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The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 142 – Kat from GoHeadBand

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Hello and welcome to the peanut-farming and Jockey shorts podcast where we prove that we can create fictional show from any random word association. No, really I can, go ahead test me! On this podcast we discuss the merits and pitfalls of a diet based entirely on peanuts, trail mix and dried fruit.  But that’s not all – we also discuss the pros and cons of technical running underwear versus cotton briefs.

Wait – no – this is the RunRunLive Podcast, and this is Chris your host, and we toss a podcast over the wall to you my friends on the efficacy of endurances sports and the transformational effect of long distance running on your average human.   We my friends are the stones that are creating ripples in the ponds of our universe.

But I did just write a post on peanuts and jockey shorts on the RunRunLive website – so go see what you think.  And leave me some comments.  I like comments.  I’m accessible for the most part.  Don’t be afraid.  The mad dog doesn’t bite.  I’m really a cupcake.

Today we have an excellent show for you.  We interview Kat from GoHeadBands and she tells us how her running has transformed her life and enabled her. In coordination with this show we, Kat and I are going to run a ocntest to give away a few head bands.  All you have to do is go to the RunRunLive website, look on the Runnerati blog for the GoHeadBand contest post and leave a comment.  Tell us in 200 words or less how your endurance adventure has transformed your life.  Kat will pick 3 male and 3 females as winners and send you a complimentary headband! Easy Peasy.

I had a good weekend.  Didn’t get to the bottom of my list, but did get a couple good runs in.  I managed to turn my garden in and plant some winter rye.  Maybe next year I’ll just let the rye grow and forget about the veggies!  I’ll make bread and whiskey instead.

I screwed up a 50 minute progression run on Saturday.  I was supposed to go out 25 minutes in zone 2 and then come back in at zone 3-4.  I ran into another guy running ¼ mile in.  We got to chatting and he turned out to be one of the USATFNE officials and was trying to talk me into submitting our 10K as the championship race for 2011.

When we part company I look at my watch and realize I’ve just run 25 minutes at a 7:30 pace so that whole zone 2 thing is out the window.  So I jus turned around and hammered it home.  At one point I was running at a nice 6:40 pace and all-in-all felt pretty strong.  So things are coming around.

Then Sunday Buddy and I went out for our World Wide Festival of Races ½ marathon.  We went on the local rail trail.   We ran easy and through in some sub-7 surges every 20 minutes.  Buddy ran well he actually liked the surges.  He hates just running slow on the leash.  The whole weekend was beautiful.

I’ve got a killer week of travel coming up and I’m trying to get this show done and out early for you so it doesn’t spill into  the weekend.

So – strap it on and let’s go! On with the Show!

Audio clips in this episode:

Mary McManus – http://www.marymcmanus.com/

Mary McManus, poet, fund raiser, former award winning social worker at the Department of Veterans Affairs, 2009 Boston Marathon Finisher, inspirational speaker, an “Exceptional Woman” on the nation’s #1 FM Radio Station Magic 106.7 and a finalist for Brookline Woman of the Year 2010 discovered a whole new world was waiting to unfold before her after the life altering diagnosis of post polio syndrome in December 2006.

Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode:

Addicted to racing … http://resurrectedrunner.blogspot.com/

The Resurrected Runner

Just a guy in his forties getting back into running after a several year layoff due to chronic injuries. I never thought I’d run again, but just completed my first marathon on May 15, 2010…with more to come!

Story time:

Text here

Equipment Check:

I am going to share something personal with you today.  My Pumpkin seed recipe.  Now it is that time of year where you will be buying those big orange gourds and squashes to carve up into Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.

I know you.  You just scrape those seeds out and throw them away don’t you.  No no no! Don’t do it! Those pumpkin seeds make an awesome snack and are good for you.

“But Chris!”, you are saying, “how do I convert that aweful gooey mess that I scrape out of my pumpkin into a yummy and nourishing snack?”

Not to worry – I shall commence to explain the method to my madness.

First, don’t waste time trying to separate all the seeds out of the goop.  Just do your best and scrape all that stuff into a big pot.  Fill the pot up with water.  Pour in a bunch of salt.  Don’t go easy on the salt.  This salt is the most important part.

Now boil this big mess of gook for a long time.  I just put it on low and let it simmer for an hour or so.  You need to be careful if you cover the pot because the goop boil-over can be quite messy on the stove.

When your concoction is done let it cool and feel free to let it sit in the pot for a few hours.   Now you have to get the excess water out of the mixture.  First drain off as much water as you can.  Next you can use one of two methods to further dry the seeds.  First you can line a collander with paper towels and pour the goop into that to let it sit until it drains well.  It may take a day. Second you can spread some paper towels onto a bunch of newspapers and dump your concoction out on that.  The newsprint will soak up the excess water.

Now it’s time to cook.  Spread the seeds and guts out evenly on a big cookie sheet.  Pop them in the oven at 350.  You can shake some more salt on them if you want, but it’s probably overkill.  Keep an eye on them.  You don’t want them to burn.  Move them around on the cookie sheet if you have to so they cook evenly.  When they are golden brown, take them out and let them cool.

Voila! You have a scrumptious snack.  I know it sounds like a lot of work for a handful of seeds but I think you’ll find it well worth it!

Featured Interview:

Kat GoHeadBand – http://www.goheadband.com/index.php?p=about

The Contest – > http://www.runrunlive.com/goheadband-contest

GoHeadBand Contest!

Kat and I are going to award a FREE headband to 3 male and 3 female entries!

You can choose from any product on the www.goheadband.com site

All YOU have to do is leave a comment (less than 200 words please) on this blog post and tell us how running and endurance sports has transformed your life!

In addition I’ll read the winning entries in my professional, sonorous voice on the RunRunLive Podcast…

Let the games begin!

About Us

GUARANTEED special tech fabric will keep sweat away from your face while exercising.  Because of the plastic band sewn into the front, they never slip!   You will find these so comfortable and functional they will amaze you.

GO HEADBANDS are great for running, cycling, yoga, pilates, and cardio workouts.  Wear them under a helmet while you are cycling.  Is it cold in the morning?  They can be folded over the ears on top of earbuds.

SIZING: For each design we do two sizes, medium (22″, usually women) and large (24″, usually men)  To find your size, measure your head with a tape measure where the headband would usually be worn.  We can accomodate special sizes upon request, in case you really weren’t kidding and have a mutant sized head.

Quick Tip:

Running with your hips.

When I was training for triathlons I had a major breakthrough with my swimming.  I discovered that you don’t swim with your arms and legs.  I discovered that if you do the rotation correctly you swim with your core.  You hands simply ‘hold the water’ and the rotation of your core drives you through the water like a flexing coil.

This week I made a similar breakthrough with my running.  Understand how wonderful this is for me.  I have been running since I was ten years old.  That’s almost 30 years!  And this week I discovered something new.  If you do it right you are running with your core.  If you do it right all the power comes from your hips.

I’ve been doing lots of core over the last two months.  This is new for me.  Oh – sure I was in varsity wrestling and we were insanely in shape – but I never used that in running.  When I’ve been training to run races I have put the serious core work aside.  I just run.  I run hard and I run a lot.  I may throw in a few pushups and crunches but nothing sustained.

This time around Coach has me doing 2-3 hard core workouts a week.  Saturday when I turned the corner and turned on my tempo jets I felt my hips flexing and driving the pace.  Like my legs and feet where just holding the road and my core was flexing to provide the power.  It was an amazing feeling.

I could feel the power in my core flipping through my legs.  It was really something.  So what’s my tip?  Get on your core in the early stages of your training.  Build your engine and it will provide the solid base for you to build your speed on top of.

Oh yeah, and don’t EVER think you’re too old to learn something new.


Ok Folks that’s it you have walked the long corn rows down browning fields with the yellows, oranges, golds and reds of a NewEngland palette frosting the trees around you to arrive at the end of yet another RunRunLive Podcast.  Episode 142 in the can.

What’s coming up for me?  Well I have to get some work done and I’ve got some traveling to transcend.  I’m feeling strong and I’m looking forward to what this young world has to offer as we cruise into the short days of winter.

My next race is the Groton Town Forest Trail Race.  Next weekend I’ll be working the water stop up at BayState.   Don’t forget the GoHeadBand contest – I’ll read the winning entries on the show in my wonderful sonorous move-star voice – so go over to the RunRunLive website and give it a go.

I’ve got my little furry friend Buddy curled up in the floor here next to me.  Poor little guy.  I ran him pretty hard today.  But he likes running with me as much as I like running with him.

There was one point where we were jogging down the Bike path today and this lady gave us a hard time.  We were on the wrong side of the path.  But we were under control.  Buddy was on a short leash and we were right on the edge – maybe taking up a foot of space.  So basically I was running into traffic – like I would on the road.

For some reason the dog wants to run on that side and it works ok because I can see traffic coming and get off the trail to give way if necessary.  We weren’t in a hurry. The dog is on the outside, in the grass, away from traffic.

This lady goes by with a scowl on her face, shaking her head and giving me the stink eye. It made me so angry.

I probably passed 100 people on bikes and foot and all of them returned my smile and my casual friendly greeting, passersby enlightened by exercise and beautiful weather, enjoying the day.  Some even thanked me for controlling the dog – not that Buddy needs much controlling.

All of them, except for this one bitter woman.  Such was the strength of her poison that she immediately infected me.  I found myself fantasizing all the awful cutting things I would say to her if I passed her again.  I found myself dwelling on her poison for several minutes.

Until a set it aside.  Until I thought of all the smiles and the little kids who stopped to pet Buddy, and the beautiful fall day.

My point it this; look inside yourself.  Are you the one walking about like typhoid Mary with that infectious poison in your heart?  You my friends are causing ripple in this pond we all live in.  Are they ripples of life, of love or are they ripples of anger and poison.  Because you can be sure that one angry ripple cancels out a hundred smiles – but only if we let it.

So carry with you your joy – and I will see you out there.  Me and my dog, doing what we do, on the wrong side of the path.

Music tonight is a reggae number, I figured I’d give you a break from all the punk rock I assault you with, Consider it a step-back week.  The song is Oro Negro (black Gold) by jahmila from music alley.

Be good – Ciao



Music Sampled: Cake – “Going the Distance” and Cake “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”

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  • ginny

    Reply Reply October 17, 2010

    Nice surprise with the Cake songs thanks for them! Loved the interview w/ Kat – she sounds like a force to be reckoned with should she make up her mind about something. The parody was really funny and over all a very good listen. Nice one!

  • David

    Reply Reply October 18, 2010

    The first marathon is in the logbook/scrapbook, it wasn’t pretty but it was completed! Thanks for your podcasts, they have been a tremendous help throughout the training. I started running again back in October 2009 after a very long break off, 4-5 years. I have built the mileage, intensity, and cross-training capacity, your podcast has been a great motivator and is great fun to listen to while training or even mowing the grass. Thanks for the little boost along the road.

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