Episode 185 – Ken Weary FitNosh

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 185 – Ken Weary FitNosh

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Hello and welcome to the sad runner podcast that makes me wonder whether I’m ever going to get over this stupid Plantar Fasciitis!  No, not really, I’m ok, but my heel is still achy.  Achy breaky heel.

“He has Plantar Fasciitis …do his landscaping…” that’s some funny stuff.  Shawn did that all on his own, I had nuthin to do with it!

This is Chris and this is episode 185 of YOUR RunRunLive Podcast.  Today we have a show of relative greatness for you.  I have a great chat with Ken Weary about snacks! And who doesn’t love snacks!

And for this interview new RunRunLive executive intern Jim did the edit and I think it came out great – let’s have a round of applause for Jim!

I haven’t been running.  I’ll give an update on the foot later in the show.

I was theoretically on vacation last week but I got ambushed by work – so it was a mixed bag.

I got a few good workouts in.  I pushed my 29er mountain bike about 90 miles in the hot sun on Saturday.  I went up the Cape Cod Rail trail for about an hour and a ½ and then followed the Pan-Mass challenge course up to ProvidenceTown and back.  It was six hours of good pushing.  You wouldn’t think so but Cape Cod is really hilly when you get off the rail trail.

You might ask why I took my mountain bike instead of Fuji-san out on the paved trial and road.  First because I have at least one race scheduled on it.  Second because I’m more concerned with the work than the speed. And finally going fast on a crowded rail trail is actually quite hazardous.  If some little kid on a tricycle cuts you off on the raod bike at 30 mph you’re going to get some road rash – on the niner I’ve got a lot more options including leaving the pavement.

I had to put new brake pads in the back.  It’s got disc brakes.  I also bought new pedals.  I couldn’t ride with those tight M3’s – I was running out of skin.  I changed to Crank Brothers Candy pedals and so far I like them.

Hey, wait, isn’t this supposed to be about running?

On with the Show!

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Shawn with the ‘Most interesting Man in the world

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‘Most interesting Man in the world’

Written and produced and delivered free of charge by Shawn!

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Plantar update – http://www.runrunlive.com/pf-update

Fitnoshing – http://www.runrunlive.com/fit-noshing

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Ken Weary – FitNosh – www.fitnosh.com

Our Snacking Philosophy

The philosophy of FitNosh.com is simple. Snacks should taste great and be healthy.

Many diet plans, nutritionists and sports trainers recommend and even require snacking in order to sustain a consistent caloric burn and mind/body equilibrium.  The problem is it can be hard to find truly tasty, healthy snacks.

General Market Observations:

  • A number of healthy snacks taste awful (you know that cardboard or saw dust flavor – we’ve all tried those bars)
  • Don’t be fooled by fancy and creative labels, many so-called ‘healthy’ snacks are not healthy. Slogans like ‘All-Natural’, ‘Fat-Free’ or ‘High Protein’ can’t be blindly assumed to be healthy.
  • The most common thing we see is snacks that are loaded with extra sugar or salt to ‘increase flavor’ (which generally decreases or negates nutritional value)
  • Dietary restrictions are becoming more commonplace and it’s hard to find a good selection of snacks tailored to someone’s needs


Our Answer:

  • We taste test all of our snacks.  If we don’t like the taste and would not (or do not) eat it on a regular basis we won’t carry it….period end of story.
  • To be sure we’re not suckered by the labels we vet all of our products with a well-known and published nutritionist, Dr. Susan Kleiner.  You won’t find any snacks on our site that she has not personally vetted.
  • We’re constantly on the lookout for new snacks and when we find them we categorize them based on dietary restrictions.  We know it’s hard to stick with a diet so we do our best to provide a wide selection of good tasting, healthy options for you to choose from.


Quick Tip:

For the love and hate of a training planhttp://www.runrunlive.com/for-the-love-and-hate-of-a-training-plan


Ok my friends, that’s it, you have ridden your big old 29er mountain bike to the end of the trail where it meets the ocean and that heralds the end of yet another RunRunLive Podcast. Episode 185 in the can.

Coming up next week we are going to talk with the guys who are setting up the zombie race franchise called Run for your life – with thousands of participants and over 500 zombies. After that I’m going to do a show with Caity from runbarefootgirl and we are going to give away some Altra woman-only running shoes.

And – I’ve got probably another 4-6 interviews lined up.  All for you.

I have a bully race scheduled called the Hampshire 100. It’s a 100K MTB endurance race with a lot of elevation on technical trails.  It is actually pretty close to my house in the same area at the Wapack trail – so I’m sure that will be brutal enough to test my machine and my body.

I had grown out a nice vacation beard but made a irreparable trimming mistake so I’m currently sporting a moustache that makes me look like a cop from the 1970’s.

I’m going back in to see the orthopedist on Monday but I ordered some new running shoes and I’ll probably just start running again and manage the injury like I have had success with in the past.

Need a transition here… Another parties over…

It’s interesting this week there’s been so much noise about financial markets and budgets – all negative.  It has seeped into my social network circles with acrimony flying and blames being spread like rancid peanut butter.

Most of the time I just ignore this sort of noise.  (and on a side note you have probably noticed that one of my podcasting rules is no religion or politics).  I’m not going to change that today (insert sigh of relief here).

But looking at the seminal issues they all seem to me to have logical flaws.  They are set up as catch 22’s where any answer is a bad answer.  That’s a bit of a trap. That’s one of those “Have you stopped beating your wife?” arguments.  No matter how you answer you’re in the wrong.

First, I’d like to suggest that framing the questions as assumptive is a bad approach to finding actual solutions to problems.  But, also I have a solution.

When people try to corner you with these types of questions and arguments you have to step aside.  You have to ask questions until you find the actual root causes, the actual hard constraints and the actual requirements, otherwise you’re tilting at ghosts and digging yourself a 6 X 2 X 4 hole.

In pop-psychology terms you have to break the frame of reference.  What’s the big win here and how can we make a bigger pie?  Good negotiators do this.  Bad lawyers and politicians seem to struggle with it.  It’s the assumption of scarcity that is self-fulfilling.

So here’s my solution.  We’ve got all these people stirred up and angry about spending too much money.  These people are thinking “What can I do to change things?  What can little ole me do to have a positive impact on these big, scary, seemingly intractable problems?”

Maybe they are so angry that they would be actually willing to get up off their couch! Here’s what they can do: get the heck up off the couch, turn off CNN, put down the donut, put out your cigarette and get outside and start moving.

The fact is that the health care savings alone would wipe out the deficit in short order.  And all those positive, active, healthy people would be ready.  Ready to solve the world’s problems.  Ready to fight a war.  Ready for the zombie apocalypse.

That’s exactly what you can do Mr. Joe Sixpack.  The question is, “Will you?”

And when you do I’ll see you out there.


Need a transition here… Another parties over…

You can find me solving the world’s problems at Twitter, Facebook, DailyMile, YouTube – and Google as cyktrussell that’s chris yellow king tom Russell with two esses and two ells.

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Music tonight has been by Highway Dan and Varmints – And I’m going to leave you with the wonderful “You are my tangy honey thing” It’s only 2:30 long, so enjoy it and hey, lighten up, stop taking everything so seriously, you’re going to get wrinkles.

Ciao – baby.


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  • julia french

    Reply Reply August 11, 2011

    I enjoyed your show today. Don’t be too discouraged about your foot though. I have been told that pain means you are still alive.So…, from one living person to another, I hope you do well on that bike race you were talking about. It sounds tough.

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