Episode 194 – How to transition to the V-word with Jake

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 194 – How to transition to the V-word with Jake

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“Welcome to the Run-Run-Live Podcast!  – The podcast for runners, wannabe runners and mid-packers of all shapes and sizes who just want to strap on their favorite pair of shoes and get out there!

This is Not Chris your host, This is {your name}, I’m the guest announcer this week.  When you’re done listening to the RunRunLive Podcast come visit me at {your podcast/blog/product/website} where we {description – call to action – etc.} (feel free to improvise and tart it up, but don’t take too long}

…So – and wherever and whenever this episode finds you I hope you’re doing great and I hope you’re getting your run in today!  I know I’m getting my run in!

You ready to have some fun?  Come on then, let’s go for a run!”

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Hello and welcome to the Slow Runners Podcast.  That’s right.  You heard me.  I earned a spot on the slow runners club roster this past weekend by perambulating a 6 hour and forty minute marathon.  I put it to you today that it is far easier to become a marathon maniac, easier to qualify for Boston and easier to run an ultra-marathon with 12,000 feet of vertical gain than it is to qualify for the slow runners club!

I don’t have a race report for you but I will cook one up and wrap an episode around it.  I’ll either slip it in after the “run like a mother” episode or just post an extra.

We have a grea show for you today.  I chat with Jake who is a super-vegan triathlete to get some answers to some of the simple questions that I had.

I also have some other great content that you are going to love.

By the way – this is the runrunlive podcast and I am Chris your host and this is episode 194.

On with the show!


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Chicago clip.

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Jake Castonia @mainetriguy


www.jakecastonia.com and www.aplantstronglife.com.

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Well now my friends you have limped like a lame duck through a 6:40 marathon in the back of the pack to the end of yet another RunRunLive Podcast – episode 194 in the can.

Coming up – I’ll try to put my thoughts together with the audio I captured into a Chicago Marathon race report and make it into a ‘thing’.

Next week we have the mother podcast.  We will talk with the run like a mother ladies and Jeremy will announce the winner of the zero-drop shoe contest.  I’m trying to get some of the entrants to read their posts into audio so you can get their thoughts in their voice.

After that we have Lisa who got hit by a car training for the duathlon championships.  I’m also going to interview the dude in Tokyo who drew the big heart on the map with his Garmin – maybe you saw him in Competitor magazine last issue.

I’m also going to get our old friend Dave McGilivary the race director of the Boston Marathon back on to talk about this year’s registration process and what the numbers mean.  If you have any questions for Dave – let me know.

I’ve also pulled together all these little outro pieces that I do into a book and I’m going to edit that up and make it available as a product for you, because, let’s face it, all the other kids have iPads and I want one too!  And I restarted recording on the audio book this week.  I’m trying to make progress but I’m just a shiftless and lazy guy.

I officially don’t have any races planned until April of 2012 and I’m going to keep it that way until my Plantar clears and I’m able to start training.  I’m still doing my pool running, swimming and lifting.

Buddy had to stay with my folks over the weekend because I was in Chicago and my wife took a college trip with one of the kids.  My Mom said Buddy is getting fat!  See what happens when we don’t run?!  The two of us get fat!

I did perambulate my fat  butt around Chicago last weekend.  I taped up the plantar heavily.  It is a little sore but really not as bad as I thought it might be.  Rather encouraging actually.  I didn’t feel it much when I was out there.  I threw up a couple videos on my Youtube feed you can see the gory details.

I have to personally thank Eddie Marathon, Adam Tinkoff the Zen Runner and the whole Slow Runner’s Club for putting up with me.  I appreciate the support.  Thanks also to Eddie’s dad who let me sleep at his house and the Diabetes Action Team ladies who are really a bunch o’ swell gals. I’m honored and blessed to have been a part of it.  Big sloppy hugs to all involved.



I was listening to a Harvard Business Review interview with Francis Ford Copula, the famous director of Apocalypse Now and The Godfather among others.  They asked him about his creative process and how he keeps a film on track.

The interesting thing he said was that all his projects have a theme.  This is typically a one-word or phrase that defines the zeitgeist of the whole film.  Interestingly enough this is something I try to teach people who are giving important presentations.  You need to have an over-arching theme and that theme has to align with the audience emotionally, at a strategic level.

You know what he said the theme for the Godfather was?  “Succession”  It is a story about succession.

He also talked about creativity and how to look at the world like a child.  He said if you give children blank pieces of paper and crayons they won’t worry about the art they’ll just pitch in and start creating wonderful things.  They aren’t worried about budgets and constraints.  It’s pure, unburdened art and that’s how you have to approach projects.

I remember when my kids were little I used to love playing with lego blocks.  I would dump out the big bucket and we’d just start creating things. I’ve always been a big sandcastle builder too.  The kids, would construct fantastical things with no ryme or reason or symmetry.  They had yet to have form and sense drilled into them.

So my friends try approaching your own pile of blocks today with no agenda and now presumptions.  Maybe you’ll find that unfettered beauty that you’ve been looking for.

And when you do – I’ll see you out there.

You can socially perambulate with me at Twitter, Facebook, DailyMile, YouTube – and Google as cyktrussell that’s Chris yellow king tom Russell with two esses and two ells.

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This is a song by the singer songwriter Boggie called -east_chicago_blues.  She has a lovely voice and is a classically trained pianist…which reminds me of a joke…I’ll only tell you the punch line and you can make up the rest…here it is…”And the genie says ‘I thought you asked for a 12 inch pianist!”  OK – I’m sorry.  It’s around 4 minutes long.  Rock on and stay cool.



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Boggie – East Chicago Blues.

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NYC based singer songwriter Boggie writes, produces and publishes her original works out of her home based studio. She is a classically trained singer and pianist, who holds a Master of Music Degree in Voice Performance from the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

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