcast talk about how she was struggling to figure out what to wear outside to be comfortable.

Finally I get to talk about winter running clothes.  Different people have different solutions and you can spend a bunch of money on winter running stuff.  I would definitely invest in a good thick pair of winter tights.  They are a life saver and you can get them online or at any running store.

As for the rest, how do you dress so you cannot be miserable when you start and not over heat once you get going?  You don’t want to have to carry stuff with you.  I’ll talk about keeping your hands warm later in the tips section.

My secret weapon, and you know this if you have run with me is the fuzzy yellow sweater.  This is an oversized fleece sweater.  It has a hood and a half zipper.  Inside on the front it has a wind barrier (a strip of nylon).  Under this I wear a wicking shirt, either short or long sleeve depending on the temperature.

This is a very flexible piece of clothing.  If it gets cold and windy I can zipper it up, pull the hood up and cinch the hood tight so I’m looking out a little hole.  I can pull my hands up into the extra-long sleeves.

If it gets warm I can un-hood, zip down and roll up the sleeves.

The fuzzy sweater. Half Zip Fleece Hoody with long sleeves.  Since it is fleece it wicks sweat away.  If I’m running I’m sweating, doesn’t matter what the temp is.

Water Bottle with hot water – Wedding ring.  Cozies.

Quick Tip:


Destination Running


So that’s it, Episode 46 in the can.  Next up on the new runrunlive 2.0 schedule I’m tryin gto hook up with the guys from Zappos shoes for next week.  Now that I’v eresurected the podcast I’m going to try to keep it to a weekly schedule with episodes coming out Friday through Sun.

I got some good runs in this week even though I’ve had some troubling muscle tears in my back.

I’m just finishing up Dean Karnases book and maybe I’ll work in a review of that.  I’ve written some good content that I’ll be puttin gup on the blog at runrunlive this week.  And maybe, just maybe, now that I’ve missed the holiday season I’ll get those two e-books up for you.

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. I hope everyone gets those new running shoes they coveted.  But the really important gifts are you health, your family and what you can give back in terms of your attitude and leadership.  I’ll see you out there.




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