30 Day Diet Reboot Day 19

30 Day Diet Reboot Day 19

January 19, 2018, 180.4 Pounds, 11.7% Body Fat


  • Protein
  • Social Moderation
  • Small Things
  • Hummus

Shifted my intake yesterday to more protein, specifically animal protein, in my diet per Rachel’s suggestion.  Luckily for me My daughter made these egg biscuits last weekend and once again meal prep saves the day.

These little doozies are fantastic. She whipped up the eggs like you would to make an omelet.  Then poured them into cupcake tins.  Then added various and sundry bits to them; spinach, feta, chicken, etc.  Then she baked them in the oven.  It makes these delightfully portable eggy hockey pucks we can throw in our backpacks.

Since I share my lovely kale and chard salads with her, she can share her egg pucks with me.

Long story short – I swapped out my oatmeal for a couple egg-pucks.

We have a monthly ‘happy hour’ at work.  Last night the Italians in the office hosted it.  They had some cheeses and wine and a nice plate of prosciutto.  Again, I practiced my social moderation and had one small glass of a glorious red wine they picked and a small slice of succulent smoked meat.

All things in moderation.

I threw a chunk of salmon on my lunch salad.  I’m interested in how all this protein effects my energy, especially my workout energy.  I’m fairly well fat-adapted but I don’t want to drop into keto – I don’t think that’s good for you.  I also need carbs for that most important muscle in my world to work well – my brain.

An important point I want to make, that I have made before, and that I’m sure Rachel will agree to, is that healthy nutrition is about small decisions.  It’s not about losing 50 pounds.  It’s about choosing to win all the little deals along the journey to 50 pounds.  It’s about understanding habit loops and not how to break them, but how to leverage them to your advantage.

Finally, since I had prepped chic peas over the weekend and I had some left I made a big thing of hummus for dinner.  Hummus is awesome.  I used the recipe with tahini instead of oil.  Once you get the basic recipe down (Chic peas, lemon juice, tahini) you can add what you like to it.  I like hot sauce, garlic and peppers.

Then you eat it with whatever crunchy vegetables you have.  I like to use red bell peppers.

Enjoy your weekends.


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