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Hello and welcome to episode 104 of the runrunlive podcast.  It’s been a long and weird week. I had a one day trip to Atlanta that caused some minor disruptions in my sleep patterns and training. Just couldn’t find the time to get my Tuesday hill work out in with the crappy cold weather and the travel it just didn’t get done.  Sometimes even I don’t get my run in.  In these situations I try to at least get some sort of stretching and/or exercise done so I don’t have to post a zero.  You do what you can and try not to stress about it.  Sometimes it’s better to take an extra rest day then to miss your sleep or try to shoehorn in a work out – that’s how you can get injured.

I had an interesting occurrence at the hotel Wednesday morning.   I went over to the workout room early to use the treadmill.  I was two miles or so into a run when Mother Nature called as she often does in the morning when my schedule is funky due to trains planes and automobiles.  I stepped of to take care of things and when I got back some guy had jumped in on the treadmill.  I got bitched. There was only one treadmill.

The ironic thing was that this guy was obviously not a regular exerciser because he was basically in street clothes, but I didn’t have the time to wait him out.

Those of you who belong to health clubs or other shared spaces will have noticed the “January effect” is in full force this year as hordes of new comers do their once a year new year’s resolution dances.  Come February the great bulk of them (pun intended) will no longer be showing up.  And so it goes.  But I think you should make a special effort to try to help the new comers and see if you can give them some tips to stay with it.

Today we have Martin from Marathon Quest 250 who is an interesting chap from Canada who is running 250 marathons for a kid’s charity this year.  There is a little wind noise in the audio because I was out walking Buddy the Wonder dog in the neighborhood while I was talking to Martin.  If it bothers you too much, let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.  Just picture me with the Border Collie talking to myslef on a blustery 15 degree night in New England!

We’ve got some awesome audio bits for you today as well.  A supper recitation by Greg Strosaker of his famous “Runner’s Manifesto” and Mark the Bama Runner reads a story from one of my books.

Not to keep you from the content you’re craving for too much longer, but I’ve gotten a ton of great emails and friend requests this last couple weeks and I appreciate them all.  Really. Like everyone else I sometimes wonder if it’s worth the effort and your sweet words of encouragement fortify me to stand fast, As Sir Winston Said “Like an iron stake in the frozen ground”.   Thanks a bunch – you keep me going.

If you want to find me on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or any other social media circus it’s cyktrussell that’s Chris-Yellow-King-Tom-Russell –two esses two ells. Send me a friend request, shoot me an email – and I’ll come to your house and spy on you form the bushes in your front yard. Seriously –  Let me know who or what you’d like to have on the show and I’ll make it so.  Keep it coming and I’ll keep it going – on with the show.

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Mark the BamaRunner with ‘the stinky shirt intervention’

Chris with an ice bath episode

Greg Strosaker with the Runner’s Manifesto.

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Martin from Marathon quest 250


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Thanks for somnambulating through the frozen wasteland of yet another episode of the Runrunlive podcast.  Hope We were able to entertain and inform you on your long journey from the sweet grass to the packing house.

I have a couple interviews coming up for you.  The first is with a podiatrist and runner out in Eugene who has created the Track Geek Iphone App.  I’m going to have an iPhone app, yeah?  For $4.99 you can have your ring tone be my furry face saying something inane…or better yet, Buddy barking.  What do ya think? After that I’ve got what should prove to be an interesting interview with an amputee runner.

I’ve got a business trip to the Netherlands next week that is going to cause me to miss the Derry 16 miler, and that’s a shame but if you’re a fisherman you have to fish when the fishing is good or your family will starve. And we don’t want the little Russell’s to starve, now do we.  I’m working with Speedy Sasquatch and I’m 100% focused on getting to the starting line of the Hyannis ½ marathon healthy. Then I can race it!

To take you out I want to talk to you about taking the time to understand the impact of personal risk on the people you deal with on a day to day basis.   I interact with many people in my life and sometimes under fairly stressful situations where I’m trying to influence their decision making process.

What I find is that most of us fail to appreciate the enormous personal risk that the people we deal with tie to their decisions.  If you understand this principal and take simple steps to recognize the risk you can really help people and be successful yourself.

When you see people struggling to make a decision, you can wrongly assume that they are worried about money or time or some other decision making factor.  I’m here to tell you that most of the time people are primarily worried about looking stupid.  They are afraid of being seen screwing up.

What you need to do is recognize this personal risk.  It’s not about you – it’s about how you can help remove the risk of them losing face.  Here’s the tip.  Next ime you’re in the situation where you are trying to get someone to do something say “Bob, I realize that you have risk in this decision, you don’t want to screw it up, and here’s how I can help you avoid that…” If you bring the personal risk out into the open it lets the air out of it.

Most of us don’t get it.  We don’t put ourselves in the other person’s shoes.  We prattle on about us and what we want.

Try this with your Boss, your customers, your spouse or your co-workers.  Watch how their whole body language changes when you make that personal connection by verbalizing and recognizing their personal risk.

I know that’s a bit deep but we try to add value here where and when we can.

So as you’re trying to figure out just what the heck I’m talking about – I’ll see you out there.

Music tonight is by the band twelve34 and it’s a song called transmission and is from the podsafe music network.




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