Episode 116 Dave McGillivray Race Director 2010 Boston Marathon

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Hello and welcome to episode 116 to the runrunlive podcast.  Myself and Buddy the wonder dog welcome you to another grand adventure in running entropy.  This week we interview Dave mcGillivary the race director for the Boston marathon, as is our spring time tradition.

For those of you who are running I look forward to getting a chance to meet you.  I think I‘ll run this year, I’ve got nothing else planned on Patriot’s Day and I’m already in the area.  The guys from Daily Mile are hosting a get together on Saturday the 17th in Boston near the Expo at 3:00 pm – go to the Dialy mile website to get details.  My club will have a room at the Radisson if you want to swing by for a shower, massage and beverage after the race.  Sarah Stanley is hosting an after race party too that night.  So let me know where you’re going to be and we’ll say hi.

My legs a pretty cooked but I decided to race another half marathon this weekend up at the Great Bay Half in New Market NH, near where I went to college at UNH.   I figured I won’t have another chance to race so I might as well take a swing at it.  You might say won’t that hurt your time at Boston? Yeah maybe a little, but it’s still only 13 miles and I’m in good enough shape I think I can handle it.

I bought a new pair of shoes.  I got the friends a family discount up at the New Balance factory store and I’m trying out a pair of 1063’s.  I‘ll let you know how they work out.

I’ll tell you a funny story.  I did a tempo work out down at the local track Tuesday night.  And I figured it was getting dark so no one would be there so I brought Buddy along.  Well – I was wrong there were a whole bunch of people down there.  There were these women walking on the track and they had their water bottles set down at the edge of the track.  I turned my head for a second and next thing I know fur-boy has decided to mark their water bottles.  So I have to flag these women down and tell them my stupid dog just peed on their water bottles!

The dog is just getting crazy as he gets older.  He’s pulling on the leash like it’s the iditarod, there’s a 10 million dollar prize and we need to close the gap.

But I love him.  On with the Show!

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Project RunShine

What it is:

Project RunShine is a community generated book consisting of interesting, entertaining, informative and inspirational short articles designed to bring joy into the hearts of runners, wannabe runners and mid-packers of all shapes and sizes.

Who generates the content?

Members of the running community generate short (1500 word) articles to contribute to project RunShine.

What’s it going to look like?

The end result will be a compilation in book form of 100 pages give or take.

Who is the intended audience?

Anyone who Is a runner or can be inspired to be a runner or can be inspired in general by the positive and compelling lifestyles and worldviews of the running community.

Will it be an physical book?

We don’t know yet.  At a minimum it will be available as an e-book.  We haven’t decided if we should go with the traditional publisher route or self-publisher route.  We believe in an abundant universe and think this will sort itself out to everyone’s satisfaction!

Who is the publisher?

Ahh…yes, well I’m going to be the editor and the initial publisher.  I have a shell publishing company called The Runic Press that I use for these sorts of hopelessly Quixotic endeavors…beyond that we’ll trust it to the universal mastermind.

Who is the editor?

Well, I hope to impanel a team of interested scholars for the editing (code for unpaid volunteers)

What will it cost?

Depends on how we do it.  E-books are very cheap to produce, but when you start killing trees and wanting to get listed on Amazon it’s going to cost both an initial fee and typically 60%+ of the selling price.

Are you going to sell it?

Hell yes!  I’m thinking $20…sound good?

Who gets the money?

Don’t know yet – I’d like to work in a charity angle and not lose money.  If I can get some scratch then God loves the way capitalism rewards the innovator.

What kind of stories are you looking for?

I am looking for personal epiphanies, grand tableaus, and mind-expanding adventures.  What is that moment of running that made the light bulb go off for you and why?  How would you describe that epiphany to a stranger?  How would you wring the emotional juice out of a situation that truly paints the picture of that single moment when you world was rocked and your life changed forever?  Got it?

What don’t you want?

“My first marathon” and “the BlahBlah 10K race report”.  No one cares that you went out too fast, got tired in the middle but soldiered on and finished anyway.  Instead tease out that one moment when you looked down and saw the blood seeping through your shoe and thought disconnectedly, “huh, that’s probably bad”, but felt no pain because you were in that trance tunnel of the race that consumes your mortal soul and it caused you to transcend the physical.  Or how about that ray of stark light cracking through the tree canopy, swirling with motes like a prison search light and highlighting the old stone wall beside the trail where 300 years ago some young farmer had rested his plow… Do I make myself clear?

Why should we do this?

You get to see yourself in print alongside some other famous runner dudes and dudettes and help our community explain what this glorious thing is to the outside world.

What is our goal?

To create one million new runners.  To make the next generation a healthy and happy one.  To enable humans to believe in themselves and embrace a positive self image.

My one moment of sunshine.

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I run Alone from Collin Hayes

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Runnerati Running Blog

One More Healthy Lap


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Dave McGillivary Race Director Boston Marathon –




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Ok that is it – to quote the Car Talk guys – you have wasted another perfectly good 45 minutes listening to the RunRunLive Podcast.  Episode 116 in the Can.

Next 3 weekends for me are the great bay half, then Boston and then the wonderful Groton Road Race. And then it’s back on the bike for the summer, (well maybe I’ll throw in a couple fun marathons).

Coming up I actually have 3 interviews in the can.  I speak with Stephanie who was the national college steeplechase champion last year – so tune in to learn all about that interesting event.  Then I spoke with Sam Fesenfled who is in the midst of running 60 marathons this year for autism and finally I spoke with Alex Vero a bloke from the UK who made a really interesting documentary about his journey from being an overweight pub-rat to a sub-3 hour marathon.

Ok folks I’m losing steam – so I’ll leave you with a thought.   But I’ll start with a joke.

A farmer goes into the general store to buy a new saw.  The store manager says “you don’t want that old saw, you need this new gas powered chain saw.  It will cut ten times as much wood”.  So the old farmer takes the chain saw and goes off.  But he comes back in a few days and he’s all put out.  He says, “This darn thing doesn’t cut wood for crap.  I can’t get any wood cut nevermind 10 times I want my money back!”  The store manager is taken aback.  He takes the chain saw and says “Well let me look at it, maybe something is wrong”  He pulls the cord and rrommmm! The Farmer jumps and exclaims “What’s that noise!”

So seriously, I took down a big tree in my yard last week and I was really struggling because my chain sa was really dull.  My wife had been using it to cut christmass trees or something and it just wasn’t doing the job.  So I hustled off to Home Depot and got a new blade for it and then it cut like a champ.

But, as Stephen Covey says, our tendency is not to take the time to sharpen our saws.  Our tendency is to just try to work harder even through mental and physical exhaustion.  I know I’m guilty of this and I bet you can be too.  If you take the time to rest, to recover physically and mentally – to sharpen your saw – when you return to work – to your wood pile – it will be so much easier and fun and fulfilling.

SO, my friends, look at your life, your work, your training and ask if you could benefit from the sharpening of your saw.

Music tonight is innerlogics-bams_girlfriends.mp3 Enjoy your weekend.


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