Episode 107 Bruce And Get That Next Job

Episode 107 – Bruce Dreyfus and get that next job

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Hello and welcome to episode 107 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  This is your host the inimitable instigator Chris.  I’ve got a excellent show for you today.

I’m interviewing a friend of mine Bruce Dreyfus from Get that next job.  He is an expert in how to find a new job.  I know that this is a podcast about running but I thought this would be something interesting and valuable for you.  I’ve gotten a ton of value from working with Bruce and I think you will too.  And I think, especially in today’s economy, looking for a job or being afraid of losing your job is such a disempowering experience.  I think we as endurance athletes, whether old-hands or beginners are people who take positive action consistently to make themselves and their world better.  So I wanted to share with you a way to flip this disempowering thing over on its head and make it an empowering thing, take the helplessness out of it and make it just another goal to be executed.  My message to you would be don’t ever try to hang on to a crappy job that you hate.  Don’t ever feel like you’re not good enough.  As a hiring manager I can assure you that there are plenty of companies and hiring managers out there who are looking for a person to solve their problem.  You are selling something that they need so don’t let them disempower you with the process. Even if you’re in a job you should take the time to think about what makes you valuable and be ready – it will give you piece of mind.

One thing I noticed while editing was that Bruce had music on in the backround in his office, so you might hear some of that filtering through.

It’s been a great week.  My training is going super.  Sasquatch has effectively made me 20-30 seconds a mile faster for my goal race and I feel awesome!

We’ve got another song by KelownaGurl – back for an encore by popular demand after her stirring ‘snot-Rockets’ rendition.  And we’ve got Matt Swanson – the crazy runner doing a panopoly of imitations from the movie “Office Space”.  And we’ve got Rich Davey reading a story about race volunteers from one of my books.  So the good news is you have less of me to listen to!

And we’ve got at least two turtle doves and a partridge in a pair tree … so on with the Show!

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That’s it folks we have perambulated to the end of yet another RunRunLive Podcast Episode 107 in the can.  And we did not talk too much about running – but I hope you found it useful and entertaining.  I try to be a good dinner guest and listen more than I speak and avoid religion and politics.

Coming up I interview Steve the British Bulldog about his famous 100 pushups program and believe or not I’m in discussions with Josh Cox for an interview.  All you New Englanders I expect to see you at the Groton Road Race on April 25th in Groton Massachusetts.  If you want to visit us I can probably get a club member to put you up for the weekend.  There is nothing as glorious as New England in the Spring.

I’m running long today so I’ll close with a note on abundance.  This week my theme has been abundance.  Your life will improve drastically if you approach the world from a point of view that the universe is abundant.  If you can rewire your thinking to come from a mindset of abundance you will attract health and success.

This is important.  Because you hear it all the time and I have to work to not fall into this trap myself, this is the trap of negativity and scarcity.  If you are walking around with a scarcity mantra filling up your head and your life you will miss opportunities and push away success and wellbeing. Do you wake up and go to bed everyday thinking about the bills you have to pay and the problems at work and all the other negative stressors? This puts you into a closed and defensive world filled with fear.  No one wants to be associated or to do business with or to hire or to promote that fearful closed in person.

However if you look at the world as an abundant place with endless opportunity you will attract positive people and real success.  You will have the strength and courage to say ‘no’ to things that are wrong for you.  You will essentially give off the vibes that make people want to be with you and you will attract that abundance that you deserve.

Here’s your homework – I wrote a quick mantra for you to read in the morning before work and at night before bed and think about while you’re running.  Do this for 30 days and be ready for abundance to come into your life.   Ready? Here it is:  “I will live with a philosophy of abundance and without fear.”

Good luck my friends.  I’ll see you out there.

Music tonight from the podsafe music network a bit of a quasi-reggae bar song I found called -when_jehovah_comesdont_get_caught_with_your_pants_down by souldub



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