30-Day Diet Reboot Project

30-Day Diet Reboot Project

We begin January 1st.

Join me for a clean eating program that will reset our health and teach us how to eat well in our busy endurance lives.

Problem statement:

Over the past 6 months I have lost focus on my healthy eating.  While still active and healthy I just don’t feel as good as I could.  I’m not happy with the little bit of weight gain I’ve acquired.  In 2018 I have very large goals.  To achieve these goals, I will need to be healthy both physically and mentally.  I need to reset my focus on nutrition.


Diet in the larger sense is the fuel for my ambitions.  Now is the time to reset my body and mind to take advantage of the opportunities that the new year brings.


In order to achieve my goal of resetting my healthy eating clock I will employ several techniques and tools.

First and primarily I will engage my nutrition coach Rachel from (Link here) to track my eating.  Rachel’s role is to provide direction, course correction and the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’ from her nutritional science background.  I have worked successfully with Rachel before and we work well together.

Second, I will log my eating and write a blog post every day to log my progress.  I will track weight and % body fat.  This will provide social incentive and give anyone interested the ability to play along.  In this way Rachel and I will be helping others through our example.

Rachel and I will have a conversation at the end of each week and we’ll record that conversation and post it to the podcast feed and our respective sites.

Join us on this 30-day Diet Reboot to learn how to fuel your body and mind for a better you in 2018.

About Rachel

Rachel Shuck is a board certified nutrition coach and author of the health book The “Shucking” Truth as well as supplemental cookbooks and meal plans. She is certified with the International Sports Science Association and the U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Association, as well as holding a master’s degree in Spanish Education.  Her personal journey began running 5k’s and has progressed into marathons. Along her decade long path of coaching runners she found a true passion for teaching people proper nutrition to fuel for optimal performance. Rachel’s articles have been featured in Mind Body Green and she has been featured on local news shows covering health and fitness and has filmed several videos for the Livestrong website.



  • Tom Hanninen

    Reply Reply December 31, 2017

    Looking forward to hearing about the results. Do you have any specific goals, such as fat % or weight?

    I started a reboot of my health and diet 10 weeks ago with the goal of going from 209 to 163. I turn 50 this year and I want to go into middle age as healthy as possible. I am currently 192 – running 30 miles a week.

    Good luck Chris!

    • cyktrussell

      Reply Reply December 31, 2017

      Thanks Tom. I will write up my baseline early in the process. Hope to record a kickoff interview with Rachel today.
      The way I approach it it not so much about fat % or weight – those will come – it’s about consistence in what I eat. Previous times I’ve worked with Rachel I’ve lost 15-20 pounds in a month. Which is probably too much!

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