Episode 139 – Tristan Miller running the world for a year

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 139 – Tristan Miller running the world for a year

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Episode 139 – Tristan Miller running the world for a year

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Hello and welcome to CFSP, the Cardio Freaks Support Podcast, where we counsel our members on how to survive with freakishly low heart rates.  We give group discounts on pacemakers an expound useful day-to-day advice, like;

–          How to stand up from your office chair and not pass out

–          How to keep the emergency room nurses from putting the shock paddles on you

–          How to keep your partner from not leaving you over dangerously cold hands and feet at night

–          And – how to convince the Red Cross to let you give blood…

Yeah – that’s my world and I’m Chris your host and this is the RunRunLive Podcast. Welcome to episode 139.  Today we have a great interview with Tristan Miller this chappy from Melbourne who pitched everything to travel around the world and run marathons in 2010.

I’ll squirrel in some audio from my adventures, squeeze in a story by Matt the Crazy Runner from my book and generally attempt to, in the words of Bob Marley, “satisfy your soul”.

I ran a threshold test for Coach PRS this week and it left him scratching his head a little because my average HR for a 20 minute test run at 5k pace was only in the 140’s.   But, congenital defects aside, I’m feeling pretty strong and looking forward to the cool weather.

Have you folks signed up for the World Wide Festival of Races?  It’s a free virtual race that supports our running community – go do it at world wide festival of races dot com.  Buddy and I are signed up.

Didn’t travel this week so I was catching up on some stuff.  I started recording a complete Audio version of my book “the Mid-Packer’s Lament”.  I pushed out the results of the RunRunLive Survey – and you can see those at www.runrunlive.com.  Go there – sign up for my mailing list and get a free audio of one of my popular pieces about running marathons and transforming your life.

I’ve also started working on sponsorship for our Groton Road Race.  Yup, believe it or not if you want sponsorship for a race in the spring of 2011, you have to start soliciting now to get into the budget cycle for the companies that you are appealing to.

This weekend I’m off to San Diego for a couple days into next week, then next weekend I’m driving up to run the WineGlass marathon with Michael from the Real Rookie Running podcast.  It’s his first marathon and I’ll be like a first marathon vampire and suck all the fun out it for him…no just kidding – I’m just running for fun.

We’re coming up to October and up here in New England the frost will soon be on the pumpkin… and we have an old saying up here that when the frost is on the punkin, that’s the time to get out and go running… so on with the Show!

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Friday Night Track Workout – and First Ice Bath of the season.

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Site = www.thecrazyrunner.com, Email = thecrazyrunner@gmail.com

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Featured Interview:

Triston Miller – http://runlikecrazy.com/


Quick Tip:

Should I wear my racing flats in my marathon?

One of our friends asked this week if they could wear their racing flats in their target marathon.  He’s been doing serious training for his target race and plenty of speed work.  He has been using his ‘fast’ shoes for the speed work.  He hasn’t run long in them and wonders if it would be ok to wear for the race.

It’s interesting because as you do more speedwork your mechanics get better and you naturally move more towards a forefoot strike and transition that a flatter, lighter and faster shoe is desgned for.

I have worn my “Speedwork” shoes in a marathon attempt, not successfully.  I could feel hot spots forming that would have turned into blisters had I not DNF’ed at the 15 mile mark.  I pulled out of the race not because of the shoes, but because I was running for a specific time and felt like I wasn’t going to make that time and didn’t want to spend myself in the effort, but that’s another story.

There are advantages to racing in lighter shoes.  4 or 5 ounces can make a difference over the course of a marathon and if you are running at a faster race pace the racing flats may be ok.

On the other hand I would caution about doing anything different for your target race.  If you’ve never run more than 6 or 8 miles in those shoes you are taking a bit of a risk in betting your 26 miler on them.

You can develop blisters like I did or even mechanical problems.  This will become especially apparent if you hit the wall and have to do some slow running.  As you fatigue and start to fall back on your heels the lack of substance in your shoes might be difficult and cause problems.

One solution might be to test those shoes on a longer run.

There really is no clear answer.  My personal order of preference would be first the trainers I’ve done my long runs in, second an older pair of trainer with a couple marathons in them, third the racing flats.

But, as always, it’s up to you.


All right, that’s it you have waddled like an over-fed under-sexed penguin to the top of the ice-flow that is the RunRunLive Podcast – Episode 139 in the can.

I have a couple cool interviews coming up.  I have our friend Anne who is going to talk about how running helped her realize a life-long dream of becoming a writer, I spoke with Kat our friend from GoHeadbands who has a very intersting personal story and she also wants to run a contest to give away a few headbands when we put the show up – so watch my blog at the RunRunLive website.

And I got Coach Jeff on the phone this morning to trade some intellectual ping pong balls on this training plan he has me in now that I’ve tasted it for a couple weeks…very useful for you.

Like I said I started working on the sponsorship for the Groton Road Race next April this week.  It’s our 20th anniversary.  I did all my regular stuff like polishing off my marketing copy etc. but we want to do something special this year so we’re looking for sponsors to fund either a special tech shirt or medallion or something like that.

There is an industrialist family in the next town over that has a large plastics operation, probably a few billion in sales with customers like Walmart and such.  The scion of this family and chairman of the company is big supporter of the school where my kids go – there are buildings named after him.

So I figured I’d see if I couldn’t get his help and get him engaged in a sponsorship discussion.  I got his direct phone number, crafted a nice message and left a compelling voice mail.  Later that afternoon, sure enough my cell phone rings and it’s this guy, the chairman of this huge company.  I start chatting ith him convivially and say are you familiar with the race?  He says yes I am, but that’s not something we have any interest in supporting. Just like that.  He says – just wanted to return your call, thank you and good bye.

At first I was a bit crushed.  In my head I was not only procuring tens of thousands of dollars in sponsorship for my event but I suppose I was being invited the country club and offered a job as well!  But, the more I thought about it the more I realized that I hadn’t lost anything.  I didn’t have the sponsorship or the relationship before and I still didn’t have it.

You could even say in the end I had a positive balance because I was able to get the chairman of a billion dollar company to call me back personally.  He knows who I am now.  But all the same it’s interesting.  We contruct these expectations for ourselves out of nothing and then feel bad when we don’t achieve something that was entirely fictional to begin with.

So – what should I do? Should I stop calling people?  Should I hide under my desk to make sure don’t have to suffer anymore rejection? Or should I look at what I have gained from the experience.  Maybe I’ll even send him a nice hand written thank you note for calling me back.

If you are afraid of rejection you will never actualize your given potential.  Get out there.  Make mistakes. Offend people if you have to! For it is along the road of life that you will find those things you are looking for, or they will find you.  I can almost guarantee you won’t; find them hiding under your desk and they certainly won’t find you.

So – If any of you folks are looking to access an excellent demographic with an established event give me a call.  I can put your product and/or message in front of 5 to 10 thousand healthy, affluent family members who have been trusting our brand for 20 years.  And that’s no BS!

We Will See you out there.

Someone answered my call for music this week.  Ginny offered up this cut from one of her local bands called the Mofo Party Band, the song is called Oh Baby and you can find them at

http://www.mofopartyband.com/about.htm Sounds like old J Geils, good stuff.


The MoFo Party Band’s high-energy show will keep blues fans Groovin’ all night long!

“These guys are crowd pleasers and they always go the extra mile to deliver, whether it’s a big festival or small club audience!” – Mark Hummel, Promoter of “Harmonica Blowout Tour”.

The MoFo Party Band is a real blues band playing the Music influenced by their surroundings and life experiences growing up in California’s Central Valley. The band came into being when former well drilling brothers John and Bill Clifton decided to hang up their shovels and leave the hard labor behind to pursue their mutual love of music.

“Drilling wells is a cold, thankless and dangerous job” says John Clifton (singer and harmonica player). The experience, however, helped to shape the blue collar style they play. True Americana Blues that can only come from living life real and playing for keeps.

The MoFo Party Band has come a long way from their Central California beginnings. Thrilling audiences worldwide in venues of all sizes! They play small clubs and large festivals with several tours of Europe and regular regional and national touring. Performing shows such as the Belgian R&B festival in Peer Belgium, Luxemburg Jazz & Blues Rally in Luxemburg, Blues Express Festival in Poland, and The San Francisco Blues Festival in California.

“People tell us they like us because it always looks like we are having fun,” says lead guitarist Bill Clifton, “that’s because we are and we love what we do.”

The MoFo Party Band has recorded five highly acclaimed albums which have received national and international airplay. The 2006 release “The Sound of the MoFo Party Band” ranked #2 on the CD Baby “Top West Coast Blues Album” list and was awarded a 5 Star Rating by Big City Blues Magazine.

“Invigorating, straight forward, honest stuff!” says Ken Smith of Red Lick Records, Wales UK.

Former backup musicians for late Chicago blues legend Luther Tucker and west Coast Harp Master Johnny Dyre, they have also shared the stage with blues legends Bo Diddley, Robert Cray, Charlie Musselwhite, Los Lobos, Otis Rush, Huey Lewis, Tommy Castro and many others.

The MoFo Party Band is a well respected and hard working band on the West Coast blues scene.

Sporting a retro look and exciting sound The Band pays great attention to detail. Their live show is filled with energy and the music is raw and real. The shows are a musical Journey through the lives and experiences of life’s pain and triumphs, heartbreak and happiness. It’s the Blues, no holds barred and no apology. A unique breathtaking show performed by a dynamic band, The MoFo Party Band!

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