30 Day Diet Reboot Day 9

30 Day Diet Reboot Day 9

Travel Travails.

January 9, 2018, Weight Unknown, Body Fat % unknown.

I’m in Lancaster PA for a meeting this morning.  I opted to drive down last night from my house.  It’s 6-7-hour drive.  With the wonky weather patterns, I thought that would be a safer plan than trying to fly.  Also, more flexible, way cheaper and allows me to carry my own food!

I hit some of that weather on the way down.  I put a bag of apples and clementines in the car for the ride.  I stopped at Starbucks to fill up my bottomless cup with mint tea.  I packed my last container of rice and beans from last weeks meal prep for dinner.  I knew I had a longish workout in the morning, so I threw in one of my green-fruit-kale-smoothies.

The weather was nasty, and I didn’t role into my hotel until close to 10:00 PM.  When I popped the lid on my rice and beans they didn’t smell right.  I’m at the point in my diet where I’m not really hungry, but I know I should eat.  I wasn’t going to risk food poisoning to prove that point.

I went to the restaurant in the hotel because you can usually find a reasonable cobb salad or something similar.  They really had nothing.  All the salads were goat cheese affairs.  I swung by the concierge lounge, slipping in 5 minutes before it closed for the night.  The lady there was not thrilled to see me.

I looked around to see what I could salvage.  There was nothing but deserts.  I asked the lady if she had any nuts hidden anywhere.  She said she might have trail mix.  I assented.  It turned out to be the commercial Planters trail mix, but I wasn’t in a position to quibble.

I dug into my reserve calorie stash and ate the two food bars I had with me.  One was this interesting Health Warrior Chia bar That I found at Whole Foods.  I liked them because they came in 100 calorie packs.  The other was a classic Cliff Bar.  I like Cliff bars, but they are quite calorie dense.  They are not ‘snack’ bars.  They are meal replacement bars.

Anyhow that was my dinner.

I put the remaining fruit and the smoothie in the little fridge in the room.  I’d have those 2 apples and 3 clementines for the ride back.

Got up early this morning and hit the treadmill in the hotel gym for a 1 hour 30 minute surge run.  My plan was to drink that smoothie after my workout.

When I got back to the room and got the smoothie out it was frozen.  So was my fruit.  Nice job so far Marriott.

I went to the concierge lounge to see if I could get some oatmeal for breakfast. No luck.  Lots of pastries and bread.  I ate some of the fresh fruit they had and grabbed a coffee.  Took a couple more bottles of water and a couple bananas.

But I did manage to get a plastic spoon.  Smoothie ice cream for breakfast was really good.  Had to toss my fruit.

Looks like I’m hitting a super market in the way home to restock.



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