30 Day Diet Reboot day 6

30 Day Diet Reboot day 6

January 6, 2018, 181.8 Pounds, 12.3% body fat

In today’s episode:

  • Staying Busy
  • Staying Active
  • How to not get bored
  • Tired

Stuck to my nutrition plan yesterday.  No issues.  Was busy putting together a proposal at work and other stuff so didn’t really get to think about being hungry much.

One tip I would have is to get up, get out and do stuff.  If you stay busy you’re not hungry and you’re burning fuel.  If you sit around on the couch watching TV, you won’t stand a chance.

I don’t know about other people but for me eating and nutrition is very much habit based.  If you want to change a habit it is much more effective to use the old habit and insert new actions.  It is also effective to change the structure of your life to avoid the habit triggers.

The roads and traffic were slow Friday because of the blizzard Thursday and the wind and zero-degree temps the followed.  It’s not impossible to move around but there seems to be more overhead to everything.

Makes me wonder if we burn more calories in the extreme cold.

Went to the gym after work.  I had an easy 1 hour run on the schedule and did it on the treadmill.  For some reason it was awful.  I didn’t have any energy and was a bit achy.  Hate the treadmill but with a foot of snow and sub-zero weather the city is un-run-able.

Trains were slow from the weather and I didn’t role into my house until 9:00 PM.  I got busy and steamed a big bowl of Brussels sprouts in the microwave and built a big fire in the fireplace.

I mixed the sprouts with pinto beans, rice and pepper sauce and mixed it up.  Find B-sprouts to be very filling.

Stayed up watching some inane 90’s rom-com with my wife and daughter because I hadn’t seen them all week.  Didn’t get to bed until close to midnight.

Very tired this morning.  Feel like I need more sleep.  I don’t think it’s nutrition related but it could be.  The timing is right.  I usually hit some withdrawal symptoms 7-10 days in to one of these programs.

This weekend I need to do some more sophisticated meal planning.  Need to know beforeI go shopping.

I’m traveling one day this week and it will be busy.

I’m going to get bored with the beans and rice routine.  But I don’t have any time to cook in the evenings, so I’ll have to find some one-pot creations that I can put in the rice cooker in the morning when I leave for work.

All good.  Out to do my chores.  If everything keeps moving I’ll get under 180 this weekend.  Not that I’m keeping score!  😊



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