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2008 VT 50 Race Report

Dug out of the Archives for my friends who want to run next year… The Vermont 50 Mile Ultra-Marathon – Chris’ Race Report Ultra-Marathon, Check! The race report (from Hell)

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Pace Team Pitfalls

Pace Team Pitfalls Things to consider when you decide to follow the pace group… I was at a marathon last week.  The pace group leader cruised through the aid station.  He quickly grabbed a cup and motored on.  His little flock of runners broke and scattered as they struggled to fill up bottles like a…

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I hate zone two

I hate zone two Heart Rate training’s dirty underbelly. I used to be so free on my long runs.  Not a care in the world.  Trotting down the road at whatever pace and stride felt comfortable.  Sometimes I crashed and burned at the end, sometimes I finished strong but I just ran.  I ran without…

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Survey Says…

Last week I launched a quick survey on the RunRunLive Podcast and the results were very interesting for me.  I was surprised how many people took the time to fill out the survey and even write responses to the open ended ‘essay’ questions. I thought I would share the results with you.  I would also…

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Race Report Lexs Run 5k

Race Report – Lex’s Run 5k. So – you wanted more race reports… This will teach you…I don’t run a lot of 5K’s, but when I do…wait no that’s a beer commercial.  What is it with those beer commercial copy writers?  They must all have hypnotism degrees. So, I’m supposed to start at the exciting…

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