Episode 192 – Marathon Man Trent

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 192 – Marathon Man Trent

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Hello and welcome to the International coffee Day Podcast!  Yes this is the podcast where we celebrate that dark, aromatic, bracing beverage that enables us to get things done.  Big Things, wonderful things! September 29th is International coffee day and earlier this week I read a report that coffee ameliorates depression in women.  So there you go.  Drink up.

But, as you clutch that steaming mug, you would do well to remember that this is the RunRunLive Podcast and I am Chris your host and today we have a show for you.  Is it Great? I don’t know, I just keep writing ‘em – you’re the ones who have to digest them.

And speaking of digestion I’m four weeks into my plant based food experiment.  I’ll read a quick editorial about the interesting nature of this today.  I’ll also do another piece on my Plantar Fasciitis. And for our interview we have Trent from Australia who styles himself as Marathon Man, like Superman, but with fewer powers.

I’ve been just idling along in my training.  I’m rotating through swimming, lifting and pool running.  My swimming is getting better. I managed to stretch out my stroke and its working ok.

I went to the doctor last week.  I have a new doctor.  The old one retired.  That’s right, I out-lasted my doctor.  So my new doctor is Dr. Schlimak!  He gave me the once over and pronounced me boring.

The sore stomach has gone away.  I’m ¾ of the way through a 14-day course of prilosec. I guess it was just complaining about all the new roughage I was forcing it to process.  Maybe I need a second stomach, like cows have.  Moo!

I went to some of the podcamp Boston over the weekend.  It was cool in a geeky people who got chosen last for kickball and spend too much time on their computers kind of way.

Adam, as you heard, presented the Mojo-Loco at a session.

My foot isn’t healed yet but I’m hopeful.

Happy Jewish NewYear.

On with the show.

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Trent Morrow – Marathon Man – http://www.marathonman.com.au/

The Marathon Man continues to clock up the distance following the successful completion of more than 40 marathons over the last 40 months. There are a number of achievements of note with the 256km Marathon des Sables through the Sahara Desert in 2008 and the 90km Comrades Marathon in South Africa in 2010 significant highlights. The Marathon Man adventures continue with many more marathon adventures planned to continue over the days ahead.

The challenge of combining full time work as a National Sales Manager with the requirements to prepare for the regular marathon events scheduled across the globe is a real test. Finding the right balance to prepare physically for the upcoming marathon events and focus on the corporate world with travels across the country to manage a sales team in the pharmaceutical industry requires a determined attitude to bring both worlds together. In the running and business world it is essential to set goals and continue to raise the bar to go to another level.

Having achieved a consistent average of one marathon a month since starting out with the world’s toughest footrace in the Marathon des Sables in March 2008 the Marathon Man has completed a number of leading marathon events throughout the world. The Comrades Marathon is legendary in South Africa and this was a significant race celebrating the 85th anniversary in the lead up to the Football World Cup. The 2010 Comrades Marathon was an incredible experience and proved that it was possible to successfully run a marathon back to back.

Having previously played rugby union during the school and university days and initially started running to keep active and help to keep off the weight. The issue was that running had never become addictive before and it was always something of a major effort. I had completed a number of smaller events in the past with primarily 10km fun runs in Sydney, Brisbane and London.

I like to set goals and most recently I made the decision to get some balance back in my life after work had taken on too much importance and I had stacked on the weight. At the end of 2006 it was time to focus and I commenced the journey towards dropping some 30kg. I was very conscious that the pressure placed on my body due to the excess weight and started a strict diet and intensive cardio programme in the gym to achieve this goal. Following the successful journey during 2007 I was looking for the next challenge and had always dreamed of running a marathon.

It was not until September 2007 that I started my very first half marathon in Sydney and although I struggled to walk for the next week the fact that I had completed this goal now provided the belief that I could take the next step towards taking on the marathon. This was to turn into the next steps towards the toughest footrace on earth and there could be no bigger or better challenge … Running has always been a great leveller and it is the personal challenge to improve myself that now makes running a major part of my life to achieve personal goals and search to make a difference!

The major purpose is to continue raising global awareness and support for the UK based charity There is no greater pursuit than the marathon and the journey to conquer the distance is a personal triumph for all to be proud! The power of the mind cannot be underestimated in competing over the marathon and ultra marathon distance as all the training in the world can sometimes not make up for strength of character. It would be awesome if just a fraction of those people I meet who mention the stories of thinking about a running marathon would take up the challenge as I know they would do it well and it would change the way they look at the world. It is not so much about racing against the clock as the numbers are simply a way to measure ourselves over the distance. It is more about the significance of the achievement on completion of the journey! There are too many people interested in talking about failures or finding reasons why not to do something as opposed to celebrating the success stories and looking to raise the bar to that next level. The challenge for me is not to settle and to step up for the next exciting adventure by simply moving one foot in front of the other each and every time getting a little closer to the ultimate target.

It is very common to be told what you can’t do as opposed to what is possible. If more people took the leap of faith the world would be a better place. So go on take that leap with me and let the adventures for 2011 and beyond begin today.


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Ok, my you have slurped your hot caffeinated beverage to the end of yet another RunRunLive Podast, Episode 192 in the can.

Next week – stay tuned for Stuarts case study on the FIRST program and then after that I’ve got Jake on how to switch to a plant-based diet.

In addition I interviewed the two women who wrote the Run Like A Mother books and I also recorded an interview today with a lady who got hit by a car on her bicycle while in her taper for the World Duathlon.  Some stark learning for us all as we head out there.

Dress is obnoxious visible colors and patterns.  Make sure you have a phone or some ID on you.  Ride with a partner.

I’m down in Philly next week for a few days.  And then the following weekend is the Chicago Marathon.  At this point I’m thinking I’ll just immobilize the foot and limp along with Adam and Eddie.  If I can figure out a way to do it without hurting myself or them, I will.

With my set back at the foot doctor I got a lot of people sending me pity messages.  Which is fine, I appreciate the support. But, I’m not into pity or self pity.  And you should not be either.

You should be taking your situation in stride, asking ‘how can I learn from this?’ and then figuring out how it is a opportunity for you.  Like the old saying goes: ‘when one door closes another is opened and the trick is to not get caught staring too longingly at the closed door or you’ll miss the one that has opened.

I have been keeping fit and I’m going to be ready to go when I get the green light, whether it’s 2 weeks or 6 months.  I’m honestly not concerned about it.

With the little bit of free time this has churned up I have been writing more.  I’ve also been consolidating my thoughts from these podcasts.  I collected all these ‘outro’ thoughts into a document yesterday and I’m going to push out a e-book for you.  Like a ‘Chicken Soup for the runner’s soul’ kind of thing.

I’m also working on my marathonBQ project that will consolidate all my thoughts, advice and training plans for garnering a Boston Qualifying time, no matter what it is.

Indeed injury time can be a great gathering of strength.   Changes in plans can be a gift if you step forward and seize it.  You don’t have to be as compulsive as I am but you do need a little courage.

When the numbing normalcy of the endurance habit is stripped away have that courage, have that strength, have the inner confidence to throw away the box and make something new.

Have the courage to see your opportunities and you’ll never be bored or feel sorry for yourself and I’ll see you out there.


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