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Hello and welcome to episode 115 of the RunRunLive Podcast where we review the passage of provincial environmental action laws to protect the mating cycles of the sightless Newfoundland Newt – no wait that’s my Monday night podcast. – this is the RunRunLive podcast where myself and a variety of our compadres from the online running community entertain you with a plethora of random running stuff and sometimes – if you listen with a careful and un-jaundiced eye (like how I mixed a metaphor there – like Yogi Bera?) Well anyhow if you listen carefully you may glean and/or tease forth a few informational nuggets about running and if you’re really lucky you’ll get a brief but telling whiff of inspiration to get you through your long run.   If you ignore the punctuation that was a 125 word sentence – Vladmir Nabokov would be proud!

Had a busy week last week with my company getting acquired – and I’ll be busy with that for the near future. Also ran a great race at the Eastern States 20 miler.  In fact my race was so good that the race report requires more than my traditional Haiku, I’m going to upgrade this race report to a stanza of iambic pentameter, ready?

Made the ride up with twitter friends,

At the school happy reunions,

14 with Rick at an 8-minute pace,

Wind ripping hard straight in our face,

Dropped the hammer and raced it to the end.

Like it or not I’m Boston ready.  And I’m not carrying my recorder on the run.  Dammit this isn’t about you this is MY time.  You’re always nag-nag-nag.  Record this and record that – Well darn-it get your own friends! This is all about me! Giving me a little personal space isn’t going to kill you!  I think in the end we can agree that it will make our relationship stronger…

Seriously – I don’t really like carrying stuff when I run races – but you can follow me through the runner alert system – I’m number 11xxx.  Go to the BAA.org website to sign up.  You can all laugh out loud when you see me set a PR at the 5K mark and then take 1/5 hour to run the last 2 miles!

I’ll wait to see what the weather is before I commit to a race strategy.

Today we have a great interview with Jonathan from GoMotion Gear.  We talk about running at night and lighting systems and all sorts of other great content-rich stuff – so give it a listen.  Jonathan hands out a discount code too that I have put in the show notes if you’re interested in his gear.  Full disclosure – he sent me a unit to test but I don’t get anything if you buy from him.  Not that I would have any problem with that because I’m a mercenary capitalist thru and thru.  I like money.  Money gives you the ability to help yourself, your family, your friends and in general funds your agenda whatever it is.  There’s nothing that says your agenda has to be evil!

I also talked Collin the resurrected runner into recording one of my stories for us – he does such a great job with the parody songs I figured we’d give him a swing at something else.  I’m writing a few new pieces for CoolRunning over the next couple weeks and I’ve got a cool new listener sponsored project that we are going to lay out today.

What the hell am I talking about?  I know what you’re thinking… “Shut the hell up you slow, fugly mid-packer son of a sea biscuit…”

On with the show!

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Muscle Madness – read by Collin

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GMEVENT10 – 10% off discount code

Quick Tip:

So I got a email from a Facebook friend who lives in Sydney Australia.  I love Sydney.  I’ve been there, not for 20 years, but I really liked it then.  Nice people the Auzzies.  Great attitude.

But his question as basically he wants to move up the marathon but doesn’t have time to train more than 3 or 4 times a week and can’t put in more than 30 miles.

I’m a bit torn here because I think everyone can run a marathon if they want to.  I know I could run a marathon on 30 miles a week but I’ve got a huge base of miles and 28 marathons under my belt so I’d know how to have fun with it.  I’m not sure I’d send someone into their first marathon undertrained because they might really suffer if they make rookie mistakes, like going out too fast or not fueling well.

But – yeah why not!  It will be an adventure at the very least.  You say you don’t have time to run more miles, but I bet you could if you looked hard at your schedule.  Can you run early in the morning?  Can you run at work? Can you run at night after the kids go to bed?  Experiment with it and I bet you can find more room for running.  Also, every run doesn’t have to be an hour set aside.  You can run for 20 minutes in the morning and then run again in the evening.  Doubling up is a wonderful way to build mileage and get you in shape.

What’s the minimal plan to complete a marathon.  I would say you could do it on 4 days a week as long as you worked that weekend long run up to 3 20 milers.  You’re not going to win any medals and you may suffer, but you could do it on that.  So 4 times 5 plus the long run is right around 30 miles.  If you could cross train on off days that would be cool too.  You’re going to want to schedule walking breaks into your long runs and into your race.

Let us know how it works out.  And Vegemite is nasty horrid stuff, mate, no matter what you guys say.



Ok folks – that’s it you have employed your bi-pedal locomotive skills to pederstrate to the end of yet another RunRunLive Podcast.  Episode 115 in the can.  So holster your vorpal sword for another week. Next week we will post this year’s interview with Dave McGilivary the race director for the Boston Marathon.  You’re not going to want to miss that!  I’ve got some other great stuff in the queue as well.

Don’t forget that I expect you folks to sign up for and run the Groton Road Race in Groton Massachusetts on April 25th.  The T-shirt deadline is coming up so you’d better hurry and sign up today.

I’m totally serious about the book – I want to call it “Project RunShine” but my partner in crime on this one Dave doesn’t like the name.  I was trying to capture the fact that we are bottling all the shiny goodness of the running experience.  I’ll see if I can whack up a blog this weekend.

Now to take you out I wrote a poem for you.  You know I travel a lot for work.  Most people say to me “oh you poor guy you have to travel so much” but that’s not true – I like to travel, I like the small adventure each trip is.  I’ve been doing business travel so long that it is a natural part of my environment – so I wrote this piece on a plane for you…

There and back again – Wanderlust

Falling once more through the cushiony coverlet of clouds,

Into another cold, grey Boston day,

Returning from my time, brief, above the ground, my time in the sun,

Returning to ground, and home,

With a passion and restlessness to travel anew,

For I see horizons and distant lands in the dancing flames of the home fire,

The pull of a-wndering, a walk-about,

It drags me from their warmth.

Humans were not meant to sit.

Ours is a mein of adventure.

Take up your staff my dear one,

We must see the other side of that hill and the next!

We must touch the water and turn the stone.

Release your brakes my friends!


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