5 at 5, Day 18

5.04 miles, sunny, muggy, 80+ Full on 100% humidity.

Went over to run a brunch run with the club.  Ended up getting there late and missed them.  I guessed on which way they went and lit out after them.

Passed them going the other way on the lollipop.  Pushed the pace coming up out of West Groton center and caught the tail end of the pack.  Garmin shows some sub-7 min paces as I saw Kevin up in the distance and closed on him coming into the house.

Legs fine.  Heat interesting.  Haven’t stopped sweating yet.

Ate too much yesterday.  Feel a bit bloated.  Going to have to go back on my clean diet soon.  Even with running every day I’m losing the battle to the carbs.

Got a lot of work to catch up on today.

Thought it was going to rain more.  That would have broken this humidity.

Happy Father’s Day.



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