30 Day Diet Reboot Day 4

30 Day Diet Reboot Day 4

Topics in today’s post:

  • Bowel Movements
  • Non-linear progression
  • Bottomless Starbucks cup
  • Nor’ Easters
  • Dry skin
  • How to avoid the late-night eating danger zone
  • Sauces
  • How to cook beans for fun and profit

Had a good day yesterday.  Got some of my morning routine in.  Got my workout in.  Stuck to my plan.

With my reduction of volume and change in diet my insides are trying to figure out what I’m doing.  Before I started this reboot, due the volume and lower quality of the food, I was quite regular.  That first cup of coffee would instigate a ‘morning meeting’ before I headed to work.

With the new routine my body is trying to find its rhythm again.  I only had one BM yesterday and only after getting to the gym in the office after being up for a few hours.  I thought I might be constipated but everything seems to be ok, just one of the things that your body does when you change routines.

If you’re watching the numbers, you’ll notice that the weight loss is non-linear.  The first few days you’ll see a big drop or two.  This is just the body trying to rebalance itself.  That’s why I don’t focus on weight loss, the weight loss will come, focus on eating clean and healthy.

Likewise, I’ve found that daily measuring is a bit nervous.  If you are going to measure daily do it the same time every day.  I do it when I step out of bed in the morning.  Don’t watch those numbers or get emotionally involved in those numbers.  Focus on what you’re doing.  Those numbers are only a result of what you’re doing.  All human projects are non-linear.

My daughter bought me a bottomless Starbucks cup for Christmas.  That means I can go get it refilled with whatever I want, whenever I want.  Yesterday I started working my way through the teas.  I had an English Breakfast with two bags in the morning that was way to strong.  I recovered in the afternoon with a Mint Majesty tea that was delightful and non-caffeinated.

Of course, the big news locally is that we have a storm baring down on us that is going to drop a foot of snow today, followed by high winds, followed by a deep freeze.  Everyone is panicking and working from home today.  Right after this I’m going to get a fire built.

This time of year, when it’s so dry and cold I get dry skin on my hands and some other bits.  I wonder if Rachel has any diet tips for dry skin?

I left work late and didn’t get back to my house until 8:00.  I went out to fill up my truck and make sure I had enough gas for the snow blower.  Coming into my house late is a nutritional risk for me.  This is why it is essential to have your meals prepped.

When I finally walked through the door I was confronted by two, big, steaming pans of barbequed chicken wings my daughter had made.  I love chicken wings.  But I had already been thinking about the brown rice and beans I had prepped.  I ignored the wings and heated up my big bowl of beans and rice with green chili sauce and seas salt.

Another key to healthy eating is to have some good sauces.  Rice and beans aren’t super flavorful.  I’m no cook.  But chili sauces and balsamic are basically calorie free and spice things up a bit. Store-bought sauces and dressings are terrible.  Any other sauces I can try Rachel?

I was able to ladle a big dollop of pinto beans onto my rice.  I had the foresight to make them in the rice cooker so they would be well cooked when I came through the door.  Bean are great at filling you up without blowing out your calorie count.

I buy dry beans.  They are basically free.  You have to soak them overnight in water.  Add some ‘mother’ of vinegar to the soaking process.  Rinse at least 3 times in the process.  Then I put them in the rice cooker in the morning on the ‘brown rice’ setting and let them cook all day.  I’ll add a bouillon cube for flavor and a bit of coconut oil.

Lots of topics, I know, but it’s all going well.



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