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Welcome to episode 110 of the runrunlive podcast.  I’m coming to you live, actually a bit half dead, from a hotel room in Canton Ohio.  Went for 7 milers this afternoon and discovered that they are not in favor of proactive pedestrian snow removal here…God put it there, let him clean it up is their motto! But I was fine – had to do a bit of snow-bank hopping but managed to avoid an inelastic Newtonian interaction with the oncoming traffic-meisters.

We’ve got an outstanding show for you today – for today we chat with Josh Cox – famous dude in running circles – American 50k record holder and multiple Olympic marathon teams etc etc – the real deal. A great guy and a gifted runner.

I was surprised talking with folks that more people didn’t know who Josh was.  You may know him better as that good looking blond guy with the ripped six-pack abs on in the Power Bar ads and the cover of Runner’s World.  And yes, ladies, per your request I’ve included a picture as the album art – sheesh!

We also are treated to a hilarious song parody by Collin the resurrected runner – who made the mistake of telling me he had a home production studio… You’d better not listen to this one running because you’ll laugh yourself into a ditch.

And this past Sunday I raced the Half at the Hamptons – I was shooting for a 1:30 and came up a little shy… so we’ve got some audio from that too.  Sasquatch was actually more bummed than I was that I missed my time, but I told him 3 out of 5 times on that course I’d get my time…you never know what’s going to happen on race day that’s why it’s interesting!

Thanks to Klaus for the intro some excellent Duetsch.  Folks – I don’t know why more of you don’t call in an intro – it’s a chance to get your message in front of a couple thousand runners – so give it a go – I only ask that you keep it brief, relevant and have fun!

I’m taking it relatively easy this week with a couple days off and I have to look at my calendar and see what else I want to race besides Boston.  I have some of the classic symptoms of over-training – so we’ll do a little assessment.

I’m heading down to Long Island to visit a college with one of my kids this week.  Remember when I was talking about abundance – well don’t you know a scholarship offer showed up un-solicited in the mail last week, how about that for Karma?

I hope you are doing well as we gear up for a busy spring.  I’m busy and mostly content – a little jet-lagged – but every day above ground is an excellent day, yeh? So let’s get on with this show!

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Lots of clips from my ½ process

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Smoke on the water by Collin – aka Resurrected Runner.

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Love the podcast and just one quick question. what would be a good trail shoe to run in. I enjoy running in mizuno shoes and i really like my mizuno wave rider road shoes, but I am open to diff brands.

thanks and keep the entertainment coming.

Well – I think a good starting place is to find the trail ‘analog’ of your road shoe.  Ask them “What trail shoes is like a mizuno wave rider…”  You can typically use your road shoes on the trail unless it’s very technical or their are surface condition problems (mud, snow, etc).

The trails are typically much more forgiving impact-wise so you can get away with less cushion and less heel height.  Careful of the height of the shoe for ankle rolling.


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Josh Cox


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Thank you for listening to the RunRunLive Podcast – We’re going to wrap it up right here right now because I have stuff to do man! Can’t be lolly-gaggin around podcasting all night long.

That song that was wedged in there between clips was “supersonic” by Bad religion and the music to take you out is going to be “Outlaw” by the Lordz with Tim Armstrong… All available from the Podsafe music network.

Coming up have a couple great interviews on the schedule. Got Heidi from Sweden who created RunAlong.SE a site for women runners in Stockholm.  I’ll get Josh the Speedy Sasquatch on and we’ll pick apart my recent training plan to see if we can tease out the method behind his madness and lots of other great stuff.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Groton Road Race in Groton Massachusetts on April 25th at www.grotonroadrace.com

I’ll leave you with a little detail from my race on Sunday.  I started out pacing the first few miles with a guy and we were both targeting the same goal so we agreed to work together in the wind.  As I started struggling up that hill into the wind in the 4th mile he saw that I was starting to break my form and he tried to talk me through it.  Saying, take deeper breaths, relax, stop fighting it, the same sort of thing I have done for many suffering runners in many races.  Just before he took off and left me he turned to me and said; “My son died last year.  He was 16 years old.  He had cancer.  The doctors said he wouldn’t live past his 4th birthday, but he lived to be 16.  You gotta remember how lucky we are.  Let’s run for Michael, come on.”

I’ll see you out there.


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Cool! No prob – here’s the pic. John Segesta is the photographer and it was shot at a PowerBar shoot. If you can somehow give them credit that would be cool.

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