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Hello and welcome to episode 125 of the RunRunLive podcast – this is Chris your host.  We’ve got an interesting show for you today.   Today’s interview we did something a little different and talked to a high school track and cross-country athlete about his running and sundry other things.  I like to bring a range of voices to the show and thought this would be an interesting viewpoint for you all to hear.  It’s amazing to me that our virtual community of endurance athletes cuts across geographical, political, and apparently age boundaries.

I’m going to treat you to chapter 2 of our Boston Qualification tips.  I got some strong positive feedback on that – thanks – and you know who you are.

Colin the resurrected runner has come out of his shell and crafted an interesting love song for us and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it.  As a matter of fact you should be careful what’s you’re doing when that comes on because you may smirk, giggle, laugh and guffaw uncontrollably.

I’ve had a weird week.  My 5 AM wake up habit is progressing nicely and I find I automatically wake up at that time now after two weeks bright and bushy tailed and have wonderful energy for a few hours.  What I also notice though is that it is a real struggle to go to bed earlier so I basically just cut 10% of my sleep out and I’m curious as to the long term effects of that on my body…It reminds me of when I worked the graveyard shift after high school.  I had a position as a press worker in a book factory and used to work midnight to 8:00 AM.  And theoretically you would say that you just shift your sleep cycles to sleep during the day – but what really happens is you sleep for about 3 hours and then you wake up and you end up walking around like a zombie…and you know how I feel about zombies…

I went out Saturday, rode down to the beach, did a little swim, rode the tri-course and then ran it – so a little mini-brick.  Then I went of a 3 hour MTB with a MTB club on Sunday morning and I’ll talk about that in the outro… I was thinking about doing a triathlon and wasn’t really sure how much  swim skill I’ve maintained, so I got up Monday morning, put my old wetsuit on, went down to the pond and swam for 20 minutes or so.  I felt fine, was a little sore, but my stroke and breathing is ok.  Rode to work and back on my road bike, Fuji-san around 35, 36 miles… And no I’m sitting here fairly exhausted from too much riding, and not enough sleep and I’ve got a nasty head cold, like the kind you get from sleeping in the air-conditioning, from swimming in the cold lake.

I’m flying out to Utah Friday morning to run the Utah Valley Marathon on Saturday morning, just for fun. I’ll take my podcasting and video stuff with me and see if I can’t annoy some of the participants.  I haven’t actually signed up for a tri yet, but I’m considering it.  My challenge is to create a training cycle with all the other crap I have going on that maintains enough bike miles for the Wilderness 101 ultra but also give me legs and swimming.  Sounds a little bit like iron man training to me… I may be biting off more than I can chew again…

That being what it is, I hope you all are well especially you folks up here in my hemisphere where Summer is coming on…love summer…Let’s get to it…On with the show!

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Equipment Check:

I know you folks have heard me talk about triathlons and biking and swimming…I don’t claim to be an expert.  I have dabbled in triathlon and biking and I like it, but running is my true love. I would recommend to you to experiment with biking and swimming.  So what do you really need to do this?

First of all you need a decent bike, but we’ll skip that point because that is very similar to the “what kind of shoes should I buy” discussion.  “What kind of bike should I buy” is a philosophical question that you should take up with your local parish priest, witch doctor, yogi or other professionally trained philosopher.

I can give you some other basics.  For the bike – buy a helmet.  You can get a helmet for $500 dollars or get one for $20 at your local mega-store.  If you are going to be doing any significant riding you should buy clip in shoes and pedals.  It really makes the whole process so much more enjoyable and efficient. You can get a starter shoe/peddle set online at PricePoint.com or BikeNasbar.com for $50 when they run a sale.  You probably want to invest in a couple pair of padded bike shorts.  They call that padding a Chammy. Not a Cham-wow. Again wait for a sale and you can get them online for $20.

The rest of it you can fake.  I just wear my tech running shirts, and a bandana under the helmet.  You can get started by spending under $200 bucks on equipment to see if you like the sport and then invest in accessories incrementally as you need or want them.  You can get a decent lightweight used mountain bike or road bike off of Craigslist for under a $1,000.  You don’t have to break the bank and you’ll get a lot of pleasure and benefit out of the cross training.




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Dave Malone



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Boston Marathon qualifying tips – chapter 2.

  • The :59 second rule…

–      Story about RI

  • The close enough exception

–      Cape Cod story

  • The age on race day rule
  • The 18 month advantage
  • The injury deferral


Ok folks that is it.  You have surfed the tides of time, have been pushed by the fickle zephyrs and siroccos of fate to the end of another RunRunLive Podcast.  Episode 125 In the can.

Next week we will continue our Boston tips with some thoughts on how to choose a qualifying race.  It looks like we will also be interviewing Jessi Stensland professional triathlete about her new initiative called movement U that captures with science many of the things that I’ve been doing by dumb luck over the last few years to compete well and stay injury free.

SO I was talking earlier about my mountain bike ride on Sunday morning.  I was trading emails with Anthony and he said there was a big group from the local club going out for a technical ride on some of the new trails they had cut.  I was a bit leery about joining the club ride because I just started MTB training and don’t have my legs or balance yet.  I also am riding a 15 year old Kona with two warped chain rings that basically limits me to 3 gears – and those would be the three gears I’d choose if I had a choice.

But I went and met them anyhow.  I figured I’d just hang off the back of the pack and try not to get lost.  We got out there and it started raining…so now I’m out trying to hang on to these guys on a broken bike, in the mud and rocks and slippery roots.  And I did ok.  I told them, “look just because I suck at MTB and don’t have a good bike doesn’t mean I’m not tough.”

So we bounced around in the woods with them climbing trees and jumping off cliffs and me bleeding and covered in mud bringing up the rear.  And here’s where I’ll share a mountain biking term with you.  The term is Superman and it’s a verb.  Used in a sentence it goes something like “on the way back Chris rode through the deep part of a puddle, and there must have been something at the bottom because he supermanned right into the mud”  So in other words a ‘superman’ is when the bike stops and you keep going, flying through the air, like, you guessed it, superman.  I did a couple good ones, the previously mentioned mud puddle was one.  Another was at the top of a hill where my front wheel stuck on a rock and I was ejected, but managed to land on my feet in a full sprint!  And wheeled down the hill much to the glee of the others.

I bring this up because as Anthony likes to say, I got “Russelled” that’s what he calls it when some new runner shows up for a club run, we talk about an easy 4-5 miler and I proceeded to get them lost in the woods with an 8 mile tempo run and they never come back.  So he gets great pleasure in giving me some of my own medicine.  And of course neither of us is doing it out of malice, we just love our sports and don’t realize it when the rest of the pack isn’t having fun anymore!

So here’s the moral of the story.  I had a great ride. I was sore the next day. Don’t be afraid to join in a little over your head.  Ask them questions.  Experts always like to answer the newbie’s questions.  “So how do you ride that log roll?  How do I weight my wheel in that rock face?  Should I go into that obstacle fast?  What gear should I be in?  People love to talk about themselves. And you will learn a lot faster by joining, emulating and working with people who are better than you.

The hardest part is leaving your ego at the door.  I was thinking to myself – I’m a 12 time Boston marathoner and ultra-marathoner.  But it wasn’t about me, it was about them, in their house, in their backyard, with their toys and I set my ego aside to learn from them and get better and grow.  (But you know what?  After 3 hours I wasn’t the guy on the back of the line anymore, and after 6 or 8 hours I probably could’ve dropped half of them!  Go ahead, try something new and emulate the folks who love with a passion, learn from them, you’ll be glad you did.  Wish me luck and good karma in my marathon this weekend and I will see you out there.

Music tonight is by the Power Knobs and is called High School Caesar. Ciao





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