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Baystate Marathon 2017

Baystate Marathon 2017 Back where it all started. The picture is Brian, Frank and I sitting next to each other, in the finish area, on a curb.  We are happy.  It’s a perfect moment.  Brian’s sister took the picture.  It’s that rare moment just after the end of a race where you have recovered from…

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Nice Laundry Socks

I’m going to throw in a couple product reviews today.  The first one is some socks.  I’m a big believer in good athletic socks when you’re going long.  They help keep your feet healthy.  But, other than that I can run in just about any athletic sock.  I tend to like the short socks now. …

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Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones

Another product I want to give you a review on is a pair of Bluetooth Headphones I’ve been trying to kill.  I got these sent to me in June by a company called Jaybird Wireless. They are the X3 – sweat proof, secure fit.  I have not been able to kill them. You see my…

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Stop complaining

Stop complaining We are endurance athletes.  Why do we complain? I catch myself.  I’ll be stuck in traffic or I’ll drop something or some other little thing will set me off and I’ll start feeling sorry for myself.  Then I think about the big picture.  I think about how lucky I am and I muddle…

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The Maine Marathon

The Maine Marathon Where scatterbrains meet racing Sometimes I lose site of the calendar.  Especially when I’m working hard and focused on something.  I don’t lift my head up to look around and re-set.  My brain works well with approximations.  That’s why I get lost in the trails so often.  I run by feel and…

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