30 Day Diet Reboot Day 10

30 Day Diet Reboot Day 10

January 10, 2018, Weight 179.2, Body fat 11.6%

Today’s topics:

  • Box-of-salad (fistfuls of salad!)
  • The awesomeness of Beet Greens
  • The inflection point
  • The steak of veggies

Even with the weird food choices and 12 hours of windshield time I’m right on track.  Got out for a run at lunch today along the Charles and I feel lighter.

Stopped at a grocery store before I drove back and grabbed some snacks for the ride yesterday.  Got some fruit, some nuts and some Kind Bars.  But, the big thing was one of those big boxes of salad greens.  I just sat it open on the passenger seat and ate fistfuls as I drove – browsing like a cow.

The salads I prepped for this week are awesome.  I used the greens from the beets I bought.  I also got a bunch of spinach because the kale looked a little sad.  I diced it all up with sundry other crunchy bits and put it in single serving containers but left enough room in the containers to throw in some protein.

Today I threw in a ½ can of white tuna and some klamatta olives.  The thing with the beet greens is that you have to take the time to rinse them well to get the sand off.  Otherwise it’s not pleasant to chew.  But, my point is that these salads have no lettuce in them.  And they are awesome.

By the way you can also prepare beet greens just like spinach, either sautéed or steamed.  Don’t throw them away!

I feel like I’m fighting a little cold.  That may be my body reacting to the change in routine.  In my experience 7-10 days is the low point in any of these things. After this the weight loss starts to plateau as your body settles into a new routine.  This is when you stop having cravings for the old foods and start to really look forward to the new food.  It is also when you start feeling lighter, better and more energetic.

I’ve got a full pound of kidney beans in the rice cooker for when I get home.  Kidney beans are the steak of the vegetable world.




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