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Andrew Clemons from Australia


Hello and welcome to Zombie hunting with Mad Dog – the podcast where we review all of the latest techniques for dealing expeditiously with the undead that walk among us…no wait …that’s my Saturday night podcast…This is the RunrunLive Podcast where we talk about our wonderful sport of running, how it changes our lives every day, how it teaches us that we can do anything we set our minds to and the awesome people that populate our running universe.

This week we have a good show for you.  We’ve got Sam Felsenfeld from Operation Jack who is running 60 marathons this year to raise awareness and funds for autism as our featured interview.

We’ve got another gem of a parody song from Colin the Resurrected runner.

Thanks to Andrew our friend from Australia who is going to run a marathon in 4 hours of training a week for doing the intro.  Andrew make sure someone takes video when you’re bleeding from the eyeballs at mile 23!  Andrew also asks a question that we’ll open up for listener input later in the show.

I’ve got some miscelanous audio from the Boston Marathon.  It was quite a weekend.  I worked the expo with a camera crew for 7 hours on Friday for the Daily Mile guys, went back in on Saturday to get my stuff and meet some folks at the DailyMile tweetup – no I’m not part owner of DailyMile – they just happen to be the ones throwing the party!  I met Dirt Dawg in the flesh – that was cool.

Then I ran a great race on Monday.  I’m now off this week doing all those millions of tasks needed to pull off a regional road race – the Groton Road Race – www.grotonroadrace.com – day of race registration available on the 26th – come out and see us – we’d love to have you!

Back to work next week.  This time of year is sooo crazy.  I’ve got my 30th reunion, my kids plays, a couple of first communions and a graduation yet to go – and I still have to make a million dollars to fund it all.  Life is abundant but so is my monologue so on with the show.

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Set up Andrew:

So The next bit is from Andrew and he is soliciting feedback.  So what I want you to do is call in some feedback to our call in number.  Keep it brief, on-point and humor is good.  Share with us.  It’s our show and I’d rather have tips and tricks from you –all than just my sonorous monotone.

My call in message line is 206-339-7804.  It will send me an audio file.  So program it into your cell phone…right now…reach down…grab that purse…now fish around for your cell phone…no that’s not it..that’s a hair brush…no not that either…wait…yeah there it is…now I won’t ask you to put it on speed dial because I know you haven’t read the manual…but open up the address book program, that’s it, now new record, runrunlive  phone number 206-339-7804 – see that wasn’t so hard was it…don’t forget to save.

Here’s Andrew’s comment….

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Sam Felsenfeld from Operation Jack who is running 60 marathons this year to raise awareness and funds for autism as our featured interview.



Operation Jack will be an attempt by Sam Felsenfeld to race at least one marathon a week in 2010 (60 total for the year) to generate attention that will raise funds and nationwide awareness for Train 4 Autism, an organization that works tirelessly to raise money for Autism charities.

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OK folks – thanks for playing along with me today.  That’s it another RunRunLive episode in the can – episode 118.  Next week I’m going to have an interesting interview with this Bloke Alex Vero who made a documentary about his attempt to run an Olympic qualifying marathon and his adventures in Ethiopia and other stuff – pretty cool.

Feel free to send me suggestions for interviews.  I’m pretty efficient at chasing people down so if there are any products, companies or people you want me to talk to let me know.

As we speak I’m at the Groton Road Race headquarters – the Groton Middle School waiting for shipments of shirts and whatnot.  Going to be a busy weekend.

I have several cool submissions for our book project – still looking for more because I know you have that one good story in you that will inspire others to take up the pursuit and passion of endurance sports and change their lives.

I’m transitioning now back to the Mountain bike to go back for the Wilderness 101 mountain bike ultra at the end of July.  I’ll keep some running going and start making plans for the fall.

I just read an article in one of my newsletters called 7 Attributes of the Truly Confident Person – By Elaine Sihera.  Why is it always 7?  Must be something about 7 that resonates with people…but anyway her seven attributes are:

  1. Self Love – if you don’t love yourself first then you can’t address any of the other things going on in your life – so you have to sort that out first.
  2. Two is self belief – we all know this as runners and athletes you can do what you believe you can do.  Don’t limit yourself with low self beliefs.
  3. Three is comfort in their own skin…she says that this is particularly important when you have rough spots to be able to shrug them off and move on.
  4. Self awareness is number four – confident people know what their own strengths and weaknesses are and focus their energy on playing to the strengths and addressing the weaknesses.
  5. Five is fearlessness.  That’s a hard one, but fun if you can master it.
  6. Six is to experiment – to be able to try new things and being unafraid to fail.
  7. Seven is happiness which is what she says the self confident attain.

Whether it is 3 or 5 or 7, the main thing I see holding people back is that they don’t know what they are capable of.  So many people said to me over the last couple weeks, ‘oh I wish I could run the Boston Marathon’.  So why don’t you?  Have you seen me?  I’m not an athlete.  There is no secret.  Set your goals and execute with passion and you can qualify for Boston.  Have the confidence in yourself to set goals without being afraid.  Do it today.  Make it happen.

Music tonight is called Snake and Jet by 10 cities beyond.  Any music used in the show can be found on the podsafe music network and is listed in the show notes which you can see by pushing that center button on your iPod.

Keep it real my friends and I’ll see you out there!


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