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Hello and welcome to “how to shave your border collie to look like a French poodle” the podcast about alternative cosmetic husbandry…no wait that’s my bi-monthly Sunday morning podcast…and is bi-monthly every other month or twice a month?  – This is the world famous RunRunLive Podcast where we celebrate running and runners and all other enthusiastic pursuers of endurance athletics among us! Hi! I’m Chris, your host.  And if you haven’t listened to our show before I’d like to quote my favorite iTunes review “This podcast is the most random and schizophrenic podcast I have ever heard.”

No I’m not random, I’m just fractal.  Look it up.  Chaos is cool and the sooner you stop trying to rationalize and learn to deal with it the happier you’ll be! What THE hell am I talking about?

We’ve got a great show for you today; dripping with sticky sweet running sweetness.  I interview the cute “Running Couple” – the audio is a little rough, but you can deal with it.  I’ve been biking away since the Boston marathon.  Got the Kona functional and I’m in a much better position with my training than last year.  I don’t have to learn ho to MTB, I just have to get in shape.  But I still came back bruised and bloody from my first ride! I love jumping over technical stuff in the woods and crashing!

One of my teenagers has expressed an interest in the mountain biking since she got back from a MTB trip to Nevada – so with any luck there will be a box in the driveway when I get home and I will get to spend Saturdays this summer with my kid! Yay!

I signed up for my 30th prep school reunion this weekend and found out they have a 5K race!  That’s kinda weird.  Hope it’s not in the old cross country course or I’ll have flashbacks.  I tried to talk a school XC uniform out of them to run in but they didn’t seem to think that was funny.

The company acquisition is starting to mellow out.  Got some big travel weeks coming up.  Heading out to the west coast then down to Hot-lanta.  My legs are rebelling on the biking – but they’ll get in line.

Thanks to Matt the dump runner for doing the intro. Check out his podcast “The Dump Runner’s Club” He’s the real deal – a serious sub-6:00 racer who loves the sport.  Thanks to Colin the Resurrected Runner for continuing to humor me with parody songs.  If he tells us how we can buy them I’m sure we would! Colin?  Thanks Andrew for sending some audio along.  No one answered your question about running clubs – so I’ll give you my answer.

I belong to two clubs. They are both social clubs but one is much more serious about the running.  I really like the fact that I can hang out with people as a runner without having to worry about all the other baggage.  I remember the first time I showed up to a club meeting in a suit they all freaked – that wasn’t the persona they knew.  They had no idea.  And that’s what is cool about the running club – I get to connect with people I wouldn’t otherwise.  It’s a unique cell in the matrix of society.

But – a tip for you is that when you join a club – they all will have their serious runners and you can’t let that bother you.  They do their thing – you do yours.  It’s all social in the end but be aware of the general theme of the club you’re joining.

But enough CO2 expulsion by me – on with the show!

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Running Couple Lee and Isis



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Ok that’s it you have achieved separation from the earth’s gravitational field and broken free of episode 120 and it is in the can.  Hope you had fun.

I’ve got some good interviews lined up.  I’ve got The CEO of Active sports Dave Alberga next week and it’s a good interview.  I’m trying to interview this other guy who is all about barefoot and raw food. He sound a bit whacko – but it should be good entertainment.  I’m also scheduled to talk with the CEO of another one of my favorite companies – Resole America – that should be cool.  I ‘love talking to CEO’s.  They are all nuts.

I’ve been itching to do something Epic, anyone got any suggestions?

By the way I have had several submissions for our new book and we are mulling them over.   What are you waiting for?  Are you afriad to fail?  Are you afraid of rejection? Stop it! We are a warrior clan and we are full of the juice that makes life rock.  Scratch your best idea, pregnant with emotion and inspiration on the back of a $100 and send it off to RunRunLive Plaza – let’s get on Oprah and sell a million copies.

I look at the great stories of people in our world who have lost a ton of weight and turned their lives around mentally and physically and it makes me feel inadequate.  When I started this Podcast I was sitting in my truck at the base of Mount Washington.  I had just run the Mt Washington road race up and jogged back down.  That year I had run my 10th qualified Boston and completed the New England Mountain Running series and was just starting to train for the Vermont 50 Miler ultra that I would complete later in the fall.  I wasn’t always like this.

I was watching my kid who’s a super athlete turn a double play down at the softball field yesterday and it just seems so surreal.  I hated little league.  I sucked so bad at it. I was the pudgy kid that they put in right field and hoped no one would hit the ball there.  I remember one game where we were up at bat and we had a chance to win it.  And I remember the coach realizing that he had to put me in to bat and his face just dropped.  His whole day was ruined.  These are the kind of things you remember from that age.

But you know what?  That son of a bitch is probably dead now, and it doesn’t bother me.  I can’t change the past.  But I’m a better athlete than 99% of the people on this planet because I decided to be and I kept trying stuff until I found something that fit.  You can’t change the past.  You have to play the cards your dealt.  But you do control the future and you get to decide what you’re going to do with it.

I love to watch people transform.  To start into running and realize that all the things they had assumed were false.  To watch layers of self denial stripped away to unveal the incredible courageuos athletes that they always were but didn’t know it.  The only thing holding you back is you.  What are you going to do tomorrow?  Whatever it is I hope I see you out there.

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