30 Day Diet Reboot Day 24

30 Day Diet Reboot Day 24

January 24, 2018, 176.9 Pounds


  • Progress!
  • Heavy training load
  • Injuries & recovery

Had a pleasant surprise when I stepped on the scale this morning.  Somehow lost 4 pounds since yesterday.  Progress in these things is non-linear.  It’s like everything else human-based.  You have sprints and plateaus.  The key is to make sure that you are doing what you need to do today to put yourself in the place you want to be in the future.

Did I really lose 4 pounds overnight?  Of course not.  It’s probably a combination of water weight and my body catching up from the plateau of last week.  I ran a 1:30, fast-finish out and back in the pouring rain later in the day yesterday and I’m guessing that I’m not fully re-hydrated from that.

The internal issues I was having with gas seemed to have sorted themselves out.  In terms of intestinal maladies that’s a relatively tame one.  I’d rather get that than spend 24 hours on the bathroom floor wishing for a quick death!

I’ve got a big training week with lots of volume.  One of the reasons for eating clean is to support this kind of training.  If you are staying away from processed and inflammatory foods you will avoid inflammation-based injuries, which are the most common injuries.  Think Achilles tendonitis or runner’s knee or piriformis.

A clean diet helps you recover from efforts faster and more completely.  You have less inflammation and you are providing your body with the nutrient-dense foods that it needs to rebuild.

Good Stuff.



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