5 at 5 Day 19

5.24 miles, 75 degrees, overcast and muggy.

Two days out from the summer solstice.  If you haven’t built your henge yet, you’d better get working.

1000% humidity this morning.  Could have worn a Jacques Cousteau aqualung.  More like swimming through a thick mud-hole than running.  It has been threatening rain for 3 days and reneging on the threat each day.   Something has to give. We are going to have some gallumping T-storms at some point.

Legs feel fine.  A bit tired.  I got up 4 times last night.  I’m going to have to be careful with the fluid intake.  Need my sleep.

Today was backwards day.  I ran the Buddy loop in reverse to keep the old dog guessing.  He’s been lagging back too much recently.  He’s fine.  Gave him the weekend off.  The trails are still soft but not overtly muddy.  It’s late in the year for them to be running so wet.  All the exposed rock was greasy from the humidity.

Made sauteed beets, with their greens and brocoli for dinner.  (with a Kielbasa)  You have to really cook the beets to get them digestible.

Did not see any animals in the woods.  Passed 3 individual women walking.  One had a dog that really wanted a piece of me.  She had it on a leash.  She said it was a ‘new’ dog and still very skittish.  Probably a rescue.

I saw a white tail last week and they have changed to their summer coloring.  They start out tan and then turn red in the summer. Something to do with camouflage.  Quite pretty.

When I went out to the garden with Buddy to take my post run photo I had caught another chipmunk in the water trap.  That makes 3.  Going to be a lot of rodents this year with all the rain and vegetation.  Picked some healthy cabbage worms off of my kale yesterday.

Haven’t caught anything in my Have-a-heart trap yet.  Something is stealing the apples without setting off the trap.  If I catch a rabbit I’m going to eat it.   Watership down the hatch.

There was a humming bird at the trumpet vines in my garden.  They are so cool.

Going into the city today.  I think I’ll risk the rain and ride my motorcycle.  I’m more likely to find a spot in the garage with it.

Happy week.

Remember the Celts say that this solstice time of year is when our world and the faerie world are nearest and the boundary becomes thin and porous.






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