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The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 179 – The MojoStLoco

Catching up with the Coach

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Hello and welcome to the massive travel and sleep deprivation podcast where I flit about the earth laughing at jet lag, thumbing my nose at time zone changes and cruising through airports.  Actually, this is the RunRunLive podcast and this is Chris your host. And what kind of show do we have for you today?  A great show, of course.

I’m going to try something a little different today and bring you the sounds of the MojoStLoco running event from St Louis where I ran with a bunch of other crazy runners around the city of St Louis at the convergence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers in the heart of the United States of America.

I’ll give you my 200 words or less on what the MojoLoco movement is.

We have a very strong VIRTUAL running community utilizing the recently developed social media tools and technology.  The real power of Twitter and Facebook and podcasts is their ability to take you out of your physical isolation and transport you to a virtual club house.   There, other amateur athletes hang around.  They support you, give you advice, take your advice give you encouragement and most importantly give you a coterie of likeminded people that ratify you and your lifestyle choices.

But, what’s missing?

What is missing is the physical human contact.  If we lived in the same town I could come over your house or meet you at the local park to run with you, but when you’re in Michigan or Timbuktu, I miss that essential joy of the club run.

The MojoLoco movement fills this last opportunity for community by providing a venue for the club run and leveraging the social network to build the teams.  It’s a voluntary travel and running adventure to your town that solidifies the physical bonds of community and makes a statement about the strength, joy and power of what we do.

That was 202 words – remove a couple modifiers or pronouns and I’m on budget!

So – I flew down to St Louis after coming back from the Netherlands last week and ran somewhere between 20 and 25 miles on the sidewalks and in the parks of St Louis with some new friends, had an adventure and had a blast.

How’s my training going?  Actually last week was a bit of a set-back with very few miles and my heel hurts from the cement in St Louis – I’ve got some work to do with my two ultras looming.  Speaking of Ultras – super-huge congrats to Kevin over at Just_Finish for earning his belt buckle at the Western States 100 – that’s hard core.

A couple quick travel stories.

On the way down I was sitting next to a dead-heading pilot who was reading a library book on the Peloponnesian war.  Of course I notice this and go into lecture mode.  Have you read your Xenophon? Your Herodotus?  After awhile I realize that I’m the only one talking and he’s looking at me like a deer in the headlights.

Ok, so sometimes I’m overwhelming.

I was up Sunday morning at 4:00 AM in St Louis to get out to the airport for a 6:00 AM flight back to Boston.  I had a connection in O’Hare.  I was running on fumes when I got to the airport with only a sketchy 4 hours of sleep I was a little cranky.

Somehow United managed to lose the flight crew and we took a 1:20 delay waiting for a new pilot to drive in to the airport to fly the plane to Chicago.  Luckily my connection was loose in Chicago and theoretically I could still make it.

The flight attendant looking at her little print-out sheet of connecting times said to me skeptically “You might make it…” I looked at her, as serious as death,  and said “oh, I’ll make it”.

We hit the gate in Chicago at 8:44.  I had a 8:53 departure time.  I left the jetway like it was an aid station. I had a bag in each hand, wearing crocs and jeans.  With my 1998 Boston Marathon Jacket flapping behind me I put my head down and started running.  My legs initially protested from the 20+ miles of the day before and my heel was screaming, but after a couple 100 feet I felt that old surge and was glad to be an endurance athlete.

With nice clean tempo form I ran tempo hard through the crowd down the terminal at O’Hare and I made that plane – and I was smiling the whole time thinking about how many people could do that?

I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse!

On with the show!

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Trails 101 blog post… see www.runrunlive.com for details.


Ok my friends that is it you have ridden in the sweaty Mojo-Loco van with your smelly new friends to the end of yet another RunRunLive Podcast, Episode 179 in the can.

I’ve got a whole lot of interesting people and stuff coming your way…Including chats with Cheryl a body-builder turned ultra runner and Sage Canaday who had just written a book about what it’s like to be a sponsored athlete in the Hansons Brooks Olympic Development project… and much much more.

I’m busy trying to get in shape for my ultra races, but I’m not too worried.  I‘ve done them before.

I’ve been busy recording with the new H2 microphone.  I’ve got 6, count ‘em 6, stories from the Mid-Packer’s Lament, my book recorded and posted up on my site at RunRunLive.com for the low-low price of $1.00 a piece.  Just look under the Audio products tab.  My goal is to record 2 per week until they are all done.

Also, I’m recording a boys’ novel from 1913 called “Fred Fenton Marathon Runner”.  It’s a wonderful anachronism.  It’s also available under audio products on RunRunLive.com… Here’s a sample…

<sample here>

This is really fun stuff for me because I haven’t read ahead and have no idea where the story is going as I’m reading it to you!  We get to discover it together in all its breathless glory.

My heel is sore this week so I’m staying off it and sticking to the bike and pool.  I’m looking for some new shoes.  I’ve got a line on some Brooks launches and I’m also going to pick up some Brooks Cascadias for the trails.  I’m toying with trying out the New Balance MR 10 minimus, I’ve heard good things but I hate to spend $100 on an unknown quantity.

You’d think with my tens of thousands of followers someone would give me some shoes! I’m a 12D, high mileage, neutral cushion if you’re looking to give some away!  I will sell my soul for a good ride!

One quick story from the road.  I’m in Houston this week.  One of the managers I’m with suggested we go see the Astros Baseball team play the Texas Rangers tonight in inter-league play at Minute Maid park.  I don’t really follow baseball but I figured ‘what the heck’.

We took along a gentleman who works for me who is from Istanbul.  We got 8th row seats right along the first base side of the outfield.  A few innings in someone swings late on a fast ball and hits a line drive in our direction.  It skips off the infield and zooms in head-high into our section.  Everyone, including myself , is diving for cover.  My guy from Istanbul ducks but can’t get out of the way and it nails him in the side, bounces off and comes to rest right in front t of me and I snatch it up!

Pretty cool.  I don’t even like baseball, I’m there by chance and I catch a foul.  After taking a few bows I found a little kid with a glove a couple rows away to toss it to.  Too funny.  Proving once again that you never know what’s going to happen when you get out there.

To take you out I have a thought on interviewing.  The magic interview question.  When you get called in for that job interview, or even on a first meeting or sales call, you can get the momentum quickly by asking the first question.  Don’t wait for them to ask some stock question like, “so tell me why you want to work for ACME Zombie Hunter Outfitters?” – you lose your advantage.

You have to take the initiative and the way to do this is to ask some form of the magic question.   Ready? Here it is:  “So, Bob, what is it about my resume that prompted you to invite me in today?”  (i.e. “why am I here?”) You can adapt it to your style, but that is the crux of the magic question.  This will get them talking and if you are good with your follow ups you can just feed off this conversation and keep the ball rolling.  They will think you are brilliant because you really didn’t say anything.

Another thing I recommend is to think about what are the 10 hardest questions that you could be asked.  Write up answers for these and practice responding to them confidently and without hesitation or bad body language.  This will take the edge off and give you confidence to be in the moment.

The key is to be prepared, but not to over-sell.  Try to get the other person to do all the talking by reversing the questions.  “It seems as though experience is very important to you in a candidate, Bob…do you as an organization place value on experience?”

And when you get the job, I’ll see you out there.


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We had ourselves lots of BooBoo Davis blues this episode, but to take you out a nice 4:45 alternative number by fi-waterda_sequel called “searchin”.  So listen to your breathing, look around and smile, It’s a beautiful day baby.



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