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Wapack 2017

Wapack – 2017 Good long run in the rain There were 6 or so of us in a tight pack.  Paul, the race director.  A couple Spartan racer guys. A couple others.  We were picking our way down the back side of Pratt Mountain towards the aid station at Binney Road.  We were chatting away,…

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The First 90 Days

The First 90 Days A review of an excellent tool for transitioning into new roles I recently have been going through some career transitions.  As part of this I’m necessarily engaging in new roles with new organizations in different capacities.  I did what we always do when we wonder if anyone else has found a…

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In Praise of the Grateful Dead for Trail Running

In Praise of the Grateful Dead for Trail Running Don’t say it. I know you’re thinking it.  “What kind of hippie freak are you, Chris?”  Grateful Dead, really?  Hippie.  Seriously, folks, ignore the tie-dye bandanna for now and let me make a case for why you should listen to, or at least revisit, the Grateful…

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Rising above the bad workout

Rising above the bad workout Mastering the long view in your training. You have a bad workout.  You know the one I’m talking about.  That workout where you were expecting to do X but instead got Y.  Immediately your brain goes into convulsions of craziness.  Because you’re human.

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Robo-Runner – 3000

Robo-Runner – 3000 Drax355 pushed his pace a bit to pull up onto the shoulder of Kibel290.  His e-suit, a newer model with very good external sensor strength picked up the edge of Kibel’s e-field pushing out.  Kibel had made his usual move on that slight rising hill through the park.  He had pushed the…

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