Episode 201 – Keira Henninger

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 201 – Keira Henninger

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Hellooo and welcome to the 201st episode of the RunRunLive Podcast.  This is Chris your host and I’ve got a great show for you today. I’m in a good mood.  I don’t know why but I’m just going to go with the flow.  You never know when it might turn into a bad mood.  So from now on I’m just going to spend 45 minutes reading Harlequin romances.  That’s it, not more running for me, just passion filled glances and heaving bosoms…

No?  Don’t like that idea? Ok, I’ll stick with running for one more show as we enter our third century of narrow casting cuisine.

We are going to have a nice long chat with Keira Henninger who is a well-known ultr-runner and the race director for several popular ultra-distance races.  It’s a good talk and she shares what drives her and what her vision is.

I survived the Thanksgiving holiday here stateside but I have to admit that my Spartan diet has taken a hit, but that’s OK because I am back in my comfort zone and have it figured out. I’ll talk a bit about that.

Someone asked me about how I got into running so I’ll share a story on this as well.

For you folks who just joined us in episodes 199 and 200, today’s show is more indicative of my usual format.  I got some nice words from some enthusiastic people this week. Thanks for that.  The last two episodes were a bit of a pain to put together so I’m glad you liked them.

If you want to say something nice you can always go write a review on the iTunes page for RunRunLive.

I was down in Atlanta this week in all-day meetings and didn’t get many work outs in.  I did ask for special dispensation to wear my Brooks Launches instead of the business shoes.  Those business shoes aggravate my Plantar.

The Plantar is still there but I went in for Physical Therapy today.  A nice lad named Ryan performed his machinations on me and put me through my paces.  It was good.

He used the Gaston technique to break up the little knot in my heel.  This is basically digging in there with a metal tool and trying to get all the fibers to line up in the same direction.  I’ll try anything at this point.

He said my glutes and abductors are weak and, of course, my hamstrings are tight.  He gave me some stretches and exercises to do.  He said I could start doing squats again as part of my routine.

I said, “Hey, since NOT running isn’t helping, maybe we could try running with this therapy?”  He didn’t bite on it though.

I do have the Mill Cities Relay this weekend.  I’m a team captain and I’m going to run.  I’ll take the short 2.5 mile leg and take it easy.  I’m like a runaholic, sneaking quick nips of running when no one is looking!

I hope y’all had a great week.  I hope big things are on your horizon.

On with the Show!


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MSRunTheUs – Ashley reading from her blog about running.

A couple poems from Ogden Nash.

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Calorie Confusion – http://www.runrunlive.com/calorie-confusion

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Keira Henninger – Ultra-runner, race director, mom…



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Ok my friends that is it, you have successfully navigated the first of the third century of RunRunLive Podcasts, episode 201 in the can!

Next week I’ve got an interesting interview with author and speaker Jon Gordon.  Not specifically about running but about how to plant your seed in life and find your purpose.

And I’ll keep finding people to interview until you cry uncle.  I was explaining to my co-workers how Amazon Kindle publishing works this week and someone asked me how I knew so much. I was forced to admit that I had just put my book on Kindle, which was weird, because I keep a Chinese Wall between my work life and my running endeavors.

Speaking of which apparently 8 of you figured out how to order my book on Kindle, so thanks! Another 3.2 million and I can retire…

We’re running tight on time this week, so let’s move on!


I went to Physical Therapy today.  Because I’m desperate to get back to running.  I think it’s going to help.

I have ahistory of disparaging PT because it always appeared to me as just something to keep you occupied while your injury healed.  I always figured I know as much about running and mechanics as any of them and I certainly know more about my body than they do.

Whether it helps or not is not my point today.  My point is that I caught myself in a bad habit.  I caught myself labeling something.  As in “All PT is bad and doesn’t help”.  Whether or not this is ture is beside the point.

The trap here is that I took the easy way out by creating a blanket bias and lable for something.  I closed my mind to the possibility.  I became a lazy thinker.  And in this way I closed myself off to possibility.

We get some many inputs in our lives it’s easy to start generalizing just do that we can control all the noise in our minds.  But we have to avoid that trap.  This is the trap of closing your mind to the possibility.

At best you are walling yourself off from potential. At worst you are starting down that slippery slope of assumption and bias that breeds evil and does harm.

It’s a common malady of old men to think they know everything.  Let me tell you right now, I do not.  I’m willing to learn something new today.  Are you?

Let’s reassess our biases and learn something together.  I’ll see you out there.

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