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The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 174 – Nicky CaniCross

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Hello and welcome to the cheese sandwich story podcast.  Where we tell stories about cheese sandwiches.  No really – I am going to tell a story about a cheese sandwich, but this is the RunRunLive Podcast where I struggle valiantly to bring you a weekly slice of running entertainment, inspiration and information.

I gotta tell ya I’m burnt to a crisp from the never ending deluge of tasks and travel that I’ve engineered into my life for some odd reason.  I know, I know.  All that stuff I told you about sticking with it and moving forward…but, I’m tired and I just want to be on beach somewhere with my toes in the warm sand and a good book – just for a couple days…

But you didn’t dial in to listen to ME whine.  (so…who did you dial in to hear whining?)

We have a fantastic show for you today.  I’ve finally got Nicky on to talk about Cani-cross.  And about time too, as Elma scolded me today that I’ve been talking about it for weeks and we don’t want to make Elma mad.

Cani-cross is where you run races with a dog or two strapped to you.  Iain told me that he won one of the cani-cross races, a ½ marathon with his dog Rosie last year.  Iain is a Kona Iron Man from Devon in the UK and is a bit of a nutter and races in the 6 minute mile range – so that’s moving right along, even without a dog.

Those of you who have the pleasure of running with your dog know that you have to pay attention.  Sometimes the dog will decide to stop and hilarity ensues.  Buddy sometimes does this when he runs with me on the leash.  It can be quite jarring.  They have some kind of six-sense for when the most inopportune time is.

Usually I don’t do any tempo or speed work with the dog on the leash because it’s just too difficult for both of us.  He’ll decide a particular bush looks interesting and come to a full stop on a dime and if I’m not paying attention I’ll give his head and my arm a good jerk.  There have been situations where I’ve found myself holding a leash with an empty collar on the end because  it has pulled right off when he put the brakes on.

I try to give him leeway – let him do some sniffing about.  One time we were running up the road, up a hill by my house.  It’s a high traffic area so I had fur-boy on a short lead.  He slams on the breaks.  I give him some leash as he goes into the weeds and noses around a bit.  What do you think he came out with?  A CHEESE SANDWICH!  See I told you I’d get it in.

And, Buddy didn’t want to give that sandwich up.

More recently we had a bunch of baby rabbits scattered around the yard.  He was really interested in them.  He kept trying to pick them up and bring them home.  The baby rabbits weren’t too keen on that idea.

One probable reason that I’m so tired this week is that I did some hefty workouts over the weekend.  I missed my Thursday run workout because I was in Atlanta and I just couldn’t get it in.  I tried to go when I got back to the house that night but I couldn’t find a head lamp – so I just gave up.

Friday I was mad at myself and decided to double up.  I ran to the pool, which is just about 7 miles from my house, did a swim work out and ran home.  That was a good workout.  Then Saturday morning I got out for a 3-hour bike ride on Fuji-san.  Ended up being 50 miles and I capped it off with a short run.  Then on Sunday Buddy and I joined the club for around 7 miles easy.  I took Monday as a rest day.

I have a triathlon in 2 weeks down at Cape Cod and I think I’ll do just fine.  Sprint triathlons are pretty easy in the grand scheme of things.  My swimming seems to be coming along well.

My long brick ride run on Saturday was hard after all those miles on Friday.  I road west from my house.  It was fairly hilly.  I got to the 1 hour and 25 mile mark at the top of a hill in the center of the town of Lunenburg.  I was bummed because I knew I had to turn around in 5 minutes and it was all downhill from the center.  It kept going down down down for those last 5 minutes before the turn around and we all know, what goes down, must come up.

When I finally got back to my house I went transitioned to a trail run with Buddy.  We were out for 10 minutes and we ran into a tent where the trail conservation guys were celebrating 10 years of owning the property behind my house.  They were trying to get me to eat hot dogs.  I didn’t want a hot dog but I appreciate them not building an apartment complex in my back yard and instead preserving it basically as the Mad Dog memorial trail system.

I’m a bit pressed for time this week and I want to get this out by the Friday Deadline so I’ll finish with this thought.

Two fish are swimming along and they swim Bam! Into a cement wall.  One fish turns to the other and says “Dam”.

– on with the show!

Audio clips in this episode:

A&P John Updike Sample read by Allegra Goodman from the New Yorker Fiction Podcast.

Malcom X sample – from the “Ballot or the Bullet” Speech.

Crissie Wellington sample from the Mile-with-me Podcast – Thanks to the wonderful, good-looking and intelligent Steve Chopper.

Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode:

Story time:

Equipment Check:

Trail running Series Part 1

Featured Interview:

Nicky Hutcinson – Canicross



Quick Tip:

4 more reasons to clean up your form.


I put a nickel in the jukebox and play that truck drivin man.

Well folks that is it you have chased your mental Border Collie to the end of yet another RunRunLive Podcast.  Episode 174 in the can.

I’m going to keep it brief.  I do have some new stuff up on my website and I’m going to start pulling some pieces out of the show and publishing them weekly as blog posts.  I have found it extends the reach and makes it more accessible to more people.   It also adds to the interaction.

If you feel compelled to leave a comment or ask a question on a piece, for instance something like “What kind of maniac quotes Chrissy Wellington, Malcom X and John Updike in a running podcast?” you can leave that insightful comment on my website.  All the show notes are on my website and in the info of this mp3 file on the RSS feed.

Travel story – the queen’s birthday in Australia.

I was hooked up with a couple of Canadians from Kanata.  The Canadians have a lot in common with the Aussies – mostly their love of strong beer and lots of it!

These two nutters somehow got the idea in their heads that we were going to drive inland from Sydney and see the ‘Outback’.  We got as far as the Blue Mountains and found some little town to stay in.  We slept in the local ‘hotel’ which in small town Australia is a rowdy pub with a couple old beds in the attic.

At some point on the trip we pretended to be veterans of the Canadian armed forces so we could drink at the local version of the veterans of foreign wars which was the only place one town serving beer.

I don’t know why, but I have these clear memories of these guys pulling over the rental car to take candid photos with the dead kangaroos and wombats that were traffic victims.  I have a photo of me standing in front of a “warning wombats ahead” sign on some two lane strip of macadan on the back woods of New South Wales.

I also have a sharp memory of having breakfast in some local bed and breakfast type place and eating spaghetti, which apparently is a breakfast food in Australia.

I’m running behind this week so I’ll leave you with this thought from Seth Godin’s new book “Poke the Box” that I am currently reading.

<The Death of Idealism read here.>


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Got a little pop song to take you out it’s by donora called shakida and it’s just under 3:15 so let loose and fly home my friends!



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