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Hello and welcome to the episode 127 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  And I do believe that 127 is a prime number. I’m talking at you remotely from a hotel room in Hot-lanta.  I’m trying out a new omni-directional remote microphone on my hand held reorder so you’ll have to let me know if the audio is acceptable.

It’s been another long week of travel.  I did manage to get all my work outs in by getting up at the crack-o-dawn every day and bypassing my full sleep requirements.  Did a nice hill set on the Kona Monday morning over at the ski area.  I dug out my training plan from last year and I’m a little behind on volume, but I do feel I’m better off with quality.  I should be ok if I can knuckle down and get some 4-5 hour rides in.

This should be easier because I bit the bullet and ordered a new bike from BikesDirect.com.  I ordered a Motobecane 29er Phantom Pro.  It’s a hard tail.  What does all that mean? Well it means it has 29 inch diameter wheels instead of the normal 26 that I have on the Kona and it has front suspension but not rear suspension.  And it was a bargain at just under $1,000 US.  But once Anthony and the Chief help me put it together and tune it I should be able to hit the trails hard and ride faster and with more confidence.  And the other MTB’ers will stop laughing at me.

I’m a bit road weary from all this travel.  I’m no stranger to hard work, and I’m not afraid of it, but I don’t believe exclusively in the purity or efficacy of burning the candle at both ends.  You have to be careful not to start seeing the solution to every problem as more hours and more effort.  One good trick is to imagine you could only work 5 hours a day, what would you do differently?  How would you get the job done?  Try to focus on the quality and the added value, not the volume…just like in training.  Make each work session have a purpose that is aligned with your end goals.  Don’t have end goals…? Well that’s a topic for another day.

Today we have a fabulous show for you today.  We speak with Coach PRS, Jeff, about some of his training methods and coaching experience. I’ll do another Boston Qualification chapter and Disney Runner reads an awesome story for us.  He reads very well…but he is a professor.

Enough prattling on about me and my twisted little universe! On with your show!

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Gordon @DisneyRunner from the “Running to Disney” Podcast reading “The Fat Economy” from “The Mid-packer’s guide to the galaxy”

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Ok my friends, that’s it, your zone has been called, you’ve boarded the flight, buckled your seat belt low and tight across your waist, the cabin doors have been closed and it’s time to turn off all electronic devices because you have been cleared for takeoff at the end of the runway that is the RunRunLive Podcast. Hope you had fun.  Episode 127 in the can.

Let me share with you a couple vignettes from the road this week.  It’s hard not to be a spectator of life when you’re on the road floating disconnected amongst the throng, the what Henre de Balzac would call the Comedie Humaine – the human comedy.

My first story is from the hotel in Minnesota.  I was going back to my room after my workout in the morning.  I had stopped by the little continental breakfast area for a cup of coffee and I happened to be joined by this other gentleman who had retrieved a tray of food and was taking it back to his room.  He got on the elevator with me and I was observing him.  I noticed that he was a very well fed gentleman, probably carrying an extra 120 pounds or so and that he was out of breath.  He was breathing hard and his heart was working at the effort it took to take the elevator to fetch breakfast.

And a number of things went through my head.  First that this guy might drop dead from a heart attack in the elevator with me and that would be sadly inconvenient for both of us, but more importantly that he was probably about my age, and that, I’m speculating, my quality of life was probably better. And if I asked him why he didn’t exercise and take care of his body, this incredible gift we all get and most of us squander, he would probably tell me that he didn’t have time to exercise, yet he has time to lever his bulk out of bed at 6:00 AM to hunt down some scrambled eggs.

Later that same day I was at the client, walking down the hall on a break and a young woman comes bounding out of the stairwell and she was a little embarrassed and flushed and breathing heavy.  She had apparently run up the stairs to the 5th floor.  I thought of the contrast.  I thought of the contrast in the choices made by these two individuals.  And we all have the ability to make these choices.

I read an interesting article about uncertainty this week.  It talked about how all of our significant gains and meaningful progress and personal growth in life typically come when we leave our comfort zone, our “certainty” and move into an area of uncertainty.  And how we need to consciously put ourselves in positions where we are uncertain, we are unsure of our footing, we are afraid of failure.

These are the times when we are consciously knocking our little worlds out of balance and taking a leap of faith because win or lose we break a our patterns and grow.  So I ask you what choices are you going to makes today?  What are you going to do to put yourself in a position to grow?

And as you are growing, whether it be in Massachusetts or Minnesota, I’ll see you out there.

The music tonight is almost surf music.  It’s called  attendere_prego.mp3 By 1_shot_1_kill. And it’s only 2 ½ minutes long so I want you to drop your pace for a tempo and bring that heart rate into zone 5 for the duration of this song – ready?  Let’s go!




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