Episode 106 Jim McDannald and the Track Geek iPod App

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Hello my friends, this is your friend Chris and welcome to the 106th episode of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Today is the iPhone app episode.  We are going to talk to our friend Jim McDannald who has written the track geek iPhone app about how that whole process works.  I was curious, so I figured you might be as well so all is revealed in this riveting piece of audio journalism.  Also it’s a bit ironic that the new iPad got released today while I’m putting this together.  See how it works?  It’s all just Karma!

So I’m back in the states this week, no travel.  Getting some good work outs in.  I told the Sasquatch to load me up.  I feel really strong and fast.  And it makes me happy.

Sasquatch is doing a good job.  He’s actually easier on me than I am on myself and I think I’m getting stronger because I’m not over-training as much as I usually do.

I’ll sort through the Amsterdam clips I recorded and see if there is anything worth putting in here.  I’ll do some treadmill tips.  And of course we’ll have the usually dancing ponies, talking dogs and sapient aliens to keep you moving along.

Big news at the Russell house is that one of my offspring here got into her first pick for college and she was pretty happy about that.  I’m happy for her too.

Hey how about Prakash’s intro.  If I could role R’s like that I’d be popular with the ladies, huh.

Well enough foreplay! On with the show!

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“The iPhone App” with Joe Bears

The handy dutch travel phrases with D2

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Equipment Check:

I got asked about Treadmill tips today.  I know many of you are new to the podcast, so you probably don’t remember, but I did a whole series of interviews with treadmill manufacturers and users back around the 40th episode.  I called it the Tread-Mil-a-paloosa.   They should be on my website.  I know I’m still missing a bunch of episodes, but I’m working on it! Just go to RunRunLive and you’ll be able to find those back from Oct and Nov of 08.  Some of the take aways were that if you’re a serious runner you don’t want to buy a cheap one – you’re going to need to spend $2k or more.  The other big trend was treadmills with integrated entertainment systems.

Yes I run on a lot of treadmills.  I find there are all different kinds with all different programming.  My caution would be that you can’t just transition directly from the road into high mileage or intensity on the TM.  It’s a slightly different mechanics and you’ll hurt yourself if you don’t ease into it.

I like the TM for intervals and other runs where I’m trying to run a specific distance in a specific time.  I like the exactitude of the treadmill.  I personally find it a little more forgiving and a little easier than running on the road or the trail so I set the incline at .5 or 1.0 to even things up.

Most of them will have some programming options.  One of those options will be some sort of intervals.  Meaning you can tell the machine that you want to do 6 X 1600 at a 7:00 pace with 2:00 rests in between at a 8:30 pace – for example.

I’ve found 3 different programming scenarios.  The first is that it asks you for the total time and then you have to split the intervals out from that – which is silly – but if you run into one of those models you’ll need to calculate your total time of the workout before you start hitting buttons.  The second let’s you enter interval and rest but slams you right into the interval without any warm up so be careful with those – that first lap can be exciting.  You can always swap the interval and the rest to trick it.  The third gives you a warm up period equal to your rest period.

Another thing is that they typically want speed as an input not pace so you have to know before you start that 7.5 miles per hour is an 8:00 minute per mile pace.

It’s a great simulation of running and a very valuable work out tool.  That being said the treadmill does not replace the road or the trails.  You still have to do your training on the surfaces and in the conditions your race will be in or you’re cheating yourself.

So, next time you’re in the gym and there is some hairy old guy slamming out miles and throwing sweat rockets everywhere – say hi – it might be me.

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Jim McDannald


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Quick Tip:

I have a follow up on that treadmill tip.  I got all geared up for a tempo run today that I knew was going to be a challenge.  I said to my assistant “I’m going to get out and run now to beat the snow.” Sure enough when I get out there I’m running into a snow squall.  You just can’t simulate that kind of thing on a treadmill.  I could have run inside today but I would not have gotten the benefit of the hills and the weather.  My target race isn’t going to be inside on a treadmill!  Get outside and feel the roads and trails!  At least once or twice a week.  It’s good for you! It will make you stronger!


Great – that’s a wrap, another weird and wonderful episode of the runrunlive podcast in the can.  Can you tell I was trapped in a hotel room with nothing to do?  There’s some free advice for you; don’t ever leave smart-creative people or border collies alone with nothing to do – they’ll make up their own games and you may not like it.

Next week I’ve got a special interview.  This is not necessarily about running but I thought you would find it interesting and valuable.  My friend Bruce has a transition consultancy and has a whole methodology on how to find a new job.  It’s something that I’m enthusiastic about and I think you may learn some new tricks as well.

By poular demand I’ve talked Kelowna gurl into singing another parody song for me – where like Simon and Garfunkel, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Fred and Ginger, Bert and Ernie, Brad and Angela…Hmmm…should have quit while I was ahead.

I’ll leave you with a simple thought.  Don’t let other people tell you what you can and cannot do.  The world is full of people who are happy to tell you why you can’t do something, why it’s a bad idea and all the things that can go wrong.  They’re not talking about you, they are talking about themselves.  So smile and move ahead.  What’s the worst that can happen? You learn something, right?  I had one of my best and most valuable workouts today and I did not accomplish the target pace that Sasquatch had laid out for me, so technically I failed, but I learned more about my fitness and myself from that than I would have by playing it safe.  Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.  Get mad.  Do it anyway and prove them wrong.  And don’t’ let me catch you back-sliding ‘cause I’ll see you out there my friends and I’ll be watching you.

That earlier music was a cover of dead bodies by Rancid and next I’ve queued up a nice long happening groove for you hep-cats by Skankin Pickle called Thick Ass Stout.  Both were gleaned from the Podsafe Music Network – Enjoy – ciao


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