Episode 112 The Sasquatch training wrapup

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Hello my friends and welcome to episode 112 of the runrunlive podcast.  And tonight we’ll discuss devil worship and animal sacrifice, wait no that’s my Tuesday night podcast… Tonight we’ll be bringing you an infinitely complex yet finely tuned assortment of running variety for your weekly dose of whacked out running fun stuff.

My training has been going surprisingly well.  I ran a 24 miler on Saturday and really struggled in the last 4 miles – but that’s ok, that’s what I wanted to get out of my system.  Had my 25th wedding anniversary brunch on Sunday and found those 6 pounds that I had misplaced the week prior.  Got a couple of great track workouts in Tuesday and Thursday…great simply because the snow melted and I was able to use my old friend the track instead of the treadmill.  Tested out the GoMotion Sport runner light belt with Buddy in the woods Wednesday night.  Legs are tired but I feel like with the proper taper and a little eating control I can do some good stuff this spring.

Today we talk with the Speedy Sasquatch about the training plan that he put me through over the last couple of months.  We also will have a bit from Bridget who responded to my ice-bath-audio request and another parody song by Collin who is possessed! I’m going to work with him to put a running parody song audio collection together and we’ll sell it!

I don’t think you’ll be hearing too much of me because frankly, when I interviewed Sasquatch I was coming fresh off a great workout and listening back to it now realize I didn’t let him talk at all!  Nice interview skills when you talk so much and suck the airspace out of the conversation.

And, another interesting story.  One of the things I’ve been trying to do lately is act on my intuition.  I always have great ideas, write them down and don’t do anything about them.  So I had a dream the other night that I should load all my contacts, and I’ve got thousands, into Linked In and invite them all to connect with me, so on Friday I did.  If you want to add me to your linkedin network just send an invite to cyktrussell chris yellow king tom russell two esses two ells at gmail dot com and I’ll accept.  I can’t send anymore invites because LinkedIn is pretty angry at me for inviting a couple thousand contacts last week, heh heh.

What I found, or find, interesting is all these folks that I think of as runners actually have interesting professional lives as well.  I’ve always tried to build a wall between my running persona and my ‘clark kent’ persona – but link up with me and you’ll see the Mr. Hyde.

Enough self-serving hyperbole – on with the show!

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Mickey – Toni Basil

99 Red Balloons – Nena

867-5309/Jenny – Tommy Tutone

What I like about You – Romantics

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Resurrected Runner – “Runnin” song parody

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Speedy Sasquatch – Training Plan Wrap up.



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Ok that is it you have stumbled and slogged through the melted frost heaves of yet another runrunlive podcast – episode 112 in the can.  So – what’s on the agenda?  What’s coming up? I’ve got the Famous New Bedford Half Marathon next weekend and I’m going to hitch a ride with the goon squad.  Now if you don’t remember who the goon squad is, they are a running club who adopted me and gave me the nickname Mad Dog last year.  They are sponsored by a funeral home and give us rides to races in a stretch limo hearse code-named “the silver bullet”.  They are good runners and their motto is “no whining, just running”.  I’m also signed up for the Eastern States 20 miler and then it’s into Boston.

Don’t forget our road race – the Groton Road Race is coming up on April 25th in Groton Massachusetts and I’d love to see you there.  Sign up at Grotonroadrace.com  We are all set for sponsors including our friends over at Buckeye Outdoors, but we could probably squeeze another logo on the shirt if you wanted to get your brand in front of a few thousand New Englanders.

Next week I’m talking to my old friend Mike from Loco Sports about the state of the sport and a new race he has created with the New England Patriots that is going to run out of the stadium on 4th of July this year – cool concept.  I’m also going to hook up with Jonathan and talk about his cool GoMotion lighting systems that I’ve been testing.  And, of course we’ll squeeze in Dave McGillivary race director of the Boston Marathon for our annual chat about what’s new in the grand old race.

Hey I’m still waiting for those million dollars ideas – come on – I’m open, I’m leaning into it – bring it on – show me what you got!

To take you out I’m going to answer a question or more appropriately respond to a comment about injuries that came across the Twitter feed today.

If you’re a runner you’re going to get injured.  It’s just our lot.  It’s how we find out where our limits are.  The problem is that when you get injured, and you can’t run for a while it really messes you up.  I speak from experience here.

It helps if you understand the psychology and know what to expect.  By all means if you can feel an injury coming on, and as you get experience you get better at predicting injuries early, you should do what it takes to address the weakness before it manifests into a stoppage.

But sometimes you can’t help it.  You roll an ankle, break a leg or get in an accident…it happens.  And when it does happen you will feel like you have lost a friend.  You will suffer a loss just like any other loss, it’s like a death in your family.  And this is compounded by lots of other bad symptoms.  Your brain stops getting its daily dose of running induced dopamine, you start gaining weight…it has all the earmarks of depression.

You need to treat it just like you would treat any other major loss.  You are going to go through the cycle.  You will go through denial, anger, depression and eventually come out the other end into acceptance and reconciliation.  I tell you this to help you look through the bad stuff and use your big brain to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Take that finishing photo you have of your proudest running moment and put it in your wallet.  Take it and use it to visualize that happy thing that waits for you at the end of the tunnel.

It also help to start keeping a journal of your emotions, like an angsty teen it will give you a release mechanism.  Do your best to replace the lost activity with some other activity – the more physical the better.  Come to terms with it early.  Set aside your goals and your target races and focus on getting 100% better.  As we have said so often, take the long view.  See this injury as an episode, an interlude in a long continuum of a running life. Think of it as a great inhaling of breath and gathering of energy for a stronger future… And in the future I’ll see you out there.

Music tonight, to wash all that awful 80’s music out of your ears is some garage punk.  It’s a song by a group called the M80’s and it’s called hell hath no fury…enjoy.


The M80’s – Hell Hath no Fury

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    Hi Chris
    Some great writings in your blogs! Mind if I share a thing or two on my website/twitter from time to time?

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