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The Group Ride

The Group Ride Karma wheel sandwich I’m that guy.  I’m the guy who comes to the group run and scares the new runners.  My club mates ask me not to approach new runners because I scare them.  Some poor sot, who just wants to start getting in shape, and maybe wants to enjoy a nice…

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When natural running form doesnt matter

When natural running form doesn’t matter Let us get this clear…(the small print) Last week I had posted a blog post that talked about taking some time to clean up my form by moving to more ‘natural’ and ‘forefoot’ mechanics.  I gave some examples of how this had a positive influence on my running. It…

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12 Great Reasons to take to the trails

12 Reasons to take to the trails If you are lost then this is where you will find yourself. Last week in part one I gave you some great reasons NOT to run trails.  This week I’m going to give you the reasons why you should run trails.  I like to race on the roads…

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5 great reasons NOT to run trails

5 great reasons NOT to run trails… Trail Series part one – warming up to trails. I love trail running – so much so that I can’t imagine anyone NOT loving trail running.  But, as I was out running this week I was forced to consider that some people might not like trail running. I…

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4 more good reasons to work on your form

4 more good reasons to work on your form Other cool things I’ve discovered by cleaning up my form. This winter during my ½ marathon and marathon campaigns I made a conscious effort to clean up my form.  I focused on not heel striking, landing on the midfoot with a slight forward lean and my…

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