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twitter account @frankkcrunner.  I will be running the Kansas City Marathon on Oct 16th – and the link iswww.waddellandreedmarathon.org.


Hello and welcome to the Red Rock and Creosote podcast – where we cover hiking tips and tricks for Sonoran Desert backpackers…Wait, no, what time zone am I in? Eastern?  Then this must be the RunRunLive Podcast your weekly dose of running inspiration, entertainment and information from me, Chris, your host.  And this would be episode 137.  Today we talk with Dr. Pietro Baio who treats al kinds of athletes, including runners, Mixed Martial Artistes and professional boxers.  I was out walking the Buddy the wonder dog when I was on the phone with him so there is a wind noise – but I did my best to personally edit it up as cleanly as possible and we hope you enjoy it and get some food for thought.

We have some other stuff sandwiched in there as well.

Interesting week for me so far.  I went ahead and raced the Wapack Trail Race last Sunday.  And I did well.  It was a comedy of errors that turned out ok and you can get a complete report on my newly re-designed website at RunRunLive.com.  I’ll give you the short version.  I carefully packed all my racing stuff into my gear bag, including my shoes, the night before and then left it in the house.  I had my Dad drive up an old pair of my road shoes and raced anyhow.  Like I said, I did well.  This is a very tough, technical mountain race that goes out and back across 4 mountains.  Really pretty.  I started 3-5 minutes late because I had to wait for my shoes to arrive but managed to move up to 23rd or 24th place before the end and felt surprisingly strong.

Considering a month ago I wasn’t running more than 5 – 10 miles a week I’d have to call it outstanding.  I could barely walk on Monday and wasn’t much better on Tuesday! I think the strength work that Jeff has had me doing over the last couple of weeks allowed me to basically out-run my legs.  My core was stronger and I managed to over-do it without knowing it while I was doing it.  I fell down a lot too!  Net result was I was so sore for 2 days.  I tried to do a speed workout Tuesday and it was very evident that I wasn’t recovered enough – so I bailed.

Then I went into a cross country trip from Boston out to Orange County and manage to miss a couple days of working out due to 18 hours in airplanes.   It’s ok to miss a couple workouts, just don’t make it a precedent.

I’m going to race Doug (really not a runner’s) 5K in Worcester this weekend and see what that feels like.  I don’t feel like I’ve gotten a lot of speed back, but you never know until the gun goes off.  We call it the “race day miracle”.   According to my Garmin I did see a 5:39 pace briefly down at the track last week.

What the heck – it’s fun for me to be putting in some hard road work – I’m enjoying it.  It is a pleasant distraction amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy autumn.

I bought a new pair of ASICS Gel Nimbus. I’ve been wearing them around with my new orthotics to break both in.

That’s it for now – Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing.

On with the show!

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How to write a crappy Race Report…

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How to write a crappy race report.

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Dr. Baio


Quick Tip:

How to deal with mental rough spots in a work out.

–          Two places

  • Long run
  • Speed session

–          Take a break

  • Stretch, drink

–          Smile

–          Visualize

–          Isolate

–          Focus on form not speed.

  • Breathing, posture, cadence, relax , calm

–          Exponential – not linear

–          Learn to deal with discomfort.

–          Breaking form.

–          Scream – get mad.


Ok that’s it you’ve tripped and tumbled down the mountain that in the RunRunLive Podcast, Episode 137 in the can.

So what’s next on this little adventure of ours?  Like I said I’m going to test out a 5K this weekend.  Then the next thing is maybe another 5K but the biggest thing is the WineGlass marathon on October 3rd. I’m going to go up and run for fun with Michael form the Real Rookie running podcast.

Oh yeah and I’m running the Mojo-Loco with some of the other crazies in December.   And let’s not forget the World Wide Festival of Races.  If you want to run that with Buddy and I somewhere drop me a line – I’m signed up, but I don’t think I have any concrete plans I’d be glad to host a party somewhere.

I know I get some discomfort with the WWFOR when it comes off as some sort of cultish runner protests or something, but I Sign up and run the WWFOR. I do it because it makes a statement about our online running community and how strong it is.

I’m also going to attempt to get better than a 1:30 ½ Marathon sometime before January.  That’s probably my biggest goal.

I think my biggest hurdle to speed right now is losing 10-20 pounds.  I don’t know how you folks manage this calorie counting.  I mean I’ll go to the salad bar for lunch and load up all kinds of mixed leafy stuff and beans and antipasto – how do I sort out the calories on all that?  I’m just going to try to be smarter and see if I can make some progress.

I have my new website set up and I am posting at least once a week to my blog – which is separate content from the podcast.  But the podcast and show notes are posted there as well – so you can log in a leave comments.

I’m trying to get a newsletter started where I feature a member of the running community so that we get more people more connected.  That is part of the value I can provide as a nexus here is to connect people.

I was on the plane last night and I got upgraded to first class.  I don’t mind first class but I don’t drink and don’t eat airline food so all I really get is more space to work!  I was coming out of Salt Lake City.  There was this big Midwestern type dude sitting next to me, nice guy, probably a couple years my junior.

At one point he asked me if I was writing a book, because I was pounding out a race article for CoolRunning on my laptop.

At one point, this woman comes up from coach and brings him some chips and a sandwich and they chat.  But they are all over each other with lingering touches and kissy kisses.  Like cute horny teenagers.

Later I joked that he got upgraded and made his wife fly coach and bring him sandwiches.  He rejoined that she was joining him in Boston for the weekend and they were taking some a short holiday.  He went on to tell me that they had been married 29 years and had 7 kids so they really enjoyed when they could get out together.

What an interesting story.  I don’t know why, but that vignette gave me pause to think.   Interesting.  God bless ‘em…

I’ll see you out there.

For out musinc tonight we were lucky enough to find a soneg by the_dandy_warhols on the podsafe music network called beast_of_all_saints.mp3

Race well this weekend – Ciao.


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