Episode 188 – Ed holds the Guinness world record for marathons in a year

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 188 – Ed holds the Guinness world record for marathons in a year

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…So – and wherever and whenever this episode finds you I hope you’re doing great and I hope you’re getting your run in today!  I know I’m getting my run in!

You ready to have some fun?  Come on then, let’s go for a run!”

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Hello and welcome, The is the “Meet Running Singles in your area” Podcast…my name is Chris, I’m a Scorpio and I like long runs on the beach with my dog and exercising until my shirts can no-longer be worn in polite company, ever again…How about that?  You got a match for me? I guess not.  That’s ok I’m already in a 26-year, legally enforceable relationship.

What is it with Google and face book with these whacky single ads?

This is the RunRunLive podcast and this is Chris your host and I’m still moving, still above ground, still taking up space, still using oxygen and still burning calories, and loving every minute of it!

I’m in Atlanta this week and we have a great show for you:  We talk with Ed Ettinghausen who holds the current Guinness world record for most registered marathons in a calendar year.  Ed is one of the funniest guys I’ve talked to with a great Joi de Vivre – Don’t laugh at my French – I think you’ll enjoy it.

Don’t forget our Altra-Runnign Womem’s running shoe contest. Go to my website at www.runrunlive.com for instructions!  Look for the contest tab on the top menu.


I survived hurricane Irene last weekend which was a non-event at my house.  We didn’t even lose power.  We didn’t have to resort to cannibalism or anything – I felt kinda cheated.

Some of the folks in VT got hit pretty hard with the rain overwhelming the rivers.  There’s some great video in youtube of the covered bridges getting washed away.  I’ve been to all those places, like Brattleboro and Queche, really nice country, but no-where for the water to go.  All those cities are in the valleys between mountains.  Hope you folks are ok up there.

I renewed my club membership and have been hitting the pool this week.  I’m alternating swimming, pool running and the total body workout while I’m still injured.

The cortisone shot seems to have made a positive impact on my Plantar Fasciitis.  I’m doing my best to stay off it – no running or biking for me.

I’m running out of time.  I’m coming up on the Chicago marathon in a month.  At this point I’ll just hang in the back with Eddie and Adam and see if I can set a personal best for slowest marathon ever.   It’s not a question of conditioning, I just don’t want to hurt the foot if it can be helped and even a long walk with the slow-runners may be deleterious.  We’ll see what happens.  If I can make it through Chicago then I don’t have any other commitments until Boston in April.

And speaking of Boston, registration for the 2012 Boston marathon opens up in a couple weeks.  This is the year they are going to let everyone apply and then sort it by finishing time.  It should be interesting.  I beat my qualifying time by 7 minutes or so and I’m guessing that’s good enough.  I’m placing my bet that anyone over 2 minutes ahead of their time will get in.

The curve gets pretty steep as you get close to the qualifying time, meaning there are a big pile of runners right on the qualifying times and it drops off fairly quickly from there.  It will be interesting to see what the gross qualified demand is.  Meaning how many qualified runners apply versus how many how many slots there are.

I’m talking with Coach Jeff about sponsoring a Qualifying training group/plan for the spring season.  My idea is to give you my proven qualifying plans which are very simple and then partner with Jeff to coach you through them.

Big shout out to our friend Kevin from Just Finish who has one last 100 miler to run on Sept 9th to complete the Grand slam.  He needs crew – so if you are near Utah and would like to keep Kevin company on a couple legs that weekend after Labor Day I’m sure he’d appreciate it.  You can find his website at justfinish.com   http://www.justfinish.com/

I can feel the fall snap in the air up here in New England in the mornings.  It’s dipping into the 50’s and Buddy is shaking off his summer malaise and getting frisky.  How about you?

On with the show!

Audio clips in this episode:

BeetleJuice – Watched the exorcist…

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Story time:

Equipment Check:

Plantar update – What is Cortisone – http://www.runrunlive.com/what-is-cortisone

Featured Interview:

Ed Ettinghausen

Hey Chris,


Don’t know what all info you want, but basically I did my first marathon in 1980 when I was in high school (17).  Did my second marathon one month later, three more in the next eight months – then nothing!  For the next 28 years I would try to get back into running here and there, and would get injured, or “too busy” – you know all the excuses.  I did one in 2000 with my family.  One of my most valued pictures is of my 9 & 8 year old son & daughter (my two middle of four kids) crossing the finish line of the 2000 L.A. Marathon, hand in hand with me in the middle, with the clock showing 8:40:45!  Since then they’ve done other marathons, including 2010 when my daughter and I did a 10-year anniversary 2010 L.A. Marathon together.  Unfortunately, I had been diagnosed with a severe tibia stress fracture the month before, so was confined to a walking boot, but my daughter was so disappointed when she learned that I wouldn’t be able to do the marathon (my son was already out with some knee issues), that I said “screw it” and just did the marathon in the walking boot!  Walked the whole way for a sub-6 hour finish, hand in hand with my daughter.  


To back up a little, my “come back” marathon was Pasadena in March ’09.  Did one in Apr., one in May, and met a guy that had done four Badwater’s.  He convinced me to make my next race my very first ultra at a 24-hour race, with only three marathons under my belt.  Did 102 miles.  I was bit by the ultra bug, but attempt another long ultra until that same 24 hour race one year later (May, 2010).  Remember that walking boot I told you about.  I was still in it, and had done about 10 marathons in two months in it, including Boston, so decided to do the 24-hour in the walking boot.   Walked the whole thing – 102 miles.


One year later, this May, got 2nd place with 116 miles at that very same race.  Didn’t feel too bad about being second place at this one, since the guy that beat me with 119 miles, was my good friend and was one of my Badwater pacers.  Jump ahead two months to Badwater.  Had a great 13th place finish (8th American) with a 31:21:54. 


Okay, some stats:

170 marathons

33 ultras – (15 100+ miles, including a 48-hour – 161.5 1st place, and a 238.6 mile 2nd place tie – yeah, there’s a story there – at a 72-hour)

broke the Guinness World Record for most marathons in 365 days – male with 135 miles at Badwater 135 (previous record was 106)

Guinness is also giving me a second record in a new category, most race miles in 365 days – 4,538 – also at Badwater.

Did a 100-mile race 4 days after Badwater – came in Dead Fuckin Last with 29:09:09!  Very proud of that, by the way (My PW 100 by over 2-1/2 hours.)

Got the Marathon Maniacs “Outstanding Performance Award” for 2010

Won the Runners World – New Balance Movement Challenge Contest for most race miles in 2010 – 3,000+ (which won $25,000 for my charity)


Ok, well I better send this to you now, ’cause I’ve got to see if there’s a message from you on FB, since we’re supposed to talk in a mere 5 minutes!



Quick Tip:

Total Body workout – http://www.runrunlive.com/the-total-body-workout-for-runners


Ok my friends, executed 15 reps of 7 exercise for 3 sets through the end of yet another episode of the RunRunLive Podcast, episode 188 in the can.

Next week I have my interview with Bill Pierce from The Furman Institute of Running.  I really like this training plan and theory and I’m probably going to use it this year to stave off the injury bug I’ve caught recently.  This is referred to as the FIRST program and that is an anagram for the Furman Institute Running something or other.  I’m almost finished his book.

Stuart from the Quadrathon Podcast recently used the First program to beat a 1:30 PR at the half and take more than ½ a minute off his 5k time.  I’m going to try to get Stuart on the phone to give you some firsthand experience from a practical sense.

I’m also going to hook up with Coach Jeff to do a preparing for your fall marathon show – because many of you are at that point where your training is almost done and now you’re heading into your taper and race.  As much as I like to see people suffer, there are some simple things you can do to be successful.  I’d hate to see you crap out after all that training.

Remember the Altra Zero Drop women’s running shoe contest on my website.  Go to www.runrunlive.com and look for the tab that says ‘contests’ on the menu.  Go in there and leave us a comment to enter.  Some lucky winner gets a pair of woman specific running shoes.


Links are in the show notes.

I’ll be volunteering for the Wapack trail race over labor day weekend. This is a super-fun 18 mile technical mountain and trail race my club puts on. I’ll put a link in the show notes for it. http://wapack.freeservers.com/

Last week I did some sort of strange speech on childcare and I realize I called out music lessons a couple times.  I didn’t mean to isolate music lessons.  I think music, dance poetry and art in general is one of the few useful ways to describe and understand the physical world.  Math is another.

I find that in many of the technical fields like software development and such are full of artists.  It turns out musicians make great software developers.  They are able to see the patterns and flow under the code, the art in the machine, so to speak.

I heard someone this week talking about the importance of renewal.  This is apropos here at the end of vacation season.  Steve Covey calls it sharpening the saw as one of his 7 habits.

I think the great thing about taking some time off is that it allows you to aapreciate everything that you have.  I know when I start running again after this Plantar Fasciitis hiatus I’m going to appreciate it.

I remember when I crashed my truck and crushed my patella a few years back.  I had to take several months off and didn’t know if I would ever run quality races again.  I remember that first slow jog in the woods with Buddy.  I remember how happy I was and how that slow run was as joyful as any qualifying marathon.

You have to Appreciate what you have.  You have to be in the moment and don’t spend all your time schemeing about more-better-faster.  I said it in my race report and I’ll say it again here: you can’t change the past and you can’t live in the future.  The only thing you have is now; the present – so spend some time in the present.  Be present today.  It’s a gift.

I’ll see you out there.


You can find me doing my total body workout, sticky and covered with dog hair, at Twitter, Facebook, DailyMile, YouTube – and Google as cyktrussell that’s chris yellow king tom Russell with two esses and two ells.

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I’ve got a critical shortage of show intros – come on a step up – we want to hear your voice.  You will find the instructions for reading the show intro and all my content on my website www.runrunlive.com

All the music in tonight’s show is by a Canadian Gentleman named Id Guinness – (get it Guinness world record – see the tie in?) This last piece is called “Going to Burning Man” and I really like the Pink Floyd influences and the intro sounds like Houses of the Holy as well.  It’s about 3:45 long so really relax and try to be in the moment, listen to your body, try to appreciate what you have. It’s a gift.



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