30DDR – Day 2

30DDR – Day 2

Jan 2nd, 2018 5:00AM.  186.8 pounds. 13.1% body fat.  -8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Got off to a decent start yesterday.

It is our family tradition to go run the Hangover Classic road race in Salisbury Ma on New Year’s Day – then we do the ocean plunge.

I started with my morning routine.  A bit of meditation, some pushups and situps, reading and writing.  Instead of jumping right into the coffee and oatmeal I delayed it and just drank some water while I did my routine.  Later I had my Oatmeal breakfast and a single 16 oz cup of hot coffee.

My Oatmeal is regular, classic, old fashioned Quaker Oats.  I add a handful of blueberries and a dozen or so raw almonds.  Alternately, I’ll add a big dollop of homemade apple sauce.  The homemade apple sauce has apples, bananas, pears and a table spoon or so of coconut oil.

Since I ran 21 miles (or 4/5) 😊 of the Groton Marathon the day before on Sunday I jogged the 5K with my daughter Teresa.  It was very cold still.  -19 degrees F with the wind chill.  I wonder how many more calories you burn just trying to survive in these types of temperatures?  Teresa came in 4th in her age group.  I just jogged with her.

Sure enough, the guy who won the 5K wore shorts and a singlet.  I guess if you run really fast cold doesn’t matter.

I was fairly afraid of jumping in the ocean with it being so cold out.  I thought I just might die.

It wasn’t so bad. We had prepared our clothing strategy ahead of time and the beach was sheltered from the wind.  The water was steaming because at 36 degrees it was so much warmer than the single digit temperature of the air.  I went in with my full running kit including my shoes.

We went directly from the race/plunge to my in-laws.  It is tradition that they put on a German brunch.  There was no way around eating so I had a small portion of pork roast, sauerkraut and Christmas Sausage with a hot cup of Green Tea.

When I got home I made a big salad and apportioned it up into containers for the week.  My big salad this week has swiss chard, romaine, one tomato, green onions, celery, radishes, cucumber and shaved carrots.  On this I’ll put some protein – Boiled egg or sardines or raw almonds – and then my homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing (olive oil and balsamic vinegar).

I cooked 2 cups of brown basmati rice in the rice cooker and packaged it up. I also steamed a bunch of green beans in the rice cooker.  This will give me choices for dinner, especially if I’m running late and have no energy.  Dinner is my biggest risk for poor eating decisions.

I also started soaking a bag of pinto beans for mid-week.

Not a bad start, right?

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