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Hello, and welcome to the coniferous study podcast, the podcast where we celebrate the mighty evergreens of North America…The Pine, the Spruce and the regal Fir… No wait that’s my arboretum club podcast – this is the RunRunLive podcast where we strive to entertain, inform and inspire the running community.  This is Chris your host and we have a good show for you today.  Holla, que paso mi amigos y amigas?  Bon jour mon amis, como se va?

We’re chatting with Rob Walch who is in charge of podcasting over at Libsyn.  Libsyn is the podcast hosting service owned by Wizard Media that many of us host our shows on.  Of all the technology companies in the food chain of podcasting that I have had to deal with Libsyn has been one of the best in terms of giving me what I need and not wasting my time.  And they are not paying me to say that.

But there is something wrong with this interview.  I want you to listen closely and tell me what you think it is.  I’ll tell you at the end of the show.

We also will put in a funny song by Collin and a parody skit with Joe Bears if we have room.

I’m back to work and travel.  It’s ok I don’t vacation well.  When I’m on vacation I feel like I’m unemployed.   Makes me crazy.

I’ve been following a plan by CoachPRS the last week or so and I am sore.  He’s got me doing core workouts and pretty big miles for just having started again.  Do you remember that first week of practice in high school sports?  Remember you were supposed to get in shape over the summer but didn’t?  And they threw you into these conditioning workouts?  Remember how sore you were?  That’s how sore I am.  And it feels good.  I think it’s great timing for me to build some strength and get out of my comfort zone so I’m all in.

To offend the metaphor by prtracting it unnecessarily.  I also like the start to a training campaign the visceral way I liked the beginning of a new sports season.  The smell of the hockey rink and the choes of the pucks off the boards in that cavernous cold place.  The closed in sweat of adolescent exertion on the mats in the wrestling room.  The place where teenage boys would be ground into a new form – that of terrible wiry things that could not be knocked down. These things have a physical and mental season to them that you miss once freed from the rigors of school.  My spring, summer and fall campaigns have that nostalgia to them.

And then it starts to hurt, and I wonder at the meaning and usefulness of a life partly spent dashing about, running away or towards something. I don’t know.  Like the Jesuits I find the work itself to maybe glorify a solitary life.

I got my HR monitor today.  Someone was giving one away so I took it.  I was over at the Mall this morning getting new batteries.  I got a new battery for my honeymoon Seiko watch.  This is a watch I bought on my honeymoon in 1985.  It is an analog watch and it’s funny how not too many people can read an analog watch anymore.

I got a new battery for the HR monitor – so now I have to see if it works.  I ran a 14 miler with Devo and the other Brian, code name “Silent Assassin” from the Goon squad.  We knocked out a bunch of sub-8 miles no problem.   But I tried to do a 10 mile progression run on rolling hills this morning and that quad fatigue came back and bit me.   So that’s what CoachPRS and I are working on.

And I’ve taken up far too much of your valuable time with my mindless prattle so on with the show!

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Audio from Atlanta

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Swamp-A$$ fever – by the resurrected Runner


Hello this is kim Sheady the eounder and captain of Team Stink – dedicated to ending the unfair labor practices of the modern road race.

Today I’m going to make a call to a Mr. Russell.  He’s the Race Director of a certain raod race and we’ve uncovered some amazing labor violations.  We’re going to confront him and see if we can shame him into taking action.

Phone ringing

C: “Yeh Hello, this is Chris”

K: Mr. Russell?

C: Yeah?

K: Mr. Russell this is Sheady from Team Stink and we’d like to ask you a few questions about your road.

C: Umm Sure…what can I do for you?

K: Is it true that you have workers there that spend an entire weekend working on your race and don’t get paid anything?

C: Well, yeah, they’re volunteers…

K: Have you ever tried to live in Groton Massachusetts on nothing?   I tried once and I starved…

C: But they’re volunteers…?

K: is it true that some of these workers bring their families with them to the job site?  Even toddlers and babies?

C-: Well, Yeah, lots of people bring their kids, it’s a family friendly event…

K: isn’t it also true that you recruit underage high school students for manual labor and pay them nothing?

C: Well, yeah we have school kids come and work for community service credits, we get the scouts too and the high school track team.

K: So, you admit to taking children out of school, away from their academics, denying them a future for your schemes?

K: When are you going to remedy these labor injustices and start providing a living wage?

C: We can’t pay our volunteers…Nobody gets paid, I don’t get paid..it’s all volunteer.

K: Clearly you have no concept of the scope of the injustices you’re perpetrating, but maybe some small steps to start…Can you commit to any compensation for these workers?

C: Sure – we have coffee and donuts in the morning, then sandwiches at lunch and everybody gets a T-shirt.

K: We here at Team Stink applaud your baby steps, but we won’t rest until fair compensation, a living wage – is paid to these workers and all the oppressed race workers in the world.

C: OK man, you do that, It was nice chatting with you.

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Rob Walch Wizard Media


Also, we have started a new blog on http://imake.libsyn.com

Quick Tip:

Coach Jeff has me doing a lot of core work outs.  His theory as an exercise physiologist is that your overall strength has a great impact on your running performance.

If you break down the total body workouts he has me doing they are focused on the core but also touch the legs, chest, shoulders and arms.  If you look at any traditional weightlifting routine you’ll find the same thing except it won’t emphasize the core as much.

The other thing Jeff is doing is he creates the strength workouts as aerobic workouts.  Low weight, hi reps and no resting – continuous movement throughout the set so your heart rate stays elevated and you work up a sweat.  Like a traditional aerobics class.

So it is something like legs, core, chest, core, shoulders, core, arms, and core with 3 exercise in each chunk no stopping.  Great exercise.

But here is where my tips come in.  Whenever you start a program like this it is going to take 3-4 weeks for your body to adapt to what is going on.  Because you don’t’ have the strength and balance yet you will be tempted to use bad form to get the reps done.  You should not do this.  Have patience.  Your body will come around.

Keep your back straight and your core strong.  Don’t twist or bend to complete a rep.  Use less weight, move more slowly and do fewer reps until you get used to it.   Like everything else, form is very important.  Don’t swing the weights. If they require that momentum then your using too much.  Try not to tense your neck.

Weights and aerobics are great but don’t hurt yourself unnecessarily out of the gate.  Learn the movements and do them cleanly.  Your body will eventually catch up and you can do them cleanly with balance and strength and get that great work out you need to take you to the next level.


Well that is it! You have swung your axe and cut a swath through the gnarled thicket, the copse of infotainment that is the runrunlive podcast, episode 135 in the can.

So – did you figure out what was wrong with the audio?  I actually am running a little experiment and hired a virtual assistant in India.  And that was Narthan’s first attempt to edit an interview for me.  Not too bad but the editing was a little tight and he or could be she, I’ve never talked to them in the flesh, took out every single breath in the interview.  So you may have had the uncomfortable feeling that Rob and I were not breathing at all…

Yes I’m not joking I hired a virtual assistant in India as an experiment to do some of my admin work.   If you’re willing to work for $5 an hour and have excellent English skills, I’ll try you out! I’m not kidding.  The thinking is that there are certain things I do that have no real added value and couls be done by anyone but there are other things that I am capable of, like creating compelling content that add tremendous value and I should only do those things.  Interesting, huh?

So how are you all doing now?  Getting to close to your target races in the fall?  Getting nervous?  Good for you!

I got great feedback on the race report episode last week so from now on I’m only going to talk about me.  Me Me me me me! Heh heh … Hey I got interviewed by one of our twitter running friends for an article in USA today.  That’s kinda cool… ok… Enough about me… next week we talk to Marshall Ulrich who is a famous ultra-runner.  Big things, big thoughts and big ideas…

I tried to remember some closing thoughts for you, but it’s late and all those grand schemes and latticework philosophies that were constructed in my head during my runs this week have fled.  So I’ll leave you with an anonymous quote.

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Enjoy your week.  Drop me a line and share your thoughts with me.  And I’ll see you out there.

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