An Introduction to RunRunLive 3.0

An Introduction to RunRunLive 3.0


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Well Folks it’s nice to be back.  Towards the end of the RunRunLive 2.0 podcast I was wondering if I had said all that I had to say.  I thought maybe that well was tapped…run dry.  Maybe all was left was the coarse scar from the strip mining of my soul.

But, shortly into the first or second week of my hiatus those pesky thoughts started crowding their way to the forefront of my infinitely folded grey matter.  And then there were more things to say and each new thought bounced around creating more new thoughts.

I stood frantically picking the nits of my thoughts and arranging them into lattices as they sprung forth unbidden.

And so, whether to the horror or delight of you, my friends, the daemons of my creative mind keep bashing against each other, shaking free in a continuous proton-proton chain reaction that burns fiercely in the night sky of our world.

And so it begins.

RunRunLive 3.0

What is it? It is a maturing and continuation of our mission to thoughtfully celebrate the transformative power of endurance sports.

The new, more mature RunRunLive will concern itself more with the ‘why’ and ‘why do we care’ than the ‘how to’.  I think there are plenty of podcasts and websites and other content out there to teach you the ‘how-to’.  My added value is to delve deeper and more thoughtfully into what we do and why we do it.

We will start with a proposed format and see how it goes.  After 10 or so shows we’ll reassess to see what’s working and what’s not.

The new format will be wrapped around an interview.  I had one left-over interview from 2.0 that I will air today with Jon a triathlon coach.  Going forward my intention is to find interesting people to talk to related to our mission that give us something to think about and force us to learn.  Beyond the bits and bytes of ‘how’ and into the gray zone of ‘why’…and ‘why do we care’.  I’m going to expand the interview times up by 5 -10 minutes.

There will be two sections surrounding the interview.

The first section – ‘Section One’ – will focus on the practical problem we all face of life balance and getting along successfully in this crazy world that we live in.  I will try to contextualize the topics so that they are more tactical and less apocryphal than in the ‘Outros’ of 2.0

The second – ‘Section Two’ – will be related to running or endurance sports.  It could be a story or a more ‘how-to’ piece.

I will continue to introduce and summarize with my own training and stories of my own journey through this universe.

I am creating new ‘bumpers’ to frame the sections and the transitions but have tried to be more economical in the use of spurious music and audio clips that don’t add value.

I’ll start up with a monthly schedule but will reassess as I go.  The weekly grind gave me a compelling deadline for content but made it necessary to make some decisions that were less high value for you just to feed the beast.  I have a feeling that my daemons won’t be happy with the monthly wait and I may have to switch to bi-monthly.

I am working on another project around life balance that is unrelated to RunRunLive but will try to drop you some hints as we go along.

I tried to bring in audience participation in 2.0 but that seemed to be too much of a hassle for people.  I may use content that you send or may not depending on the context, but I’m not going to force you up on stage when you came to see the show! I understand and respect the implied relationship norms! I produce.  You consume.  Got it.

I will send a formatted copy of the show script and notes and links to anyone who is subscribed to my email list.  Just go to my website at and you can subscribe right there and then.

I am open to input, suggestions and hate mail at your discretion.  I don’t get much email from listeners and I always answer and I always enjoy the interaction.

This show is aligned with my life mission in a number of compatible ways.

–        It helps me with my personal development in writing, producing, presenting and organizing my thoughts.

–        It help with my social needs and sense of community and belonging to something bigger than myself.

–        It helps with my continued pursuit of a healthy amateur athlete lifestyle.

That’s why we do it my friends.  Thanks for coming along for the ride and let me know what I can do for you.

All of my previous blog posts, race reports, how-to pieces and 250+ podcasts can be found on my website at  There is a index of all the podcasts and the site is searchable.  All of the scripts and links are included as well as downloadable mp3 files so you can bypass iTunes.

You can always contact me as cyktrussell on Gmail, twitter, Youtube etc.

Buddy and I will see you out there.




  • Jessica

    December 6, 2012

    Yay! Can’t wait for 3.0!!

  • Ann

    December 10, 2012

    So happy you are back. Woohoo!