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Ben Berry – Boston, Mass, United States – A fat guy training to do a Half Ironman triathlon



Hello and welcome to the fractal endurance entropy that is the RunRunLive Podcast.  This is Chris your host and this is episode 128 – the technology superhighway episode of running podcasts.

That’s something you’ll notice about me is that when I don’t have anything valuable to say I just wax poetically about nothing at all.  I croon random homespun metaphors like a dog howling at the July full moon…I use large vocab words with scatological frequency and I quote classical literature; A wretched soul, bruised with adversity,
We bid be quiet when we hear it cry;
But were we burdened with like weight of pain,
As much or more we should ourselves complain.

That’s our old friend Bill by the way.

All because I fear the silence of a missed deadline, so pile these ruses and misdirections into a untidy stack, sprinkle on some tribal running knowledge, brow beat a fellow distempered soul to enunciate their plight and bring it all to you my dear friends once a week without fail!

Thank you to Ben for the intro – he’s a Twitter regular known as Techknowgn.

Today we have a good show for you.  We are going to kick off a series of interviews with average Jills and Joes to who are training and aspiring to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Why am I fixated on this?  Well Nabokov said you should write about what you know and I’ve got airspace to fill!  But seriously folks…The way I learned my tribal knowledge was by comparing notes with people and seeing hat worked and what didn’t for them.  So I bring this series of interviews to you as a student of the sport.  Just like I brought a bunch of ultra-runners on when I was training for the ultra.  It interests me and I hope you can get some value from it too.

Our first victim is Jay Newton who is a fellow Goon Squad Runner with the code name “Brewski” Jay’s wife Gina code name “OCG” was the young lady I paced with at Boston this year.

We also have another chapter in our Boston tips.  And Our friend Colin sent another song along for your listening pleasure.

What’s going on in my little corner of the universe?  I ran with the a couple guys from the club on Sunday morning, we did 2 hours on the trails and went up and down every hill in Groton.   Devo is running Loon Mt this weekend and wanted to get some experience.  Since I have actually run Loon mt, it was my pleasure to regale him with my tall tales from the Mountain racing series.

I got the new wheels on my Fuji and took that for a ride later on Sunday but there’s something making noise in the front end – eaither the bearing or the skewer – I don’t know – it’s always something with the bikes.

I got my new bike “I got a new bike, oh ay oh!”  <Lena Lovich Clip here>

Anthony helped me put it together and it rides really sweet.  I love it.  I’m going to post a video to my Youtube feed for you to see it – that is of course cyktrussell at Youtube.  Cleaned out my petty cash account but I think it’s worth it! I’m trying to get the dude from Bikesdirect.com to come on the show.  He’s changing the business model in the bike world – classic disintermediation model.

Well I’ve used up my quota of sylables for this evening so on with the show!

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Featured Interview:

Jay Newton – Official Goon Name: Brewski

Home: North Chelmsford, MA


I spent my childhood and adolescence playing ice hockey and never did much running until 2003 where my wife (OCG) and I decided to take up running and get competitive.

It wasn’t until finding and training under “The Professor” Fernando Braz that I was able to achieve the level of ability I have today.  In fact, I shaved 53 minutes off my marathon time under his training.

PR’s and Performance Achievements:

4 marathons – Marine Corp Marathon (2006), San Diego Rock and Roll (2008) & Boston (2009), Chicago, 2009

5K: 18:48 (6:04 pace) – Hollis Fast 5K, June 10, 2010*

19:00 (6:07 pace) – Significant Other 5K, November 2009 (4th overall)

*Downhill course
4.2 Mile: 27:28 (6:32 pace) – Reggae Ramble, June 2008

7 Mile: 48:35 (6:56 pace) – Falmouth Road Race, August 2009

½ Marathon: 1:35:56 (7:17 pace) – Baystate Half Marathon, October 2008 (Actual 1/2 PR was the halfway point at San Diego 2008 at a 1:34:30 – On target for a 3:09 – But I hit the wall AND a porta-pottie)


4:13:25 (9:40 pace) – Marine Corp Marathon, 2006

3:27:27 (7:55 pace) – San Diego Marathon, 2008

3:47:44 (8:41 pace) – Boston Marathon, 2009

3:20:11 (7:38 pace) – Chicago Marathon, 2009



Quick Tip:

Boston Chapter 5


That’s it you have canoed upstream to the sweet head waters of the RunRunLive Podcast, sampled the clear crisp freshet burbling from the font of tribal endurance knowledge, forded the rushing torrent of the big two-hearted river and are teasing frolicking trout from its placid pools – episode 128 in the can.

So – Here’s my prediction on Jay.  Based on his training plan, his history and his ability I think that if he stays un-injured and doesn’t run into any mitigating circumstances, like a hurricane on race day, he’ll qualify easily.  That plan will give him more than enough fitness for the speed and distance. My only caution would be that I think his volume and intensity is a little heavy for someone with his history of injury and I’d be worried about him surviving the professor’s work load unscathed.

As far as execution on race day I think he’s already made all the big mistakes and gotten them out of his system.  And one huge success factor he has going for him is he knows, he believes he can do it.  And running with a serious, no-bullshit squad of athletes like the goon squad is also a great idea for him – you can’t underestimate the value of hanging out with motivated, experienced people.  If I was him I think I might add 2-4 weeks of contingency time into my plan as an injury mitigation strategy.  So – good luck Jay and we’re all rooting for you.

I have some other Jacks and Jills lined up for us to talk to going forward…

I got my motorcycle registered today. Yeah, if you didn’t know already I have been riding a motorcycle since I was 10 or so.  What else don’t you know about me?  How about this, I’m a PADI certified Scuba Diver, but I don’t ride or dive much anymore.

I was at the registry of motor vehicles – which is the ultimate in bureaucratic nightmares here in the states – and the place was packed.  I was quoted a one hour wait  – I ended up being in there for close to an hour and a half.  It doesn’t bother me because I tend to be able to work anywhere because of my extensive road experience.  So I fired up my laptop and was working away.

The first thing that happened was this little kid started stalking me.  He saw the laptop and thought that I might spontaneously burst into some sort of fun video game I guess.  He was sorely mistaken, and I kept assuring him that I was just checking my email – nothing exciting.  I’m not even sure he spoke English, ‘cause he never said anything.  He just kept circling my bench, sitting next to me ect.  His mother was mortified and was making ineffectual pleadings.  But I didn’t care – he was cute and it’s ok to be curious. At what age do we lose that curiosity?  Why do you and I and all the other adults sit and stew? It’s food for thought.

Since we were all squeezed into uncomfortable wooden benches I also made friends with the guys sitting next to me.  It’s funny how shared adversity creates bonds between people.  You see it whenever there is a disaster or societal turbulence.  People band together in the face of adversity.  They are more open, more willing to form temporary alliances.  You could have some fun doing cultural norm experiments in the RMV.

One popular Machiavellian leadership techniques is when someone promotes or creates an enemy to bring a group together.  Like Reagan with the ‘evil empire’.  That’s why politicians love wars.  Get a good scary war going and you can pass any laws you want, right?

You can use this in a good way when you lead people or even to motivate yourself.  Create a perceived enemy.  It can be the sales goal, the competition or even just your qualifying goal.  That focal point can help you rally your team and yourself to get all the energy pointing towards a common goal.  And a well focused small team of people can move mountains.

Maybe your homework for this week can be figuring out how to use adversity or challenge to focus your team or your own energies?

So tomorrow I take my motorcycle to work – and I’ll see you out there!

Music tonight is sidekick_lupchen_and_the_bad_generation-oh_yeah.mp3



Sampled – “New Toy” by Lena Lovich and “Oh Yeah” by Yello

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