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The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 146 Erin DeMarines 3Bar

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Hello and welcome to the Running and Canabalism Podcast where we combine a deep respect for endurance athletics with handy recipes for missionary and explorer.  Having trouble finding the right cooking temperature, time and spices to tenderize that Long-Pig? Well we’ve got it all for you here…Wait no, that’s my other podcast for Caribe head-hunters, this is the RunRunLive Podcast where we get all excited, and a little fuzzy, about distance running and endurance exploits.

I will be Chris, your Julie McCoy on this endorphin powered Love Boat.  Welcome to episode 146.

With the intro there was my friend Alix.  What’s special about Alix is that in addition to being a fine runner and a friend to small animals – she is a flesh and blood physical friend from my running club.  How about that surreal crossing of the streams of the virtual with the corporeal?

We’ve got an outstanding show for you today, and it’s easy for me to say that because I aqhven’t written it yet so really there’s no downside to a little optimism…

We continue along with our beginners series – again with an eye towards helping some folks get off the couch.  We interview the entrepreneur in charge of 3-Bar energy bars, Erin who is a real go-getter, and we get our friend Ann Brennan to read a story for us.

This is the first episode with my new laptop and as expected it’s been a bit of a learning curve.  Every program had to be reloaded and I’m having to learn a new operating system.  In general everything takes longer and what was one click is now four, but I will perservere, because that’s what I do.

Had a good week last week of training and this week is a “gasp” rest week.  I think I topped out around 60 miles last week culminating in a string 20 miler in Sunday morning.  Less than a month until my ‘A’ race and it’s getting muy serioso.  In general my performances have been better and I feel like I’m in reach of my goal time.

I managed to lose a few pounds last week.  I’m simply avoiding Dairy and pasta and other ‘white foods. I also started drinking a big glass of soy milk with a scoop of protein powder when I get home from work so I don’t binge eat before going to bed.

Since I had a couple days off from running this week I took the dog for a walk in the woods yesterday.  He needed it. It is such a delight to see Buddy running full-tilt down the trails.  You can almost hear him laughing.  We got some blustery weather and the leaves are all down – so I took some pictures and made a magic-movie out of them on You tube.  I was moved to write a poetic soundtrack for it too –         so go watch it and tell me what you think.  As always my youtube name is CYKTRUSSELL – yes that would be Cake Yellow King Tom Russell with two esses and two ells.  And it is CYKTRUSSELL on Facebook, DailyMile, Twitter et cetera – come and friend me.

I had a birthday on Sunday.  I wrote a post about it on my blog on RunRunLive.com.  It was about how having an age that ends in 8 is a serious age group and qualifying standard disadvantage.

I had a breakthrough this week on my newsletter.  Which is a good thing because I currently have 200 people signed up for it.  I figured out how to feed the RSS from a specific category in WordPress into a HTML template in my email list provider.  So I can set it up so the posts go out as emails. Cool, huh.  If you want to join go to my website and look for the big red arrow on RunRunLive.com

I hope you are doing well.  I really do. Let’s get on with this show!

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Chris – Track

Allen Ginzberg – Howl

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Ann Brennan – Ravishing Retrievers, a Harlequin Romance from Audity – Audio books for dogs.

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Equipment Check:

Ok you beginners – you need a Log Book to log your miles.  There is something psychological about writing down your work outs that is very satisfying and provides a certain continuity and encouragement.

What a log book is a place where you write down your plan and then record your progress against that plan.  Depending on your personality type you will either love the log book or maybe not so much.  Engineer-types love the data the comes with keeping a log, and if that is part of the fun for you, by all means do it, but it should be a positive exercise for you, not homework. It can be casual. Don’t let it be a barrier.

You can go old school and keep your log with pen, pencil and paper.  It is essentially a calendar.  The must have data is the date, how far you went or how long you went, or both.  That’s about it.  I also recommend a free form column where you can write how you felt or whatever else you need to write.

So for me a log entry might be “Woods-Dog” 5.7 miles, 52 minutes.  But I’m a minimalist.  I know people who feel compelled to track the time of day, the weather, which shoes, and all the gear they wore.  If that makes you happy go for it.

You can do this on a computer too, either with a document or a spreadsheet.  These days most people use one of the many free online log books.  Some of them are…

RunnersWorld, Garmin’s Training Center







These will be in the show notes obviously.  The cool part of keeping a log is you can look back at some point down the road and see how far you’ve come.  For example I just bopped over to DailyMile to see that I’ve logged 1795 miles this year.  You can also share your progress with the online community for encouragement and support.

Whichever format or facility you choose you should at least keep a minimal log so you can see progress.  You can also see cause and effect.  Where your training caused great performance or where your exuberance caused injury…

Go ahead – start and keep a log – you won’t regret it.

Featured Interview:

Erin of 3Bar energy bars.

Erin DeMarines – Creator
E Fit Foods, Inc., Triathlete, Certified Nutritional Consultant,
Certified Sports Nutritional Consultant, Certified Personal Trainer,
and Fitness Model.
Erin DeMarines has been running for nearly as long as she can remember. A sponsored triathlete with enormous focus, drive and enthusiasm, Erin began jogging with her father at the early age of four. And she’s been running ever since.
As DeMarines entered college, she became more involved in racing and also started focusing more on personal nutrition. Prior to earning her degree, DeMarines became certified as a Personal Trainer and quickly built up a steady list of clients, and after graduating from University of South Florida, she landed in Los Angeles.
There, she was inspired by clients and friends to make her famous grandmother’s homemade cookies into a healthier and more balanced, vegan-friendly snack. Over the next few years, DeMarines would make these “cookies” in her own kitchen. She continued to study nutrition and eventually became certified as a Nutritional Consultant and a certified Sports Nutritional Consultant.



As I sat home all of last weekend with a terrible cold (welcome Cold & Flu season), I am reminded of the journey of where I started and where I am today!  It is so easy to forget the days past of making the e-bar (now 3BAR) in my little studio apartment in Brentwood, CA.  I can remember making the bars every single night….what a social life I must have had, or not had!?  Sometimes it’s hard to truly grasp your success when we are often measured by the monumental value of what we do.  And now with the struggle of our economy, sometimes I am guilty of losing site of the journey…after all, how many people in the world can say that they took their Italian Grandmother’s cookie recipe and turned it into an amazingly healthy energy bar for triathletes, moms, kids, weekend warriors, and those looking to just eat something that tastes as good as it is for you!?  Come January 2011, I am hoping to increase my exposure by adding Whole Foods to my list of stores!!! Not to mention a number more of Publix Stores (in their Greenwise Sections)!!

I am living this dream and have each and every one of you to thank for your continued support!  In the end, isn’t it the journey, the relationships, the people who are now healthier, or the new triathletes so excited about our sport that truly matter!

With energy,



Quick Tip:

Ok you beginners – today we are going to answer some questions.  And for you experienced runners your homework is to chase down a non-runner and tell them this stuff until they feel compelled to start.

What are the first questions?  How long should I run for?  How Far should I run?  How Fast should I go?  Another good one is “How do I find the time?” – but we’ll talk about that one next week.

First – don’t worry about how far.  Run by how long.  The program that I am going to recommend aims for specific times.  As for speed; you should run at a conversational pace.  What does that mean?  That means if you can’t talk, stop and walk…hey that rhymes!

There are a number of training plans on line for beginners and they are all probably good enough to get started.  One popular one is the “Couch-to-5K”.  I think the C25k might be a little strenuous for a real beginner.  I’ve got an alternative that starts at zero and takes you to running 20 minutes – that I will share here.

Beginner’s Running Program

This is the New York Road Runners Club Run-Easy Program.

We start by running ONE MINUTE at a time.  Yes, you can probably run more than one minute, but this program allows you to work up to 20 minutes of continuous running over 10 weeks with nearly ZERO chance of injury or discouragement.

This schedule is designed to run at least three times a week. All running should be done at a conversational pace and all walking should be done briskly.

Don’t hurry – just remember how many weeks and years it took you to get out of shape.  Your goal is to be able to run 20 minutes non-stop – smiling and talking the whole way.  It is better to be consistent than to be macho.  When you finish this beginners program you can move up.

Ten Week Beginner’s Running Program
Week Run/walk Ratio (20 Minute Total) Total Run Time
1 Run 1 minute, Walk 2 minutes – do 6 sets followed by running 1 minute 7 Min
2 Run 1 minute, Walk 1 minute – do 10 sets 10
3 Run 2 minutes, Walk 1 minute – do 6 sets followed by running 2 minutes 14
4 Run 3 minutes, Walk 1 minute – do 5 sets 15
5 Run 4 minutes, Walk 1 minute – do 4 sets 16
6 Run 5 minutes, Walk 1 minute – do 3 sets followed by running 2 minutes 17
7 Run 6 minutes, Walk 1 minute – do 3 sets 18
8 Run 8 minutes, Walk 1 minute – do 2 sets followed by running 2 minutes 18
9 Run 10 minutes, Walk 1 minute – do 2 sets 20
10 Run 20 minutes non-stop 20


Ok that’s it you have read through the last epic stanza of iambic pentameter that unrolls off the scroll that is the RunRunLive Podcast.  Episode 146 in the can.

Funny story. I was trading niceties with a friend on facebook, or email, or something, and he said “You’re so creative, I don’t know where you keep coming up with ideas.”  So I said “Funny you should say that because I’m all out of ideas.  For the next show I’m just going to read beat poetry for 40 minutes.” He said “Great, I love Ginsberg.”  But – you have been saved from too much overwrought poetry this time.  I gravitate more to Kerouac anyhow.

Next week we talk with David and Speedy Sasquatch about what to do when your marathon falls off the rails.  Do you double down?  How do you execute that?

The following show is The famous Frayed Laces from Hawaii and after that I have the editor of MensRunningUK.

You keep listening, I’ll keep talking, deal?

Gislena and I got through episode 82 posted on the website, runrunlive.  Should have all the old shows up soon! Progress! Go to the website and leave me some comments, I love comments. If you want you can go leave an iTunes review for me too.

I’ve had the great fortune to get to know personally many of our online friends.  The ones that really impress me are the folks who have come so far.  Folks who have lost hundreds of pounds.  Folks who have beaten serious diseases.  People who have fought and won.

Since we are a few years into the on-line community thing  I’ve also had the privilege of seeing the whole process in some people.  From start to success.  We have seen them change and bloom right in front of our eyes.

It’s not just their bodies that change.  Their very beings change.  They actually change their selves.

It’s really hard to physically lose 100 pounds.  It’s physically hard to start with one breathless step and finish at the end of a marathon many months later.  These friends of ours have gone through amazing physical transformations.

If you pay attention you see they also had to transform psychologically.   And this is fascinating.  It may be because of the physical transformation or hand in hand with it, but it is very compelling and I would argue that the psychological transformation is just as hard as the physical transformation.

To create a new self image you have to take a big leap.  You have to let go of the old you. No matter how crappy the old you was or is it’s enormously comfortable.  And it is enormously uncomfortable to shuck this old self image off and replace it with a new one that you aren’t quite sure is sustainable.  It takes courage.  It’s a trip into the unknown where the dragons live.

But out of this transformation, this scary letting go of their old-self they learn courage and are transformed.  They become powerful because they learn to leap into the unknown with no shoulder harnesses and only faith.  They have to rely on themselves and their inner strength and as such that inner strength flourishes.

I like these new people.  They are my kind of people.  Fearless and happy people.  And this is our tribe my friends.  You are in good company. My assignment to you is to nudge someone down the path.  Get someone started.

And when you do, I’ll see you out there.

Music tonight is amazing because I found a famous Blues master John Lee Hooker song on podsafe called “Serves you right to Suffer” Enjoy, Ciao


John Lee Hooker – Serves you right to suffer

Songs Sampled:

Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall

J. Geils – Serves you right to suffer – Full house.

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