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The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 187 – RunBarefootGirl

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Mike Mitchell

About Me

My name is Mike and I am interested in the outdoors and technology, which makes for an interesting combination. I  have a strong interest in computers and electronics of almost any kind. Some of my outdoor interests include running, hiking, biking, and photography. My computer background is due to my dad, who got me interested when I was just a few years old. I now work with VMware virtualization, EMC storage hardware, and a whole bunch of other fun things that I would never have even imagined work on years ago.

In 1997, I started a web site called Mountain Bike Pennsylvania (http://www.mountainbikepa.com/) and got my start on the web. I was doing a lot of biking at the time, and even led a few group rides here and there. That lasted for a few years, but then my activity levels started declining and I started gaining a little weight because I was working too much.

Fast forward to 2010, and I realized I needed to do something. My wife, Kristy, had recently found she had a great interest in yoga. I really needed to find something fun to get myself active again! During recent years, I had still been getting out for walks, hikes, and an occasional bike ride, but nothing of any significance. In April 2010, I started seeing posts on Facebook from a few of my friends about a shoe called the Vibram FiveFingers. I bought my first pair (KSO’s) on May 1, just a few weeks before heading to Sedona, AZ for a vacation. I took the Vibram’s as my primary footwear for hiking, and wore them for all but 2 hikes… about 25 miles in total! After returning home, I started wearing them everywhere, including a few local hikes.

I soon started reading about people running with the Vibram’s, and so I eventually tried it, too. The last time I had run was my senior year of high school, many years ago. Getting my start with running was a slow process, and my first attempts were probably 1/3 jogging and 2/3 walking, but I was having fun trying. The weather was getting warmer and I started running more. I had finally found something I enjoyed! I ran my first 5K in July, then both ran and rode in the LIVESTRONG Challenge in August, and I just kept going from there. This year, I hope to run my first 10K, and then I am also going to run Broad Street. I will be repeating the LIVESTRONG Challenge again. I had a great experience there and really believe in the fight against cancer. I never knew that there were so many runs and rides to raise money for so many charities. I get to get out and do something I enjoy and help others at the same time.

My goal right now is to keep up with my running, and I know that I can do it as long as I keep it fun!


Hello and welcome to the strong survivor podcast where we have conquered marathons, triathlons, ultra-endurance events and the zombie apocalypse and we’re still going!

I’m traveling this week – out in Colorado to do a hit and then back to NJ to check out some new Yaks for the herd.  But, we are still going to push out a great show for you today.  We have Caity from Run barefootgirl who is going to chat with me about getting more women into the act of running and the simple beauty of running barefoot.

And yes we have officially launched our Altra-Runnign Womem’s running shoe contest. Go to my website at www.runrunlive.com for instructions!  Look for the contest tab on the top menu.


I raced the Hampshire 100 this past weekend.  I had a great time but managed to DNF and wreck my bike.  And as such, I have another entertaining race report for you!

I also went to the Doctor Monday morning and, yup, you guessed it, have a plantar fasciitis update for you.

The bottom line is that it’s not getting better and I had to get the shot.

I have to be honest with you. It’s going to get weird now.  To quote Hunter Thompson; “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”  I’m going to scale back my training to just weightlifting for a couple weeks and you are going to get to meet Mr. Hyde.

I am officially in physical and mental withdrawal from running.  I spend most days curled up in my own filth on a stained mattress shivering and hallucinating.  No it’s not that bad, but I do feel it and I’m in a real fight to stave off the non-running heeby-jeebies these days.

For the sake of learning, join me now as we follow the recovering running addict through his withdrawal on this week’s episode of ‘endurance athlete intervention…’

Well – they say that the best defense is a good offense so ‘a fig to thee oh injury!  Daemons, I cast you out!’

Hey, we bought the ticket, now it’s time for the ride, baby…

On with the show!


Audio clips in this episode:

Pink Floyd Obscured by clouds Wots…oh the deal lyrics.

To let me in from the cold
Turn my lead into gold
Cause there’s chill wind blowing in my soul
And I think I’m growing old…

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Plantar update – http://www.runrunlive.com/a-shot-in-the-heel

Featured Interview:

Caity – Run Barefoot Girl


“…Caity, the chief promoter of Run Barefoot Girl, who is a lovely person with an inspirational story. A great attitude and she is kind to old people, children and dogs.” -Chris Russell, RunRunLive.com podcast

I started my running passion in a somewhat common way: I randomly saw Christopher McDougall on the Jon Stewart Show. Watching that interview, everything he said drew me closer to the screen… I had to read that book.

That book has turned into “The Book” since Born to Run has brought barefoot running into the mainstream, but there are many books that do a great job of describing barefoot running basics, techniques and form. One of those newer books, one I refer to as “The Book 2.0″ is Barefoot Running Step by Step   by Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton.

(Part of my barefoot running resume is my appearance on the cover of Ken Bob’s book as well as several photos of me peppered throughout his fabulous read.)

More about my resume: I’ve been running since December 2009. I started in Vibram FiveFingers and occasional barefooting but learned that I would sustain Top of The Foot injuries after long runs in FiveFingers. Barefoot Ken Boband Barefoot Todd convinced me that it was time to go barefoot full-time, and I haven’t experienced Top of The Foot Pain since. (I continue to work on my form with the help of Tina Dubois’ coaching, because, as I’ve learned, running is a skill and needs to be learned over time.)

I ran my first marathon in March 2011. Anyone who was in Los Angeles on March 20, 2011 knows that Mother Nature decided all barefoot runners needed their feet cleaned. It was wet. And my knee and hip decided to take a major dump on me, too. So 6 hours later I hobbled through the finish and promptly got emotional. I’ll do it again, but I’m looking forward to a healed knee next time… and maybe less rain.

After taking several barefoot running workshops, participating in Ken Bob’s photo shoot, running the marathon and lurking on Barefoot Ted’s Barefoot Minimalist Runner Google Group, I’ve noticed a lack of female barefoot runners. While shod runners tend to be about 50/50 male/female, I notice about 1 in 5 or even 1 in 10 barefoot runners are female. Yes, they’re out there for sure – but we’re underrepresented. So I want to (1) find if I’m right, (2) connect with women who do run barefoot, (3) share useful information with barefoot-curious women, and (4) provide a cool sense of community for us.

I have two barefoot children and an occasionally-barefoot husband. We live in a cohousing community on California’s Central Coast… a wonderful place to run since we have the dunes, the beach, the mountains and everything in-between.

I’m a beginner… a newbie like many other barefooters out there. Let’s gain insight from women with experience in this passion of ours. We have a lot to learn – and we need to do it slowly and safely.

And maybe we’ll kick some shod dude ass along the way.

Join me!

Quick Tip:

FIRST – Training 101 – Run Less Run Faster – http://www.runrunlive.com/first-training-101


Ok my friends, You have limped through yet another episode of the RunRunLive Podcast, episode 187 in the can.

Next week I’ll be talking to Ed who holds the Guinness world record for most marathons in a year – funny guy Ed.  After that I have Bill Pierce from the Furman running institute to talk about the First training method that I have successfully used in the past.

I’m reading Bill’s book this week and one of the things I really like is the age graded finishing time tables.  Based on those age graded results I’m right where I was, if not faster than I was in my 30’s.  That’s kinda fun.

After Bill we talk to Caitlin from Operation Beautiful.

Don’t forget the Altra Zero Drop women’s running shoe contest on my website.  Go to www.runrunlive.com and look for the tab that says ‘contests’ on the menu.  Go in there and leave us a comment to enter.  Some lucky winner gets a pair of woman specific running shoes.


Work is crazy.  I’m going to have to start pool running again to keep my fitness and I’m going to have to do something about my diet.  Anyone have any good ideas on how to navigate the ‘Client Dinner’ without eating a yummy steak?  I’m weak.

But, changing  topics,  it turns out I’m also a genius in childcare.  No really.  Well, maybe more of an idiot savant.

When we first decided to have kids I wasn’t sure it was a good idea.  I doubted my own competency to take on such a big responsibility.  I mean, I have a hard enough time holding my own stuff together, I was pretty sure I shouldn’t be put in charge of another human.

Nature and my wife prevailed.  I was worried.  I thought a lot about what I should do and what would be important in this transaction.  I decided to keep it simple.  I decided that my role was first to love.  I committed to give the new humans love.

On top of that I committed to do my best to give them opportunities and an environment to be successful, whatever that means but at least for them to have the opportunity to be happy.

So far it’s worked out fairly well.  Much to my surprise I was listening to a report this week where they measured the influence of parents on their children and what has actual measureable impact on the outcome.

You know what doesn’t have any impact?  All the type ‘A’ lessons and activities and frenetic parental competition.  None of that stuff moves the needle.

But, you know what the major causal factor is?  You know what kids actually take form their parents?  They learn most from their parents’ day-to-day attitude and actions.  They learn more from they way you treat a waiter than the expensive music lessons.

They learn more from watching you smoke a cigarette or curse a politician and how you treat each other than they do from the most expensive schools.

The bottom line is that how you think and act is how you influence those around you and ultimately the world you live in.

Think about that.  You can be an idiot savant too.  Just give them love and live a good life and you can change this world.

And as you are changing it I’ll see you out there.


You can find me limping in a downtrodden manner at Twitter, Facebook, DailyMile, YouTube – and Google as cyktrussell that’s chris yellow king tom Russell with two esses and two ells.

You could potentially snap me out of it by calling – 206-339-7804.  Leave a message there it sends me an audio file.

A new show intro might perk me up.  You will find the instructions for reading the show intro and all my content on my website www.runrunlive.com

Music tonight is a by freighttrain Jones – A blues number called if you feel froggy.

Have a great week.


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