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5 at 5 Day 23

5.3 miles, 69 Degrees, overcast and muggy. I’ve heard that the Romans didn’t have a concept of hours and minutes like we do.  They had ‘morning’ and ‘midday’ and ‘afternoon’, but not 9:00AM or 2:23PM.   This meant that their days naturally flexed with the solstices and the natural rhythm of the planet.  You didn’t…

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5 at 5 Day 22

5.38 Miles, 60 Degrees, Sunny and absolutely beautiful.  Very low humidity. Longest day of the year yesterday.  Sunrise at 5:08 yesterday, 5:09 today.  It’s all down hill from here! The official sunrise is 5:09 but the day begins to wake up around 4:30.  That’s when the happy birds wake up.  That’s when I usually wake…

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5 at 5, Day 21

5.38 Miles, 59 degrees and gorgeous. Happy Solstice.  Hug your inner pagan.  What could be more pagan than running in the woods with your dog?  I have said that Buddy is my spirit guide.  Some cultures believe in spirit guides.  Mine is an old border collie. I told my oldest daughter Katie last night that…

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5 at 5 day 20

5.27 miles, Raining, 69 degrees. Storm passed through last night.  Good.  We needed the rain and it broke the humidity. Woke up at 4:50 but it was pouring rain so I rolled back over.  Had a hard time getting to sleep last night.  Was watching The Big Lebowski and had never seen it before, but…

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5 at 5 Day 19

5.24 miles, 75 degrees, overcast and muggy. Two days out from the summer solstice.  If you haven’t built your henge yet, you’d better get working. 1000% humidity this morning.  Could have worn a Jacques Cousteau aqualung.  More like swimming through a thick mud-hole than running.  It has been threatening rain for 3 days and reneging…

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