Episode 145 Jay Newton Qualifies

RunRunLive Podcast Episode 145 – Jay Newton Qualifies

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Runners Round Table on Endurance Relays



Hello and welcome to episode 145 of the internationally famous RunRunLive podcast.  Today’s show is going to be just a tad more random than usual but stay with me – I hope you like the themes.  It is not random if I can see the pattern.

This is Chris your host and today we interview Jay Brewski Newton as a follow up to our BQ series where we interviewed him about his plans earlier in the year.  In this case we’ll learn from him what it took to overcome and succeed.  It should be valuable.

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween and stayed away from the candy.  I had a pretty large mileage week last week and I’m starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m ready to put myself out there.  I signed up and paid my money for the Palm Beach ½ Marathon on December 5th.  As they say in Poker – I’m all in now.

Before that I’m going to run the Slattery’s 5 miler in Fitchburg as a tune up race on Nov 21st and the Ayer Fire Department 5K on Thanksgiving as part of my active taper.  I’ve managed to lose a few pounds and I’m feeling lean and mean so I’m optimistic.  Things are turning.  I was hoping they would!

Then I’ll probably find a winter marathon to go re-qualify at since I’m already in that kind of shape – shouldn’t be an issue if I can run negative splits.  That way I’ll have a 2012 qualifier and not have to worry about it.  Knowing me, I’m sure I’ll start getting restless again next year and look to do something long and painful and stupid.  Yeah!

I got some travel this week, and I’m getting a new laptop form the company – so I’m pushing the show out early.  Because I know the whole new laptop thing is a learning experience!

I got another 10 old episodes, actually 11, up on my website this weekend. That means 0-70 should be up.  Only 30 more to go and it will be complete.  Man, that’s crazy if you think about it…over 100 hours of podcasts…

I’m going to start a new series today.  This is going to be the Beginner Series.  I’m going to step back and do a series on how to get started.  This way there will be 8-9 episodes ready for the January New-Years’ resolution crowd.  My thought is that we can all help get one or two people started and maybe make a difference in our world.

Enjoy the fractals and Mandelbrot series – On with the show!

Audio clips in this episode:

Chris before and after track workout and in ice-bath…

Gordon from the “This Running Life Podcast”

“A History of the world in 100 Objects” by the BBC talking about Mayan blood rituals

Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode:

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Story time:

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Equipment Check:

What do you need to get started?

Nothing.  That’s right nothing.  You don’t need new shoes, technical clothes or special sports drink.  You need to get the heck up and go outside and walk for 5 minutes.  Got it?  Good.  Now go.

If you are just starting out you are going to be worried about all the equipment that you need to be successful with endurance sports.  The air-waves are filled with vendors pushing this, that and the other thing that you absolutely need to get the job done.  We amateur athletes as a tribe are also fascinated with gear, gewgaws and toys.  I think it’s just another one of our devices to take our minds off the fact that WE just need to lace up and get out there.  We are a tribe of procrastinators.

All of this will cause you stress and fear as you get started.   The number one question we get is what kind of shoes do I need?  If you are getting started it doesn’t matter – grab any old pair of sneakers, running shoes, tennis shoes…it doesn’t matter – just get out there – get started – you’ll figure the shoes out.  It’s actually part of the fun.   If you are worried about it, go to a shoe store and ask them what they have for casual runners for under $50.  Start simple and trade up as you learn if it is necessary.  If you ease into it correctly you won’t get hurt.

But don’t I need technical clothing?  No, you don’t.  You’re just getting started you don’t need anything special. Just get out in your normal lay around the house on the weekend clothes.  They’ll be fine.  When you start getting out for more than 30 minutes you can think about getting some comfy clothes, but for now the important part is just to get started.  When I first started running I used to run in cotton sweat pants and thermal long underwear.  I survived. I was running for years before I bought anything technical.

What about electronics?  Don’t I need one of those fancy Garmin wrist-computers or a heart rate monitor?  You know what I’m going to say, right?  No! you don’t need anything fancy.  Go to your favorite discount store and buy a cheap sports watch if you don’t have one already.  You might want one with a light – but that should be the extent of your excess.  If you’ve already got a cell-phone – you can use the clock on that.  You don’t need any special electronics to get started.  Just get up and go! Get out there.

What about Sports Drink or Gels or special food or pills – do I need that stuff?  Guess what?  No! No! No! and No! You don’t need any of that stuff. You need to get up and go.  All of these things are just excuses! Don’t let them be barriers to you.  Make a deal with yourself that you will figure it out as you go.

The only equipment you need is your heart and your brain.  Get going.

Featured Interview:

Jay “Brewski” Newton

Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon
Newton, Gina (F33) 3:11:43 58 7 3:11:40 North Chelmsfor, MA, USA 3:10:27 BQ
Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon
Newton, Jason (M34) 3:09:53 47 41 3:09:47 North Chelmsfor, MA, USA 3:09:47 BQ

Quick Tip:

Ok you beginners – why should you start the endurance sports lifestyle?

First you should do it for your health.  Long term studies have shown that running adds 15 or so more useful quality years to your life.  That means you will live longer and you will live better.  You will stay healthier throughout your life and will be more likely to suffer from debilitating health issues as you age.

And there is no age limit.  You can start in your 70’s and still get benefits.  I started in my 30’s but I know plenty of folks who have made amazing transformations in their lives in their 40’s and 50’s.  It’s never too late to live a higher quality life.

You should do it for your mental health too.  You will feel less depressed.  You will have more confidence.  You will be happier.  Trust me – it is better than any drug.

You should do it because it is good for the people in your life who you love.  Your kids, your spouse, the people you work with, the people you live with and society as a whole will all benefit directly from your lifestyle change.  You want to make a change?  You want to leave a positive legacy?  Here’s how baby! It’s simple and it is totally under your control.

You don’t have to be healthy to start.  You can be a smoker, a drinker, a drug addict an obese person.  It’s ok – you have to start somewhere and this is one small step in the right direction.

Get up. Get out.  Get started.  Every great journey starts with the first step.

People won’t make fun of you.  And if they do – to heck with them – you’re doing something great and wonderful and positive.  Let them worry about them – you can only control you – so get started.

How do you start?  Just start.  Go out and walk for 5 minutes every day this week.  That’s all, 5 minutes and we’ll take it from there.

We are all behind you – get started on your journey.   Allow yourself to start.  Allow yourself to learn.  Allow yourself to make mistakes.  Allow yourself to grow.  But, please, get started and keep moving forward.


Ok that’s it you have mathematically found yourself at the end of a podcast that has a fine structure at arbitrarily small scales, is too irregular to be easily described in traditional Euclidean geometric language, is self-similar (at least approximately or stochastically), has a Hausdorff dimension which is greater than its topological dimension and  has a simple and recursive definition – called the runrunlive podcast.  Episode 145 in the can.

Next week we have Erin from the 3tribar company talking about her entrepreneurial success – great story.  Don’t forget to check out our website at RunRunLive.com – we are wrapping up the GoHeadBand contest – but you can still get in.  You can sign up for the newsletter I’ve been threatening to start for the last 2 months, and you can access all the archives and even leave comments on all the shows and stuff.

I’ve also got the Mojo Loco self created relay race in Florida with all the social media peeps coming up the second week in December – I’ll be in Florida for two successive weekends before the holidays.  I haven’t been promoting it much – but we should get some more noise as we get closer.  I’ve been more focused on training and my target ½.

I got an interesting email this week from one of my newsletters.  I usually just delete this one but the headline was interesting.  They talked about how most people have no answer when they are asked “what do you do?”  or “What are you looking for?”

I know when we are doing executive presentations I like to introduce my team in such a way that it adds credibility.  So-and-so went to MIT and Oxford, blah blah blah.  But I think we have to humanize it too.  I think we need to make connections with the human on the other side of the table.

It’s perplexing, because we don’t like to pigeon-hole ourselves.  We don’t like to say, I’m a teacher or I’m an engineer or I’m a fire fighter.  It is too simple a label for a real human.  We want to say that we are athletes and philosophers and poets.  We want to say that we are great friends, we are lovers and we are leaders.

But that is hard to put into a brief description.  And that isn’t really the point.  Because if we think that way we are stuck inside ourselves.  This introduction is for the other person, the other human.  What do we want them to know and see and understand about us?  This simple question of “what do you do?” is so difficult because it forces us to clearly define ourselves for another person.  I suspect it is difficult because we don’t know the answer ourselves.

I suggest that you take a moment and try to construct that 140 character description that really tells us who you are.  I would suggest that it is in two parts.  One is professional or occupational.  The second is who you as a people are.

Are you a “public high school teacher who really enjoys the kids and also an amateur athlete who is trying very hard to train for a triathlon and really thrives on the challenge”? That’s a good description.

Work on it.  And you can try it on me the next time I see you out there.

Music tonight is cassandra_kubinski-act_2.mp3 – Enjoy. Ciao.





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